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202 - The Help

Previously on Woodsboro High:
"Marnie became a new student at Woodsboro High."

"Kirby strides to stay independent after Prichard's death."

"Charlie, Robbie & Roy were let back into Woodsboro High."

"And a new neighbor came to the street named Andy."

The EMTs hover over the victim, eyes concerned as if they know they're pretty much a goner...

EMT 2: Can you hear me?
EMT 3: If they lose conscious again, they're practically dead, you know that right?
EMT 2: Yeah, I went to medical school, too. Thanks.
EMT 3: So get on their oxygen!

The EMT slides over, squeezing the oxygen bag.

EMT 1: (into the phone) We're 5 minutes out, they've stabilized. See you in a bit. (hangs up the phone) You two done yet?
EMT 3: What?
EMT 1: We're dealing with someone who has an extensive medical background so it's a really sensitive case. Not only that but our own personal stake is in this. We look 'em, that's our jobs. So stay focused! Got that?
EMT 2: Yeah, got it.

EMT 1 knocks on the front wall - - a sliding hatch opens to the front seat. The passenger turns their head.

EMT 1: Step on it, will ya?
AMBULANCE DRIVER: The snow is slippery.
AMBULANCE PASSENGER: He's right. We'll be lucky if we make it their alive.
EMT 1: Do you know who this is back here? Do you?
AMBULANCE PASSENGER: Look, we know but - -
EMT 1: Don't fucking "but" me! You do your damn jobs and get us to the hospital in time!
AMBULANCE DRIVER: We'll do our best to navigate.
EMT 1: You're damn right you will.

The passenger closes the hatch - - GUN SHOT!

Charlie holds his hands over Prichard's gun shot wound as he falls into the elevator. The SHOOTER stands before them, rushing the door as it closes. Charlie pushes the button, closing the door.

PRICHARD: He fucking shot me! He fucking shot me!
CHARLIE: Just hold on, I'm gonna get you help, okay?
PRICHARD: You can't help me, Charlie!
CHARLIE: Yes, I can! Just let me figure something out!
PRICHARD: No, you don't understand.
CHARLIE: Just try to relax.
PRICHARD: No... you can't help anyone. You're useless.

Charlie stops his hurry and looks up at Prichard... stone frozen.

PRICHARD: You might as well be dead... because you can't help me. You can't help HER. (laughs) You can't even help yourself...
PRICHARD: Goodbye, Charlie.

Prichard pulls out a gun and SHOOTS CHARLIE in the head, his brains splattering up onto the ceiling of the elevator.

Charlie's eyes open... he slowly gets up from bed and looks at the clock... he's in a cold sweat and he shakes his head.


Charlie sits across from Dr. Pryce, a bit emotional from the story. Dr. Pryce smirks at his bravery.

DR. PRYCE: Thank you, Charlie. It's not easy for first timers to open up like that.
CHARLIE: Thanks, I guess.
DR. PRYCE: But what you're experiencing is, I believe, PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Have you heard of it?
CHARLIE: A little.
DR. PRYCE: After a traumatic event, a victim to it may sometimes feel a bit anxious at all times and the old feelings of the tragedy resurface by things that re-trigger the memory.
CHARLIE: Like when I hear a locker close and I instantly jump?
DR. PRYCE: Exactly but what helps is to know that you're not the only one going through it. There's other kids there who come see me because of it.
CHARLIE: Really? Like who?
DR. PRYCE: (smirks) I can't say. They'd have to tell you.
CHARLIE: Right, right.
DR. PRYCE: But here... (writing out a prescription) Take this...

He rips the paper off and slowly hands it to Charlie... the soundtrack thuds... Charlie just stares at it for a moment.

DR. PRYCE: This should help.

Charlie takes another moment and extends his hand out, taking the paper.

CHARLIE: Thanks.

Kirby stands in line at the video store, DVDs already in hand. She looks around the room, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. She's up next. She puts the DVDs down on the desk and waits for the clerk to finish ringing them up... her eye spots a "help wanted" sign. Something clicks in her head...

KIRBY: Excuse me, are you hiring?
VIDEO CLERK: Yeah. Want an application?
KIRBY: Yes, please.

He hands it to her and Kirby folds it, putting it in her purse. He finishes the videos and hands her the DVDs.

KIRBY: Thanks.

Chelsea lays back in the chair, the technician observing her stomach. Niley sit across the room, waiting patiently.

CHELSEA: Really Niley, you don't have to stay.
NILEY: Chelsea, you're not gonna get me out of your hair. It's the least I could do. After all, because of YOU I got my memory back and Robbie and I are more madly in love than ever.
NILEY: Yeah, I know. Speaking of which, they made a movie this summer VERY similar to what we went through that night.
CHELSEA: Oh, The Hangover?
NILEY: Yeah! Isn't that weird?
TECHNICIAN: And here is your baby.

Chelsea turns her head to look at the monitor. Niley gasps in admiration and Chelsea flinches back.

NILEY: It's so cute!
CHELSEA: Yeah, well if you love the ugly thing so much, you can keep it.
NILEY: Oh my God, really? Oh, I gotta start thinking of names.
CHELSEA: Nevermind. You named your pet penguin Squirrely, I'm letting you take out the same embarassment on the kid.
NILEY: I was really hopeful for a second there.
TECHNICIAN: Breathing and heart rate is normal for a 5 month year old baby. Before you know it, it'll be out!
CHELSEA: Thank God.

Charlie looks at the tablet capsule and reads the back. "Side effects may include: dizziness, short of breath, drastic mood swings, suicidal thoughts..." it trails on for forever. He opens the lid, cautiously and puts a pill into his hands... and gulps it.

Robbie hauls the trash can out from his front door and down the steps to the sidewalk. He looks over to Andy's house... everything is silent. The basement light is on... he goes back to his business, setting the trash can down. He makes his way back to his house... a scratching sound comes behind him... he turns around and looks towards the basement... the music rises as we SLOWLY zoom in towards the basement window. Robbie's imagination runs wild... he shakes the cobwebs out; the music stops. He turns around - BAM. There stands Andy in jogging attire.

ANDY: Hey buddy! Scared ya there, didn't I?
ROBBIE: Yeah, just a little.
ANDY: Sorry about that. Have a good night.

Andy jogs on and to his house. Robbie watches him go then turns back around to his own house... he stops at the porch and looks back... the basement light goes on... Robbie tries to mind his own business and enters back into his house.

The halls are full with kids and Robbie walks around, his head trying to scan above the crowds. From the principal's office, out comes Charlie. Robbie runs up to him.

ROBBIE: I been looking for you man!
CHARLIE: Oh, hey.
ROBBIE: Man, my neighbor gives me the fuckin' creeps. Last night while I was taking out the trash at like 1 in the morning, I bumped into him while taking a jog. How weird is that?
CHARLIE: This coming from the guy who takes out the trash at 1 in the morning?
ROBBIE: It's besides the point. But hey, what were you doing in the principal's office? He bitch at you more?
CHARLIE: No, the opposite actually.
ROBBIE: Then what?
CHARLIE: He reinstated me into Cinema Club. I get to be president.
ROBBIE: What, really?
ROBBIE: Well what the fuck, what about me?
CHARLIE: He didn't say anything about you. But... I guess I'm back to running it now.
ROBBIE: That's good for you man but for me, well that's bullshit.
CHARLIE: I know, I was thinking it but I didn't wanna say anything.
ROBBIE: Well you're president now, you can get me in, right?
CHARLIE: Not exactly, Robbie. You know... rules.
ROBBIE: Oh, c'mon.
CHARLIE: I wish I could.
ROBBIE: Charlie, what's up with you man? What's with you lately? Been acting like a fuckin' zombie. What's wrong, Stephie being gone bumming you out?
CHARLIE: I don't know. I'm on this new medication...
ROBBIE: Oh, that's it. I see. Now we can all just pop pills and change, enhance, or pull back our moods.
CHARLIE: Fuck you, man, I have PTSD.
ROBBIE: You have STDs? How'd you get one of those? !
CHARLIE: PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
ROBBIE: Oh... sorry man, I didn't know. Well I'll try to talk to the prince some other day or something, see if he'll put me back in.

Marnie approaches them both, books stacked in her hands.

MARNIE: Hey guys.
ROBBIE: Why you always carrying books?
MARNIE: Oh! My locker's broken.
ROBBIE: What do you mean, broken? Like it won't open?
MARNIE: No, more like it's permanently open. Someone smashed it.

We skip to a new hall and see Marnie's locker - - completely caved in, barely able to shut. Charlie is gone now.

ROBBIE: Shit, someone did a number on your locker! Piss anyone off lately?
MARNIE: (chuckle) I barely just got here.
ROBBIE: Well you're making an impression...

They share a look... a moment too long...

MARNIE: I guess. Hopefully on the right people, in a good way.

Marnie is nearly pushed over by an oncoming person - - they grab onto Robbie - - it's Niley. Niley kisses him on the lips and Marnie tries to regain composure.

NILEY: Oh I'm sorry, Marnie... didn't see you there.
MARNIE: That's okay.
NILEY: Babe, we're still down for after school, right?
ROBBIE: Yeah, I'll see you.

Marnie looks away, trying not to intrude their moment.

NILEY: 'K. Good. Love you.
ROBBIE: Love you, too.

Niley runs off and Marnie looks back, putting on a fake smile.

ROBBIE: Sorry about that.
MARNIE: It's nothing, I understand.

Olivia and Jill make their way through the lunchtables over to the fountain. Jill looks off into the distance, not even paying attention.

OLIVIA: So I'm doing my nails, right? And I look at the bottle and totally realize that I was suppose to get the extra-water protection because swimming comp is starting back up and I'm like, UGH! Ya know? Jill? Jill? Hey!

Jill looks back at Olivia and nods.

OLIVIA: You slut, you're not even listening to me.
JILL: Yes, I was. Something about nail polish.
OLIVIA: No, you're blowing Trevor Sheldon with your eyes.
JILL: I am not doing - - that!
OLIVIA: Really?

They sit at the fountain and Jill continues off into LaLa Land.

OLIVIA: Ever since you met him, all you been doing is drooling over his cock, and quite frankly Jill, I'm getting fuckin' sick of it.
JILL: Don't be gross.
OLIVIA: Why don't you fuckin' talk to him or something?
JILL: I do talk to him.
JILL: On Facebook.
OLIVIA: Okay, then why are you acting like you're incapable of talking to him now?
JILL: I'm being considerate, Jenny's talking to him. Not like she has a chance anyway.
OLIVIA: (smirks) What's that supposed to mean?
JILL: Well, don't say anything but... he told me he was into me.
OLIVIA: You serious?
JILL: Well he didn't exactly say that but he did say that he thought I was... cute. And he said that he wasn't interested Jenny.
OLIVIA: I think you're cute, doesn't exactly mean I'm gonna bend you over right now and spank you.
JILL: Well he meant in the boy way, you know?
OLIVIA: Yeah, since when did anything boys say hold any weight?
JILL: Will you shut up and let me gloat in this? Jenny's getting nowhere with him... and I don't wanna just rip him from her in her face.
OLIVIA: Oh yeah, Jill, do it sneakily over the internet. That's REAL friend-like.
JILL: You know what I mean. It'll hurt less. I'll talk to her eventually. She'll understand.

Jill closes her locker - - THERE STANDS JENNY.

JENNY: You're talking to Trevor?
JILL: Hello to you too, Jenny.
JENNY: He just told me that he talks to you online, is that true?
JILL: Yeah, so?
JENNY: Well hello, you know I LIKE HIM!
JILL: I know that? Hm, you never told me that...
JENNY: I've been hanging around the guy for the last two weeks! You must've noticed my absence at the fountain! And I wouldn't just leave you for any old reason.
JILL: Oh, you're right, not any old reason - - just for A BOY.
JENNY: I didn't mean it like that. Look, Jill... please, can you just let me have him?
JILL: Let you have him?
JENNY: You know if he talks to you, he'll be more interested in you. All the guys we've both known always were! And I've reached my cleavage limit so I can't exactly show more without going for a tit shot. So I'm doing the best I can to impress him!
JILL: Hm, I'd take that as a hint, Jenny.
JENNY: Why, do you know something?
JILL: I'm just saying, if the guy isn't being wooed by your marvelous tits then maybe he's not interested.
JENNY: Jill, if he said something, please tell me. I REALLY like him and I just... I want this to work.
JILL: I'm not going to stop talking to Trevor, okay?
JENNY: Jill... that's fucked up.
JILL: What's fucked up is you telling me who to be friends with!
JENNY: But you're not gonna be just friends, you're gonna end up TOGETHER. WATCH.
JILL: Really? Have I been in a relationship with Roy? Robbie? Charlie? Anybody from the Cinema Club? No, I don't think so. So you're wrong, Jenny, I don't just GO OUT with anyone! Actually, I'm a bit offended.
JENNY: But you're into him, you weren't into any of them!
JILL: I'm into Trevor? And how could you possibly know that?
JENNY: Because you don't talk to him in front of my FACE. You do it behind my BACK. Whatever, Jill. Have him. Fuck you, both.

The soundtrack THUDS as Jenny walks away, leaving Jill's eyes wide and in complete shock. Jill stomps her way into Jenny's direction and TWIRLS her around.

JILL: Fuck me?
JENNY: You heard me.
JILL: Listen to me you ingrateful BITCH. I was almost RAPED because of your ass but I stuck by you like a friend. And you would've been next but I handled it to PROTECT YOU.
JENNY: Raped? What the fuck are you talking about?
JILL: Peter. Does the name ring any bells? Me coming over to your house beaten, battered, bruised and bloody bring back any imagery for you?
JENNY: Wait, THAT'S what happened?
JILL: Forget it, Jenny. Fuck me, remember? And I was your only true friend. Good luck finding a new one.

Jill walks off, Jenny left standing there fuming. A crowd formulated around them in the meanwhile - - they disperse as Jenny walks away.

The room crowds up as Charlie stands at the front, a bit enthusiastic about his new position. Roy enters, taking seat front and center. Charlie notices him and signals him to come over.

CHARLIE: I need your help.
ROY: Really?
CHARLIE: Yeah man, come up. You're the new Co-President.

Roy smiles, he can't believe it. The entire room claps and he stands up. We focus on a girl in the middle of the crowd - - dark blonde with beaming greyish blue eyes. She smiles as if this decision pleases her. We cut over to a few other girls... all with a similar expression.

CHARLIE: Welcome everyone to the new Cinema Club. I'm your president, Charlie and this is your co-president, Roy.
ROY: Hi, I'm Roy.
CHARLIE: I see a lot of new faces and a lot of old ones. Welcome back and... well, welcome to the others. It's gonna be a great year and uh... well, we won't be getting caught by Deputy Dewey Dickhead any time soon.

The crowd laughs. Roy nudges him.

ROY: That's actually sheriff now. He's sheriff.
CHARLIE: What does it matter?
ROY: I'm just saying.
CHARLIE: So Roy here is going to be passing out the movie watching schedule for the upcoming semester. I hope you all approve.

Skip ahead - - Cinema Club is now over. All the kids pour out, as well as Charlie. Roy hangs back for a bit, gathering up papers. Heels click against the tile coming towards him... he slowly looks up. From his POV, we look up her long, athletic and smooth legs in a small skirt up to her face - - it was the girl looking at him earlier. Roy gulps. She extends her hand out.

KATHERINE: Katherine Maleficent.
ROY: Hi. Uh, Roy.
KATHERINE: I know who you are. The whole school does.
ROY: Oh... really? How's that?
KATHERINE: You're the guy who saved all those people from that burning building.
ROY: I wouldn't say I saved a lot of people, it's just an exaggeration.
KATHERINE: You're a hero. Girls like that. They all came to see you, as a matter of a fact.
ROY: Stop it. That's not funny.
KATHERINE: I'm not joking. Me included.
ROY: You came to see me?
KATHERINE: Up, close and personal. Kinda hard to spot you on campus these days. Figured this would be the only place to get you in one spot.
ROY: Well I gotta lot of broken friends that need fixing so...
KATHERINE: That's admirable. No wonder you're the talk of the locker room these days.
ROY: Are you - - just fucking with me? Someone put you up to this?
KATHERINE: Roy, what do I have to do - - (she slides on to the desk, getting closer) to convince you... that you're hot property number one at the moment?
ROY: Thanks?
KATHERINE: (sighs) Forget it. (she gets down) I'll try again tomorrow. See ya, Roy. Try not to be too much of a lady killer now, ya hear?

She exits the room and Roy is still there, completely dumbfounded. He goes back to shuffling the papers. There's a knock - - he looks back up. It's Trevor.

TREVOR: She was flirting with you, you know?
ROY: Oh, hey Trevor. Nice introduction today for the club.
TREVOR: Did you not hear me? That girl WANTS you.
ROY: I highly doubt that.
TREVOR: (sighs) Roy, you have a lot to learn.
ROY: (snapping) Can I help you?
TREVOR: I think you're the one who needs helping. When you see an opportunity man, TAKE IT.
ROY: You seriously came in here to talk about my love life?
TREVOR: Well I came in here to talk about mine but I'm a bit concerned for you at the moment.
ROY: Oh, well thanks but no thanks. And what could I possibly do for your love life?
TREVOR: Jill Roberts. You know her?
ROY: For quite some time, yeah. What about her?
TREVOR: I need some help. I like her.
ROY: Best advice I could give to you... have two legs and a functioning penis.
TREVOR: Not a friendly thing to say.
ROY: Well word is she completely fisted Jenny today in the halls so I'm a bit partial.
TREVOR: Jenny? What happened?
ROY: They're fighting over some guy, I guess.
TREVOR: Some guy? Any clue as to who?
ROY: No idea. So there yours answer, she likes someone else! Sorry!
TREVOR: I think that guy might be me.
ROY: You're a cocky bastard, you know that?
TREVOR: I also know when I'm being talked about. Listen, her favorite color, flowers, smell, stuff like that, do you know it?
ROY: I suppose.
TREVOR: Tell me, I wanna ask her out.
ROY: Then do it, I don't know why you need me to tell you all that.
TREVOR: Well I want it to be big. Nice. Thoughtful.
ROY: Jill doesn't like nice and thoughtful. Just go for simple.
TREVOR: I'm not that kinda guy.
ROY: Then you're S-O-L.
TREVOR: Hardly.
ROY: So what, you're gonna make her a sign? Have a band playing in the background as you guys ride off on a horse into the sunset?
TREVOR: I suppose you're right. Simple is the way to go. It sounds cheesy and cliche when you say it out loud.
ROY: That was seriously you're plan?
TREVOR: Help me with Jill and I'll help you with Katherine.
ROY: (smiles) I don't need help. I don't want help. And you - - should just do it on your own. It's more - - noble that way.
TREVOR: Alright Roy, but this attempt to be your friend might be a once in a life time opportunity.
ROY: Well if I know Jill then I'll be seeing too much of you. My help isn't needed. See ya later, Trevor.

Roy exits the room and Trevor stays there, leaning on the wall.

TREVOR: Some help you were.

He exits, turning off the light. DARKNESS.

Stab 6 begins filming on location in Woodsboro.
Kirby has her first day at work.
Robbie accidentally learns something about Andy.
Trevor and Jill decide on their future.

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