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203 - On Location: Part 1

The gym looks to be in a full festive mood. Decorations align the school in gold... one even says PROM. A WHEEL COMES INTO FRAME and stops. The door opens and out steps DEWEY, fixing his hat onto his head and HICKS comes out the other side. They rush around the car and into the building.

Dewey and Hicks enter, in a panic but still trying to remain official.

DEWEY: Check out the prom, will ya? Make sure everything is order?
HICKS: You got it, boss.

Dewey continues walking down the hall as Hicks immediately turns and enters another door. Dewey comes to the "guidance office" and knocks on the door. It opens - - GALE.

Dewey enters, a bit flustered and maybe even confused. The computer monitor is on - - it appears Gale was probably working on something.

GALE: Dewey, what are you doing here?
DEWEY: Gale, I need to talk to you for a second.
GALE: Aren't you supposed to be looking for that missing person or something?
DEWEY: Does this door lock?
GALE: Ofcourse... Dewey? What's going on?

Dewey locks the door and paces around Gale's OFFICE.

DEWEY: Something's going on here.
GALE: Like what?
DEWEY: I don't know what it is, but I'm gonna find out.
GALE: ... you have 5 seconds to explain yourself before I punch you in the eye.
DEWEY: We were following our lead, we had a pretty good idea of where we were going. Turns out, it's out of our jurisdiction. No problem, get a warrant and we can go ahead and cross over. The lead goes off the map. Without it, we can't cross, all we can do is hope they take care of it.
GALE: And?
DEWEY: The tracked cell phone we were following turned out to be in the possession of someone else. Someone we know.
GALE: How do you know who's possession it was in?
DEWEY: We turned on the phone, listened in on the receiving end to see if we can hear anything. And we hear - - this.

Dewey takes out a tape recorder and presses "play." The noise shuffles about a bit... it now comes in clear... a voice comes on... female... it's JILL.

JILL: Please... please don't hurt me. I'll do anything, just listen. Please.
DEWEY: And then it stopped. Went out of triangulation and we couldn't follow it any longer. That's Jill's voice...
GALE: Jill? Jill Roberts?
DEWEY: Sidney's cousin.
GALE: Then why don't you use that to get your warrant, it sounds like she's in trouble!
DEWEY: It's not official proof because it's audio which can be easily tampered. But if this is any indication, she is with her and they're being taken out of the county. Now all the other evidence implies our missing suspect is in the city but it could be false evidence! If Jill is truly with her and NOT here, that could be our warrant. Possible double kidnapping.
GALE: But... she is here... it's Prom. I just saw her not too long ago.

Hicks makes her way through the crowd. She steps onto a chair and scans across all the heads. She sees TREVOR by the punch bowl. She jumps down and rushes him.

HICKS: Trevor, where's Jill?
TREVOR: How am I supposed to know?
HICKS: She's not here?
TREVOR: Last I checked, she was. With him... so whatever.
TREVOR: Some guy, I don't know his name!
HICKS: Did you see them leave?
TREVOR: I saw Jill go to the bathroom. I went to go talk to her and then... she was gone.
HICKS: Gone?
TREVOR: She wasn't in the bathroom. Can I get arrested for admitting that? Going into the girl's bathroom?
HICKS: No! Can you show me the bathroom, Trevor?
TREVOR: I guess.

The EMTs scrabble around, trying to comfort the victim on the gurney. EMT 1 knocks on the front hatch once again. It slides open.

EMT 1: We're almost there, right?
AMBULANCE PASSENGER: Yeah, had to take an alternate route. Fallen branches were in the road.
EMT 1: Okay, thanks.

He closes the hatch and EMT 1 looks back down at the other EMTs.

EMT 2: What he say?
EMT 1: We're taking an alternate route. So just hang tight and - -


The ambulance FALLS ONTO IT'S SIDE, FLIPPING ACROSS THE ROAD and into a school of trees, stopping before it goes off the side of the mountain. The ambulance stays quiet... the tire completely blown open. HEADLIGHTS come from behind the ambulance... the car stops, giving it room between the van and the car. The door opens... and a BOOT steps onto the ground...

A bus is parked out by the steps, Charlie standing by the door and watching students go in. He checks them off on his clipboard. Robbie approaches him.

ROBBIE: Cinema Club field trip, ay?
CHARLIE: That's what it is.
ROBBIE: First one... and I'm not here to see it.
CHARLIE: Look man, I've tried.
ROBBIE: It's cool. Have fun checking out the set.

Robbie runs off, his head down and obviously a bit distraught about the whole thing. Marnie makes her way down the steps and sees Robbie coming up. She stops him.

MARNIE: Hey. Everything okay, Robbie?
ROBBIE: Yeah, I'm fine.
MARNIE: Sorry you couldn't come on the field trip. I know you helped start this thing or whatever.
ROBBIE: Thanks.

Niley makes her way down the stairs now, viewing Marnie and Robbie talking. She bites her tongue and moves the hair from her eyes, trying to maintain composure.

NILEY: Oh girl, you're just everywhere.
MARNIE: I know, right? !

Niley flashes a fake smile and Marnie gets the hint.

MARNIE: Yeah, well, see ya later.

Marnie runs off to the bus and Niley links arms with Robbie, PULLING him up the stairs.

Roy sits down in the back of the bus, resting his head on the cushion. He looks up and sees Marnie entering. She waves at him and he waves back. KATHERINE plops down next to him.


Marnie's smile instantly vanishes and she takes the first she sees.

ROY: Oh, hey Katherine.

TREVOR turns around in his seat in front of them.

TREVOR: Remember what I told you, Roy.
ROY: Yeah, whatever.
KATHERINE: Oh, about what?
ROY: The supposed joke of my LIFE.

Roy puts his sunglasses on and leans his head on the window. Trevor sits back down - - he's sitting next to Jill.

TREVOR: This is exciting. I've never been to a movie set before.
JILL: Life is one giant movie set, Trevor.
TREVOR: I guess. I haven't seen any of the Stab movies though but this is still pretty cool.
JILL: Really... none of them?
TREVOR: Nope, not a single one.
JILL: Well you're in for all sorts of surprises, Trevor...

Olivia works on a sweater, using her knitting needles to make it. She's having a hard time with it... she looks up. Chelsea's pretty much nearly done with hers.

OLIVIA: How the fuck - -

Olivia gets up and walks across the room and sits down next to Chelsea.

OLIVIA: You think you could help me with this?
CHELSEA: Having trouble?
OLIVIA: It's impossible.

Chelsea grabs Olivia's sweater and begins knitting it for her, doing it slow so she can watch.

CHELSEA: Just takes time... practice. And more time.
OLIVIA: So may I ask?
CHELSEA: May you ask WHAT?
OLIVIA: Who's the father?
CHELSEA: I really... do not know.
OLIVIA: You don't know or... you don't care to remember?
CHELSEA: (laughs) I wish it was the second one.
OLIVIA:... I know who it was, Chelsea...

Chelsea nips her finger with the needle. She sucks on her thumb and blows off Olivia's comment, continuing to knit.

CHELSEA: Yeah? Enlighten me.
OLIVIA: Let's just say... rumors circulated around the jocks here at Woodsboro High.
CHELSEA: Big surprise.
OLIVIA: Was it Prichard, Chelsea?
CHELSEA: Ofcourse not. Prichard and Kirby were together 6 months ago.
OLIVIA: And when has that ever stopped you?
CHELSEA: You know what - - make your own fucking sweater.
OLIVIA: Look, I'm sorry, I don't mean to pry... I just wanna see eye to eye with you.
CHELSEA: And I don't wanna talk about it, okay?

Olivia grabs her sweater and walks off.

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