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203 - On Location: Part 2



The bus stops at the parking lot for a grocery store. The kids pile out, damn near ready to rip someone's head off to get a glimpse of a star. Charlie makes his way through the group, trying to play leader. Roy and Katherine are last out... Katherine a bit clingy. Jill and Trevor stick together as he plays it cool the entire time, trying to be smooth.

Charlie leads the group forward - - the set blocking off the movie theater. Trailers fill up an entire parking lot, camera rigs, lighting structures and anonymous crew members hang out. Charlie can't help but have a smile form upon his lips. Roy makes his way to the front to join him, Katherine still behind...

ROY: Stab 6, in production.

CHARLIE: My life, in production. This is awesome.

They all make their way to a set of bleachers set up for fans adjacent to the movie theater. Hardly anyone is there - - mostly everyone is at work. Surely it'll be filled with people at night. Charlie leads the group up the stairs. An assistant at the bottom hands each kid a paper as they enter the bleachers. Charlie sits down right in the front, everyone else joining in and filling up the first 3 rows.

CHARLIE: (reading the paper) Filming will begin promptly at 11 AM. At that time, no noise or speaking is permitted. Photography of any kind is forbidden. Do not call out names of the actors, crew or cheer at any time. Failure of following these rules will lead to immediately dismissal from the grounds.

ROY: Wow, they don't fuck around.

CHARLIE: Millions of dollars at stake for a billion dollar franchise.

KATHERINE: Not necessarily a billion... worldwide totals of all 5 movies is merely at $758.3 million, even this movie could bomb and they still not even make it to the $800 mill' range. Just sayin'.

CHARLIE: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know Rain Man of the Stab franchise was here.

KATHERINE: I value my education.

CHARLIE: (whispers to Roy) Who the hell is that?

ROY: I don't know, she keeps following me.

Charlie looks down at his watch - - it's only 8 AM. He fidgets... this might take awhile. In the very back of the bleachers sits Trevor and Jill, looking down at everything from up high.

TREVOR: So glad I finally got you alone.

JILL: Well here I am. In the flesh.

TREVOR: I don't get that opportunity much. Jenny was always so clingy during school hours until about two weeks ago...

JILL: Well I set her straight...

TREVOR: So it's true? You two were fighting over me?

JILL: Wipe that fucking smug grin off your face. We had a spat - - you MIGHT'VE been mentioned.

TREVOR: Oh, okay, if you say so... maybe I was there, listening in. I do have sneaky abilities - - like a NINJA!

JILL: ... you're stupid. (laughs) Oh my God.

She sets her hand down on his knee and he freezes up a bit...

TREVOR: I could see my self like this more often.

JILL: Making an ass out of yourself with stupid phrases?

TREVOR: As long as it means I'm next to you...

JILL: Trevor... I don't wanna rush anything - -

TREVOR: I'm not saying anything. I enjoy your company, is all.

JILL: Yeah... you make me laugh. I guess you're cool.

TREVOR: Quit trying to play little miss hard ass! Your cover's already blown. I've seen you smile way too many times.

JILL: Becuase you're so damn silly.

TREVOR: It's because you think I'm cute.

JILL: (giggling) There it is, the silliness again.

TREVOR: Admit it. You think I'm cute.

JILL: Psh.

TREVOR: C'mon. I already told you that you were. Your turn.

JILL: I'm not saying anything.

TREVOR: I'm willing to bet a hundred dollars that by the end of this film shoot you will say I am cute and be completely... won over by me.

JILL: (slaps his knee) You'r so full of shit!




Chelsea makes her way down the hallway towards her locker. Olivia exits the classroom behind her and runs behind.

OLIVIA: Look, sorry if I offended you in anyway.

CHELSEA: It's fine, trust me.

OLIVIA: I just feel like I went a bit over the line.

CHELSEA: Other people have done way worse.

OLIVIA: Truce?

CHELSEA: No offense, Olivia...

OLIVIA: Oh, I get it. You don't wanna be friends because I know who the daddy is? Because before, you were more than happy to knit my sweater before you figured I had any knowledge.

CHELSEA: You don't know anything.

OLIVIA: Shouldn't it be the other way around - - you would WANT to be my friend because I do know so I DON'T go telling everybody?

CHELSEA: Yeah? Who's gonna listen to you? You're just another stupid bimbo bitch spreading rumors every five seconds like the last so any utterance you may have about me or - - shit, anything, has no regard to any of these people here. Tell people whatever the fuck you want.

OLIVIA: Oh, sassy. Seriously, what's your deal with me?

CHELSEA: Well when you came over I figured, hey, maybe my friends were right and she has changed and she's not a bitch anymore. Within 30 seconds of talking to you, I figure out they were wrong and somehow, you sneakily slipped passed the radar and became friends with them again. And you know who had to put up with hearing the bullshit about you were harassing them? Me. Why DO you wanna be their friends now anyway, Olivia? Swim Team disown you for fucking all their boyfriends or something?

OLIVIA: I never harassed anybody. And I can be friends with who I want to be friends with. And they accept me.

CHELSEA: Do they? Because I assure no matter how nice you are now - - and no matter how nice they are back... there's YEARS under your belt of pure bitchness that's not easy to forget.

OLIVIA: Wow, having a baby in your belly really must've flipped a bitch-switch in you. You were alot nicer when you had dead baby daddy's dick in your mouth.

CHELSEA SLAPS OLIVIA across the face. The entire school STOPS and STARES. THE SOUNDTRACK THUDS. Olivia holds her face, completely shocked. A small line of blood trickles from her mouth.

OLIVIA: Well played, Chelsea. Make a scene because we all know I ain't gonna beat up the pregnant bitch in front of everybody! Watch your back... slut.

Olivia wipes her mouth from a tad bit of her mouth and walks off, the crowd making room for her to go through. The crowd starts to resume back to normal motion. Kirby pushes her way through and comes to Chelsea's aid.

KIRBY: Whoa, what was that about?

CHELSEA: Nothing. It's nothing.

KIRBY: Are you okay?

CHELSEA: I'm fine, Kirby, please just - - go away.

KIRBY: Well what was it about? I mean, Jesus, that can't be good for the baby.

Kirby puts her hand on Chelsea's stomach and Chelsea jumps back, completely frustrated.

CHELSEA: Kirby! Seriously!

KIRBY: Sorry... I just get concerned...

CHELSEA: (relaxes) Please don't. I'm a big girl. I promise.

KIRBY: If you say so...

On a completely different hall, Olivia makes her way to her locker. She springs open the door, looking at the mirror attatched to the door. She checks her lip. Jenny approaches her from behind.

JENNY: Shit Olivia, what happened?

OLIVIA: Just stay away from me!

Olivia SLAMS the locker and marches off, leaving Jenny there completely oblivious and almost near tears.

JENNY: What the hell did I do?




Kirby sits behind a table, pad in front of her and taking notes - - she's watching the world's cheesiest training video with the worst special effects ever. At this moment, they're spoofing the Matrix on how to be quick at scanning videos. Kirby rolls her eyes.

Kirby looks around the room. There's no cameras. She gets up and turns off the tape and exits the room.


Kirby makes her way to LYLE - - mid 40s, big and jolly, balding and looks like he smells like candy - - checking off the inventory as he passes by it in the line towards the main counter.

KIRBY: Okay Lyle, I'm done with the videos.

LYLE: Oh already? Good. What'd you learn?

KIRBY: ... graduate from a good film school so you're not stuck making crappy training videos?

LYLE: (chuckles) I made it.

KIRBY: And by crappy... I mean AMAZING. Obviously.

LYLE: It's okay. C'mon.

They start walking around the store as Lyle looks at the DVDs on the wall.

LYLE: This is your first job, correct?

KIRBY: I'm barely 16 so yup.

LYLE: I always ask. Since you're underage, I can't let you rent any of the R rated movies.

KIRBY: That is totally bogus.

LYLE: Heh heh. Just kidding. I'll let it slide.

They make their way to TOPHER - - 17, laid back and obviously doesn't wanna be working here but he puts on a fake smile for the boss - - as he puts discs back on the shelf.

LYLE: Topher, how are things coming along?

TOPHER: Oh, just great boss.

Topher turns his head and sees Kirby - - the stack of discs in his hands immediately tumble out. Lyle sighs.

LYLE: Try to contain yourself, Topher. This is our new employee, Kirbiline.

KIRBY: But call me Kirby.

TOPHER: Hi Kirby. Like the video game.

KIRBY: OH GOD. First person to notice.

LYLE: Let's keep moving.

Lyle continues on and Kirby follows. Topher picks up his stack and sighs, slapping himself in the forehead. They come to CONNIE - 25, alternative and snarky, her hair jet black and chewing a large piece of pink bubble gum - - leans on the wall, texting.

LYLE: Now Connie, what I tell you about texting?

CONNIE: Some stupid shit, I don't know.

LYLE: (to Kirby) Connie here is one of our employees who has stayed with us the longest. Ain't that right, Connie? No future in sight.

CONNIE: Yeah, yeah, whatever dickhead.

LYLE: Therefore she gets away with a few... guidelines.

KIRBY: Hi, I'm Kirby.

CONNIE: (blows a bubble) Like the video game?

KIRBY: (scared to say anything else) Precisely.

CONNIE:... were your parents high?

KIRBY: It's a nickname. My name's Kirbiline.

CONNIE:... were your parents high?

LYLE: Moving on.

They get behind the counter and Lyle puts down his clipboard.

LYLE: This is where you'll be mostly.

KIRBY:... that's it?

LYLE: Basically. There's more to it but... (he winks) don't wanna bore ya with the details.





The set starts to look alive with activity. The stands are now full with people who've come to watch the filming. Charlie sits there with an eagle's eye, observing every detail. The actor's start to make their way out of the trailers and to the set.

CHARLIE: Oh my God. I wish Robbie was here.

KATHERINE: Ugh. Where's Timmy Basto?

ROY: Timmy Basto? He's in this fucking movie?

KATHERINE: His first movie. Now he'll conquer the world of singing AND acting.

ROY: Oh God. I hope he gets killed off first.

TIMMY BASTO exits his trailer. KATHERINE SQUEALS. The bleacher advisor points to Katherine and immediately points her thumb, ejecting her out.

KATHERINE: Oh my God, I'm so sorry! I'll be quiet, I promise!

ROY: I don't think she's giving in!

KATHERINE: Please! Please!

CHARLIE: Wait for us by the bus!

Katherine gets up, crying and grabbing her stuff, exiting the bleachers. Marnie looks down and sees the spot next to Roy vacant. She jumps down and quickly sits there.


ROY: Hey.

Back up to Trevor and Jill.

JILL: Can you see anything?

TREVOR: Nope. But I came prepared.

Trevor whips out a set of binoculars and hands one to Jill. She smiles.

JILL: You're so cuu - -

TREVOR: AH! You were gonna say it!


TREVOR: I got you now. You're in my web.

JILL: You're cute, dammit. Happy?

TREVOR: (looking through the binoculars) Thrilled.

Jill watches him looking down, knowing he can't see her watch him. The hair blows through the wind... something fuzzy eases in side her.

JILL: You're different?

TREVOR: Thanks for noticing.

Jill moves the binoculars from his face and turns his head towards her.

JILL: I'm serious. You make me feel - -


JILL: Whoa...

TREVOR: I make you like whoa?

JILL: Something like that.

She pulls him in again and kisses him back, more rougher than before.




Niley has Squirrely in her lap, watching TV. Robbie sits at his desk, watching a live video feed of the video shoot. He's completely glued and can't look away.

NILEY: Robbie, c'mon. This is just sad.

ROBBIE: I should be there...

NILEY: I know baby but... there's nothing you can do about it. Okay? Come over here and uh... let's... cuddle.

ROBBIE: We really gotta work on new code names for our sexual activity.

NILEY: I really meant cuddle! Squirrely's here for Christ sake!

ROBBIE: Oh... forgot about that.

NILEY: (to Squirrely) You didn't hear that. Daddy would never forget you.

ROBBIE: Don't tell that thing I'm it's daddy. That's just... disturbing.

NILEY: Fine. (to Squirrely) Don't listen to the Asshole.

Robbie jumps up with a smile and TACKLES Niley on the bed, kissing her neck. Squirrely jumps off the bed and RUNS out of the bed.

NILEY: Oh my God, Robbie! Squirrely! Squirrely!

ROBBIE: Ugh, fine, go get him.

Niley runs after him - - he's already down the stairs.

NILEY: Fast little fucker.


Niley exits through the front door and continues chasing Squirrely as it makes it's way over to the next house.

NILEY: Squirrely, no!

Squirrely makes it's way to the basement window... and slides through.

NILEY: Squirrely! Shit.

Robbie pops his head out from his bedroom window and looks down.

ROBBIE: Niley, what are you doing?

NILEY: I'm going after Squirrely!

Niley gets down on her knees and begins SLIDING INTO THE BASEMENT.

ROBBIE: Niley! No!... SHIT!

Robbie JETS OUT of his bedroom and down the stairs. He PUSHES through the front door and RACES to Niley - - she's already inside.

ROBBIE: Niley!


Niley lands on her feet and looks around in the dark basement. She dusts herself off.

ROBBIE: Niley!

NILEY: I'll be out in a second Robbie, geez. Come out, Squirrely!

ROBBIE: Niley, I don't have a good feeling about this!

Niley makes her way around the basement ... but it's useless... it's pitch dark. She takes out her cell phone and uses it as a light - - GHOSTFACE STANDS BEFORE. She falls on her ass and backs up... it's motionless.

ROBBIE: Niley, what's happening?


Niley gets up and approaches the costume... it's hanging from a pillar holding up the first floor.

ROBBIE: Niley, are you okay?

NILEY: It's nothing. Just a stupid mask.

Niley hits it and holds up her phone, trying to look around.

NILEY: Okay Squirrely, come back to mommy.


ROBBIE: Shit! Niley, he's here! Get out!

NILEY: Just another second!

She circles the room and looks to the back - - she hears a tapping. She moves in closer...

NILEY: Squirrely?

The light illuminates the back... Squirrely nibbles on a cage door... Robbie looks up, ANDY'S EXITING HIS TRUCK AND MAKING HIS WAY TO THE HOUSE.


Robbie jumps up and runs over to the drive way.

ROBBIE: Hey Andy!

ANDY: Hey buddy. How's it going?

ROBBIE: Oh great... great.

ANDY: (smiles)... okay. See ya later, dude.

ROBBIE: Oh wait! I had a question!

ANDY: Oh yeah?

Niley slowly approaches her penguin and gets down on her knees.

NILEY: Come to momma.

Squirrely stops pecking at the cage...

NILEY: Squirrely?

A DARK FIGURE MOVES BEHIND HER. Squirrely runs back into Niley's arms, screeching.

NILEY: What's wrong, baby?

ROBBIE: Uh, yeah... uh... how many... licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

ANDY: (laughs) You're funny, man! I'll see you later!

ROBBIE: Oh, a real question this time!

ANDY: Look Robbie, I don't got much time...

NILEY: C'mon baby, let's get out of here.

Niley gets up to her feet and walks back to the basement window, stepping on a desk to prop herslef up. A WHIMPER comes behind her... she stops... the soundtrack rises... she slowly turns her head...

NILEY: Hello?... is anyone there?

ROBBIE: So how much money do you make? You drive a nice truck. Just wondering.

ANDY: That's a little private, Robbie.

ROBBIE: Yeah but I mean... (taps the truck) It's a nice truck!

ANDY: Look, when you're 18, I'll let you know, okay?

ROBBIE: When I'm 18? Is it uh... adult?

ANDY: You could say that. See ya.

Andy makes his way to the door now, determined to actually make it there this time. Robbie backs off and runs back to the side of the house. Squirrely is running around on the lawn... but Niley is nowhere to be seen.

ROBBIE: Niley?

We're back in the basement... Niley's no longer on the desk... Robbie pokes his head into the window...

ROBBIE: Niley, he's coming!

Squirrely starts pecking at Robbie's leg.

ROBBIE: (kicking him off) Cut it out!


NILEY: Robbie, there's something down here.

ROBBIE: 'K, then get the fuck out.

NILEY: (giggles) I wanna see what it is.

She jumps back down before Robbie can even react.

ROBBIE: Niley! NO!

Niley holds up her phone, trying to see around the basement. The footsteps thud overhead... they don't phase her...

NILEY: (whispers) Is something in here?

The whimper happens again. She jumps up and looks at Robbie.

NILEY: Did you hear it? !

Niley says this a bit loud. She instantly covers her mouth, realizing.

ROBBIE: That's great, now get the fuck out.

The footsteps STOMP over head and make their way to the BASEMENT DOOR. Niley looks up, scared and RUNS OVER TO THE DESK. THE DOOR OPENS and the light SHINES ON. Niley grabs on to Robbie's arm and HE PULLS HER OUT. Andy makes it to the bottom step and looks up... the basement window is closed. He looks around... things appear to be in order...

He sighs and steps his way back to the stairs... he looks down and STOPS... a small white and black puddle is formed. He bends down... looking at it.

ANDY: Well this is new.

He takes out his cell phone and takes a picture, trying to look at it closer... his eyebrow raises and looks back up at the basement window... he runs over and LOCKS IT.


Niley holds Squirrely away from her, laughing but disgusted at the same time.

NILEY: He won't stop pooping!

ROBBIE: Well keep him outside than.

From behind, Andy's eyes watches them in front of Robbie's house... Niley's laugh and Robbie's relief almost seem ironic at this point... he grabs the blinds above the window and SHUTS IT.


Halloween comes around... once again

A Woodsboro High CRUSH is revealed

Secrets are SPOKEN

Friendships will be BROKEN


The mystery will THICKEN

And DEATH lingers in the air!

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