Q&A With the Author: Part 3

Q: I thought you weren't going to make Robbie gay?
A: I wasn't... until I re-watched Scream 4 during the show's hiatus after episode 3. As I was watching it, the moment where Robbie says something along the lines of, "you have to be gay to survive," him and Charlie share this look with each other. It is the SLIGHTEST of looks but that's what sealed the deal for me. It's as if Charlie knew something about Robbie but he didn't want him to know and as if Robbie knew that Charlie knew but he didn't want to make it clear that he knew.

Seriously, rewatch that MILLISECOND and it puts it all into perspective. It might've been something they decided to throw in just to fill the space for editing but I believe it was put in there for a reason. We ofcourse know later that Charlie kills Robbie and just before Robbie announces it. Charlie tilts his head in a "huh" way. But then I thought, what if it wasn't in a "huh" way? What if it was an "are you seriously trying to use a horror movie rule to wiggle your way out of a real life situtation? Fuck you, I'm killing you and frankly I have to anyway."

That momentary look that more than likely wasn't written in the script, wasn't a direction from Wes Craven and probably just coincidentally happend that the two actors decided to look at each other in the moment on that one take is what changed everything around for me. Originally, Niley and Robbie were supposed to break up over the Solai thing. You may remember in the "trailer" Robbie shaking someone and asking "what did you do? !" The person he was shaking was supposed to be Niley and the ending would've had Solai in the hospital after being attacked after Robbie told Niley about what happened at the cabin. I had no problems with doing that, and I still think it would've been a good story line and that was the plan all the way up until season 3 of how things would play out but I think this changes the game just a tad bit more. And honestly, all of season 3 will pretty much stay the same.

They'll never mention it again (Robbie being gay) and the break up has the same consequences to the group and to the people directly involved. But from what I had planned from that mid-point season 2 until the finale, I reworked for Robbie's new reveal at the end of the season. This was actually the only MAJOR thing I decided to change when writing the story thus far. Everything else has pretty much gone to plan. But this was one thing I felt needed to be put into the story and I think for the better; it adds an extra element to the chaos going on and it adds to the heartbreak that Niley is facing. Plus it's just simply DIFFERENT from the usual relationship quarral stuff and interested me more as a writer.

However, there's still a chance I can change my mind about it. I left it open for that possibility that Robbie could've just been lying so he would've been in less deep shit with Niley and to protect Solai. Although that's a possible storyline route to go down, I think I'll stick with the way it is now, as I think it makes everything that season 2 built up for his character a better pay off.

Q: Was it weird writing all the sex scenes in "Cabin Fever?"
A: It is a bit weird, I'll admit. I honestly don't know the age of the people that are reading. So it's like, do I go this far or do I just keep it vague? And then things pop up that NEED to be mentioned and it's like, well crap, I HAVE to go that far. But all of the sex scenes served a specific purpose. You just have to think about the why, when, where and even how of each one. They all specifically had to do with the characters.

Let's talk about Jill's sex scene for example: this is her first time and it's with Trevor but it's also after she just talked to Patrick for the first time in a year. We then gotta think about why this is important and how it relates to Jill. Is it possible that even though what happened to her was horrible that in some way she derived pleasure from it? It's why I added in that the pain from her first time is actually enjoyable to her in some way. It's actually a fairly common serial killer thing - - they are often turned on by pain or giving pain to others. Plus the major hint is the way she looks at Patrick's card in her hand while she's with Trevor. Is she thinking of Patrick? Is she thinking of seeing him just now or the event that happened a year ago? Or is it because Patrick was someone she thought deeply of before and never got to have sex with that in some way, she wishes she did? These are things the reader can answer themselves.

Another majorly important one to talk about is Robbie's sex scene. It's not by accident that he gets majorly turned on after every time he sees her bent over. In fact, for the portion of time that they do have sex, he wants to keep her that way. One might think automatically it's because he feels guilt and he can't look her in the face but the truth is, he's not even thinking about Solai, or Niley but more than likely a man. And the talk between Kirby and Niley in the finale wasn't just for laughs; she mentions that he likes her bent over as well and he'd even like it if Niley had short hair. These are all aspects of Robbie's true character yet to be revealed but are major indicators and mis-directed pieces of foreshadowing.

Q: You once said Patrick's story will continue into season 3, as well as Chelsea's. If they both died, how is that possible if they're not around?
A: Their story arcs will more than definitely live on into season 3. These are both major plot points for Jill and Mr. Leeds' development. For Jill, it'll be almost as if it haunts her and she has to relive the incident in her head. As for Chelsea to Mr. Leeds, she'll almost work as a ghost-like character (it won't be cheesily done though, I promise).

Q: Okay, seriously, why did Chelsea go crazy at the end?
A: This will actually be further talked about in season 3, believe it or not. A lot of the evidence is already there though and some of it is very in between the lines way back from the moment she "raped" Prichard in season 1. Or how she snaps on Olivia early in season 2. And ofcourse, her wild behavior with Mr. Leeds at the end of the season. The proof in the pudding is there and her character's story isn't over, so in season 3, there will be some going back to re-analyze what was truly going on, sometimes even flashbacks to moments we didn't see happen.

There was a little bit of Chelsea's character that I cut out at the last minute towards the end of the season because I figured it'd be better to go back and look at it in season 3 to help keep her around. For example, and you would never guess this, but her parents got a divorce which is one of the main reasons her mom is adament about leaving town and just picking up everything like they could do so, because really, it's only them two in the house now. However, it all comes together in the end and forms the big picture.

Q: Are we going to find out in Season 3 what makes Jill turn against Sidney and hate her so much that she wants her to suffer before she kills her?
A: You get a glimpse of that in the season finale when she hears about how Patrick is obsessed with her. In a way, it's because of her she was raped (well, that's how she sees it) and not only that, she told her mother about it almost happening in the first place the first time around. Season 3 will mostly focus on Jill's crave for stardom since most of the pieces of the puzzle for her motives are set in place; she just has to realize them.

Q: Is Charlie going to be Jill's willing partner or is he going to be conflicted at first?
A: You saw how easily Jill manipulated Niley at the end of the finale and this becomes a new trend for her. She realizes she has power over people, including her friends (which we also saw with Robbie in Cabin Fever). And she also starts to realize the effect she has on men (most notably Cory). You may even remember way back in Season 1 Charlie tells her, "I have a hard time telling you 'no.'" In order not to spoil anything, if Charlie is conflicted at first, you can bet Jill will make him willing.

Q: Jill obviously doesn't drive in Scream 4. Does she get rid of her car so they can't trace the tiremarks at the scene of the accident back to her?
A: The incident happened way out in Colorado. Nobody even knew she was there, not even Niley who's covering for her. And the EMTs didn't report Jill there either and Patrick told no one. It'd be nearly impossible to trace Jill back to the scene, especially by tire marks. However, Jill not having a car will be explained. It'll actually be a quick and passive thing said in mere dialogue sometime in the season 3 premiere so you'll have to look out for it! (Hint: she's actually driving her dad's car)

Q: We know Trevor is going to regret sleeping with Jenny and dumping Jill, but is Jenny going to feel any guilt about destroying a longtime friendship?
A: You see at the end of the finale that Jenny's had enough of Jill's shit. From this point and on, she could care less since it appears to her that Jill doesn't care either. The only voice of reason that says the things we're all thinking will be Marnie, who is truly caught in the crossfires.

Q: How soon will season 3 start?
A: Give it a week or two. Working on trying to make most of them fully written episodes. One of the things I don't like doing is stopping between episodes for more than two days. This was a tactic I used back when I was writing Scream 5. People just ride the momentum of the story if it's constant. During the season 2 hiatus, I got super busy and had to stop for awhile and when that happened, readership got cut in half and even at the end of the season, it never made up for it. Sure, there's plenty of reviews and those are mostly from the big fans of the show but at this point, it's about 1/4 of just the fans of the show reading since half of the readers trickled away because of the lack of updates when before it was about 1/8 of the readers were the fans that reviewed. So I want to make sure the updates are consistant, hopefully regain back readership and gain new fans to the show at the same time.

Q: How far into the canon's timeline will season 3 go?
A: Season 3 will go all the way up until the very moment before Scream 5 begins. Meaning, the events of Scream 4 will take place near the middle of the season in like a "mid-season event" of about 3 episodes. After Scream 5, there wouldn't be a show since Scream 6 takes place 4 years after they're all out of high school.

Q: Which characters will get the most focus in season 3?
A: Jill & Charlie. The entire first half of the season will practically be about them. The Scream 4 event will be from their perspective and from Roy and Niley's perspective. All the other characters will be rather missing throughout because there's lots to cover with Jill & Charlie. Everyone elses's story arcs are about 85% finished so you won't be seeing much of them. They pop up, maybe even have some good moments involving them, but from here on and out, the show is ABOUT Jill and Charlie as her main accomplice. Also some good folk from the Cinema Club will be back in the picture a bit more, which is why they were re-introduced in Cabin Fever so you didn't forget about them.

Q: Will Niley and Robbie have any contact this upcoming season?
A: Some, but not a lot. Mostly in passing, as Niley won't be apart of the main group anymore.

Q: Will Kate reveal more secrets In Season 3?
A: Not really, we got them all out in season 2. She'll still be around though.

Q: What was the gun shot in the ambulance? !
A: There wasn't one. The passenger closes the latch, sounding like a gun shot that than masks over to the dream Charlie is having about the shooter. A lot of people thought there was a gun shot and I'm not sure why as we see Prichard falling into the elevator a moment after. It's just a little "sound editing" thing that's used often. Kinda like you hear someone talking, maybe a speech, and they're not on screen yet. Like you'll see a kid late for school, running towards the building in an establishing shot while you hear a teacher talking and then the next shot is of the teacher continuing their lesson. So there was no gun shot in the ambulance, which we also know for sure since in the next episode, the continuing moments after that they're all acting as if no gun shot occurred. A lot of people got wrapped up in the mystery of that and I don't know why haha.

Next up, a season retrospective and the season 3 trailer! Be on the look out for it!