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As for the fatality contest, UNFORTUNATELY most of the entrants didn't follow the rules exactly. I needed something a bit more simple but hey, you guys are creative so that was entertaining lol

Q: Word is, this season will be rated TV-MA as oppose to season 1's TV-14 rating.

A: Yeah, this season is gonna be a lot more vulgar and also, a lot more violent in terms of when violence does happen. Right off the bat, you'll notice the characters use more dicey language and I just wanted to reflect that yes, not only are they growing up but sticking with the theme that their innocene died last season. Not only is language a factor here but I also mentioned the violence, which I think is going to surprise a lot of people this season as far as it will go especially since it's about 2 years away from the events of Scream 4 but being able to have original characters opens a lot of doors. The other predominent thing that I feel is necessary to talk about is the sexual content is gonna be pretty through the roof this season. I'm actually trying to stick away from graphic description because with the amount of it coming, it'd really just turn into porn but I'm just trying to truly grasp the teenage lifestyle so the majority of it will just stick to basic, sometimes even passive allusions to when they do have sexual encounters with one another. But I wanted to make a point that these teens are being sexual with one another and experimenting with that but I honestly didn't wanna turn it into this big, gross thing where you have to read it all so I think some quick little tidbits will be enough but nonetheless, it's one of the things that more than enough warrant the rating.

Q: Any new techniques in story telling this season?

A: Not necessarily. I threw around the idea of commercials and sponsers but it seemed like a waste of time. I wanna bring back poll voting, even though it wasn't as successful as I hoped it would be the first time but there's a bigger current running fan base now so hopefully people will participate.

Q: Speaking of when episodes come, since you've been busy lately, how often will episodes be written?

A: Well I already have a few episodes down but I don't want to release them yet because there will be this huge lull time before getting the next episodes somewhere in the middle of the season. So as it turns out, episodes will probably be posted at the most, twice a week to avoid that lull so I can post them on a patterned basis.

Q: Woodsboro High, season 1, has the most reviews out of any Scream fanfic. Do you think season 2 can match or exceed it?

A: I think that at this point, that is the only expectation so that it's not a disappointing return especially since this season is going to be far more bigger, story-wise. So hopefully, in the essence of what the content is and how much better it should be, I'm hoping it can outdo it.

Q: Sugarcoatedslashersmile just beat Scream 5 for the number 3 spot of most reviews. How do you feel about that?

A: Awesome, I love her story. I haven't caught up with it yet though so I haven't been able to review it myself but I'm a big fan of that story.

Q: Niley is a fan favorite. Did you ever expect that?

A: Well some know that back when I was writing Scream 5, she was originally supposed to be a passive character but I just ended up loving writing her so when WH came around, it was a no brainer to include her and people still love her, thankfully. She's my favorite to write.

Q: Will Jill ever learn of her mother's secrets?

A: That's a huge theme this season. Big surprises in store for the readers that are coming up real soon.

Q: Are Kate's secrets the "scars" she was referring to in Scream 4?

A: Essentially, yes. There was a few "vague" things in Scream 4 that I thought I could cover while doing this show and that is definitely one of 'em.

Q: Will Ghostface make an appearance this season?

A: Maybe not in the way you'd expect...

Q: Is the show still going to be canon with Scream 4 - 6?

A: Yes... but I'm feeling bold lately, so I might just switch it up on you guys just to shock the hell out of everyone. ;)

Q: Sidney Prescott's returning? How will you manage that while keeping it canon?

A: Well a big hint is she's returning, yes, but not to Woodsboro. There's a million ways to bring someone back. Let's just say, one of the way she's returning this season and even going into season 3, will have people feeling very nostalgic.

Q: Is Trevor a main character this season? He wasn't listed on the character list.

A: Yes, he is. It just totally slipped my mind though. I forgot to include him with the rest because he's gonna be so tied to Jill and you'll mostly see him from her perspective. It's kinda like Stephie with Charlie; she's there every episode but I only associate her with Charlie. Only difference is, Trevor will be very much involved with the main storyline later down the road this season.

Q: So with Trevor in the picture, where does that leave Jill's "ex-boyfriend club?"

A: Another major theme this season. You'll see a lot of that, including Cory stuff. There's hints dropped in the first trailer.

Q: Anymore upcoming trailers?

A: Definitely, still have to utilize "Monster" by Paramore. That'll probably be released the week the second episode is released and it'll be more informational as to where the season is headed instead of little teasers like the last trailer was. I'm also trying to do "music videos" but I don't know how much time I'll have, so we'll see.

Q: Are you going to read that other Scream TV show?

A: I saw it when browsing the fics the other day. At first, I was like, "oh cool, maybe it's based on the original cast members!" Only to open it up and read it and it's essentially the same thing as WH, which leaves me with a face like this - _ - . Not dissing that writer or anything, as they say they didn't know mine existed but I just thought that was funny. I'm really interested to see how it turns out, that is if they even continue to do it. There's also a Scream TV show being developed on the site but I think it'll be VERY different from what I'm doing here.

Q: Anymore contests coming up?

A: Contests are fun and I wanna do about 2 or 3 more this season.

Q: Where does "I'll Never Forget" stand now that you've been busy?
A: I want to do it so badly, but I don't see it in the near future. Woodsboro High has the bigger fanbase so I'll be focusing on that. I know a lot of people were looking forward to it, including me but it's just not in the cards right now. The plan is to finish WH, slowly but surely and once season 3 is finished, I won't be doing anymore fanfic.

Q: Are we going to see Charlie's parents this season?

A: Not getting into that until season 3. *spoilers for Scream 4* I'm still trying to pass off the illusion that anyone can be a suspect so focusing too much on both Charlie and Jill would be too much of a give away. So I suppose anyone who's reading who hasn't seen 4 yet is probably going to be really surprised come the day they finally do see the movie...

Q: Are Jill and Olivia going to be friends all season or is there going to be a rough patch for them?

A: I inititally wanted it to be a bit bumpy in the beginning but I figured, "let's just keep that in the past now." So skipping ahead 3 months to the start of school really felt like there was some progress in between not only with Jill but the other friends in the group. However, girls will be girls and Olivia, somehow and someway, will always be Olivia... ;)

Q: Who is Chelsea saying is the father of her baby?

A: Her response is always and will always will be, "I don't know."... well... she won't always keep saying that ;)

Q: Is there going to be a tug of war for Trevor between Jenny and Jill?

A: This will get resolved within the next episode as to how that pans out. Won't be as complicated as some people are thinking it will be.

Q: Is Jill going to confront Sidney about her telling Kate that she was almost raped by Peter?

A: Jill won't have any direct contact with Sidney this season.

Q: Will Charlie and everyone else that was involved in the hotel massacre be seeing someone to help them deal with what happended?

A: That's answered the very beginning of episode 2. Taking time answering all the mysteries and picking up where things left off with season 1 to keep people hooked.

Q: Will we be seeing any friction between Gale and Dewey because of Hicks?

A: The beginning of it but it doesn't escalate to the point it gets to in Scream 4 just yet. Will touch on that more in season 3.

Q: Is Jill still going to refuse to take her meds which control her anger and psychotic behavior?

A: Those meds are long gone! And we haven't seen Jill break out into hysterics in a long time either, now have we? Hmmmmm...

Q: Is Andy a bad guy? Will we be seeing more of him?

A: You'll just have to wait and see!

Q: Okay, so I just HAVE to ask... what was with the opening scene taking place a year later? ! Who was on the gurney? Why were they in the mountains? Who were Dewey and Hicks looking for? ! Are all these events even connected? !

A: That's the BIGGEST mystery this season. Can't spoil that at all. But I can say, yes, it's all connected.

I thought I should ask - - how do you guys feel about a Woodsboro High facebook fan page? Get exclusive updates, contests, talk to other fans and speculate on where the story is going and such? Anyway, let me know if you'd participate with your reviews. 37 reviews before episode 2 is posted!