"I love you, Snafu". Anticipation and fear bubbled on his chest, waiting for an answer. Snafu, however, just looked him up and down, warily, waiting for a caveat or something to negate what he had just heard. None came. The boys in the company did not say that to one another. Ever. Hell Snafu had heard the word 'thanks' about three times since he had signed up. The boys became your brothers and they knew that nothing had to be said.

There were no people within earshot to hear Sledge's words. No one to say anything except Snafu. He knew Gene had to be serious, he certainly looked serious. In fact he looked slightly terrified. Funny that after all they had seen he would be scared sitting across from Snafu on a train ride home, war over. It felt like they should be happy. But it actually just felt like there was a beast curled inside their chests, a heaviness that no one else could understand.

"Why are you tellin me this now, Gene?", He spoke quietly, still not entirely sure what to think.

"You're gonna get off this train in a few hours and who knows when I'll see you again? I just I wanted you to know before you had to leave". His eyes are downcast now, like he's suddenly shy.

"Well I did really wanna see that caboose" , Snafu grins, mischievousness in his eyes. Secretly he's terrified too. But he figures it s jokey enough that if Sledge isn't saying what he thinks he's saying they can have a laugh with it, but serious enough that Sledge might just take him up on his offer.

Eugene grins back, slides out of his seat and walks down the aisle to the back of the train. Snafu follows him.