Here it is; the epilogue.

Council meeting. Those two words instantly made the King bored as he sat down on his throne,watching as earlier appointed advisers and knights entered the room and stood in front of him,bowing in respect. It was all the same to the blonde and he dismissed the formalities with a sigh.

He had only called for a council meeting as he wanted the day to run smoothly for the marriage of himself and Merlin in the evening. Preparations had been made a month before: appointed priest for the customary side; Gwen tailoring the outfits for Arthur and Merlin,with Arthur's already done and Merlin currently being fitted; decorations for the throne room for the ceremony; the second crown for Merlin,which was to be given by Arthur himself after their tying of the knot; and plenty other preparations that had earned itself the blood,sweat and tears of the whole kingdom. It had been a long time since a marriage was set in Camelot,and everyone did their best to make it worth while.

However,as Arthur explained how thankful he was for everyone's efforts in the making of this day,he began to notice one adviser becoming agitated after a while. This had him distracted for a fraction,yet he continued to explain the details of the day and how all advisers,knights,royals and guests from neighbouring kingdoms would be invited for the wedding which was to be held in this very throne room.

Soon enough,Arthur began to be drawn towards the agitated adviser again who had his jaw clenched lightly as though he tried to refrain from uttering words at his disposal. Arthur stopped his explaining."You there." He said,looking straight at the adviser who's eyes widened briefly."Do you have something to say?"

The adviser flicked his eyes over to the other advisers who were giving him warning stares."You see,sire.." The adviser began,stepping forward slightly."I beg for an opinion on this marriage."

Arthur sat up in his throne properly,his hands resting on the armrests of the wood as he nodded at the adviser."Go ahead. You are an adviser,after all." He allowed.

"Well,your Majesty." The adviser spoke,trying to maintain a strong voice as he faced his King."I shan't think to make this marriage...known." He began,noticing how Arthur's expression shifted into something unreadable as he listened."To other kingdoms,I mean. You see,sire - not many people think highly of your kind."

Arthur frowned."I beg your pardon?" He asked."My kind? Do go on; explain." He near threatened as he kept a frown on his features.

If the adviser wasn't already nervous,he definitely was now as he cleared his throat,noticing how everyone was now staring at him."Two men are not meant to marry,your Majesty. And you have the Pendragon reign to continue,yet Merlin cannot conceive-" The adviser's explanation was cut off as Arthur stood up from his throne,making his way towards the male.

"You do not approve?" Arthur asked - gritted through his teeth - as he stood in front of the adviser. A few knights shifted uncomfortably,moving forward towards the King in case of an outbreak.

The adviser breathed in deeply before straightening his back,facing up to the King."I am only commenting on what may benefit your Majesty. As I said,two men are not meant to marry,as it goes against morals. And the kingdom may look poor if it is ruled by two Kings-" Once again,his sentence was cut off as Arthur's anger erupted.

"Poor?" The blonde shouted strongly,making everyone in the room jump slightly as they hadn't expected their King to shout so loudly."How dare you utter such words. Nothing in your opinion should benefit me!" He shouted again and a few knights moved besides him,ready to act. However,the blonde continued to shout at the adviser who remained standing tall - he began to become cocky,and simply stared back at the King."My kingdom is benefiting under the teachings of my partner,my lover, my future husband. " He hissed each words and a knight placed his hand on the King's shoulder to steady him.

"Call him how you wish,sire." The advisor replied,suddenly gaining new confidence in finding a new way to destroy the confidence in the King that the marriage will do good."But,he will always remain a mere peasant. Of no royal blood,nor dignity. This act you are commiting yourself to will end yourself in disgrace." He explained,another adviser placing a hand on his shoulder.

This seemed to hit Arthur hard as he gritted his teeth,his jaw clenching tightly. If looks could kill.

"Get out." Arthur seethed,trying to keep his voice low,battling against the hatred that was building for the man in front of him.

The next sentence that followed from the adviser had everyone in shock:

"Your father would feel ashamed."

Arthur's expression dropped and the room fell silent,if not for a fraction of a second,before the volume of the King's voice broke the silence and the knights had to pull him back in fear of him attacking the adviser.

"YOU DARE BRING MY FATHER INTO THIS." Arthur barked,his index finger pointing sharply at the adviser the best he could,for he was being restrained by two knights by his side,holding both his shoulders back as he screamed at the male who was being dragged out of the room by the other advisers."NEVER SET FOOT IN CAMELOT AGAIN!" He said as he locked eyes with the adviser,who simply kept a straight face as he was led out the room.

Morgana came running into the throne room a short while afterwards,concern washed over her face as she looked over at Arthur,who was still being refrained as he vented out his anger by shouting threats,even when the adviser had long-since left the room. The knights began to get worried by their King's anger and was relieved when the Lady Morgana took over,forcefully making Arthur sit on the throne.

"Arthur,what happened?" Morgana asked once Arthur began to calm down,his hand clutching the armrest as he stared ahead of him. Morgana looked over at everyone."You can all go now. Do not speak of this; give your King a peace of mind." She explained,and everyone eventually left the room,leaving their Majesty to calm."Is it the stress of today?" Morgana asked,referring to the upcoming ceremony of tying the knot.

"He did not approve of the marriage,Morgana." Arthur explained,frowning."And he dared to insult Merlin in front of me." He added,gripping the armrest as he remembered the words the male uttered.

Morgana sighed and closed her hand around Arthur's."Anger solves nothing,neither does violence. He has been sent away now,so you needn't worry." She explained,smiling softly."Arthur,you need to know that you will meet those who disapprove of this ceremony further on in the future,but you shouldn't let that get in the way." She advised.

"Where is Merlin?" Arthur asked,finally looking over at Morgana,though he still held scorn in his expression.

"Merlin is busy being fitted for his attire for the ceremony." Morgana explained,taking her hand off Arthur's as the blonde stood up."I think it is best that you calm down before you face him. If you remember,he is also getting married,and I am certain that he would not want to get involved in distress." She explained as Arthur made his way to the archway leading out of the throne room.

Arthur stopped walking and sighed."Ignorance is bliss,Morgana." He simply said,before disappearing to the right hallway,heading towards the chambers where Gwen was admitted to begin tailoring the outfits.

"Ow!" Merlin said as Gwen accidentally jabbed him with the needle she was threading through his jacket. The warlock was currently being fitted for his outfit for when the ceremony of being married to Arthur would arrive - a new,royal outfit that would also be worn for the coronation of him becoming the King in second,ruling besides the blonde. The coronation was to come after the wedding.

"Stop moving about." Gwen commented as she tried again to sew the jacket to fit around the skinny waist of Merlin's."It is only the jacket left,and then I can let you go." She added. Yet,a knock on the door stopped the fitting as she stood up - leaving Merlin with a half-finished jacket and thread hanging down his side with a needle - making her way towards the door to see who it was."Who is it?" She asked.

"Arthur." The voice replied. Gwen looked back at Merlin and motioned with her hand for him to hide behind the dressing screen. After all,she did not want Arthur to see the creation until the actual ceremony.

"Come in." Gwen said,opening the door when Merlin was out of sight. Sure enough,the King was stood there with an odd expression set on his face. Gwen smiled at him and allowed him to pass.

"I thought Merlin was with you?" Arthur asked,looking around the room and seeing no sign of his warlock.

",no." Gwen replied,walking over to her work table and collecting a few cloths into a pile,along with sewing thread and needles."He has yet to arrive for the fitting." She lied,closing a book secretly that contained Merlin's measurements.

"Do you know where he is,then?" Arthur's patience seemed to be running out,and both Gwen and Merlin noted that in his tone."There is something important I wish to discuss with him." He added,and the seamstress also noticed how he paced the room,his gaze neither on her or anywhere above the floor level. He seemed almost shaken.

"Is something the matter,sire?" Gwen asked,her eyes wandering over to Merlin's reflection in the windows near the dressing screen.

Arthur took off the crown upon his head and set it down on Gwen's working table,before running a hand through his recently cut hair. He stopped pacing the room and lent against a chair,folding his arms across his chest and remaining staring down at the ground."Gwen,I have a question to ask,and I would appreciate an honest - a truthful - answer." Arthur explained as he looked up at Gwen briefly.

Merlin listened from behind the dressing screen,deciding to sit down as there was something bothering Arthur,and it might take a long time. He felt the needle jab into his side as he sat down,and he bit down on his bottom lip so he wouldn't cry out and alert his attention.

"Of course,Arthur." Gwen replied,worry visible on her serene face.

Arthur thought it safe to express his opinions now that he knew Merlin wasn't in the room. As Morgana had rightly said: Merlin did not need such worry today,since there were more important things on his mind.

"Do you approve of mine and Merlin's marriage?" The blonde asked,his hand reaching over to take his crown and rotate it between his hands. The crown had been passed down for centuries,yet it remained with it's golden sheen by careful mind of the King's before,and the hands of their manservants. Merlin - however - was the first person to drop the crown at one point,which nearly ended in it being broken.

Gwen frowned."Yes - I have no reason to object. You two are perfect for one another,and if anyone should object,then they are surely in the wrong." She explained,noticing how Merlin smiled to himself in the reflection of the window.

"There was one." Arthur replied,sitting down on the chair,his elbows placed on his knees as his head rested on clasped hands. The crown was set back on the table again as he stared up at Gwen."In the council meeting only moments before. One of my advisers objected strongly to my choice,and..and dared to insult Merlin." His anger had begun to crawl up his throat again as he spoke through a clenched jaw."He gave me reasons that Camelot would become poor in respect should two Kings rule. Yet,I see no problem so far. Do you,Gwen?" He asked."See a problem?"

Gwen shook her head and made her way to sit down besides Arthur."No,Arthur." She began,smiling softly."Camelot has become such a wondrous place,after what you did for Merlin. Those who object to your choice should feel ashamed - who would want to change the effects that brought Camelot happiness?" She commented,yet her words wavered slightly as she looked elsewhere.

Arthur stared at Gwen."Is there another?" He asked."Is my kingdom disapproving of my choice to marry another male?" His intent stare made Gwen feel guilty by hiding the opinions she had heard lurking about the village. There were only a small number,so she thought that it would only pass,with the over-ruling of those who approved. Yet,as she wandered the village,she heard the same comments being fed back and forth amongst the people.

"Gwen,you said you would answer things truthfully. Tell me,is there another?" Arthur said more sternly."Do they not approve of the love I have for Merlin?" He asked,and Gwen stood up to move away from him as his tone of voice sounded almost desperate.

Gwen bit her bottom lip as she looked away from the blonde,her arms hugging her chest as she refused to speak. Her eyes wandered over to the reflection in the window,and her heart sank as she saw how Merlin looked dreadfully distraught that there were others that did not approve.

"I will not stand for this." Arthur said as he stood up,placing the crown back on his head."There will be no objections when the time comes - I will make certain that nobody dares to. Nobody is going to ruin this day,especially for Merlin." He explained as he exited the room with a strong slam of the door,making the warlock behind the dressing screen jump.

"Oh God,what have I done?" Gwen whispered as she made her way over to the chairs and sat down,watching as Merlin made his way towards her,sitting down on the chair besides her and saying nothing."I'm sorry,Merlin." She said,quietly as she looked over at the warlock."I didn't wish to say anything; it's such a happy day,and I wanted to have you know that - no matter what - you should continue with the marriage." She explained,reaching her hand hesitantly towards Merlin - but she needn't do any more as Merlin allowed her to hug him."Don't pay mind to what others think,Merlin. You're five years strong,and Arthur won't allow anyone to disrupt that." She reassured.

Gwen was about to say something else when a toll from the bell sounded - it wasn't the warning bell,but an indication for everyone to gather around the balcony for the King had something to say."And it looks like he is setting things straight now." She said,hearing the villagers outside stop what they were doing to progress towards the courtyard,under the balcony.

'...I have called for this because there..' Arthur's voice was heard muffled not that far away,since the balcony room was only a few doors down the hallway they were in.

It wasn't long before Merlin had changed back into his normal attire and made his way towards the balcony room alongside Gwen. They both made it into the room without a sound,spotting Arthur already on the balcony and addressing the villagers. They kept inside the room,instead of going out on the balcony,as they didn't want to disturb the speech.

"I do not appreciate secrecy in Camelot." Arthur was saying."And I have recently been informed that there is a number of comments circulating around the village,concerning the up-coming marriage of myself and Merlin. These are not pleasant comments; they are comments of disapproval."

At this,a large gasp went through the crowd at the new information.

"I have only one thing to say about this: those who disapprove would do me the honour of leaving Camelot for good,as I will not have this day ruined. I will not have hateful looks given to Merlin,should those who disapprove wish to do so." He explained,before concluding with:

"I hope you have it in your right mind to decide whether to leave,or to approve of this marriage." Before giving one final look at the villagers and retreating back into the room,surprised to see that he had company in the form of his current topic and the one who informed him.

"Where have you been hiding,Merlin?" Arthur asked,making his way over to him and kissing him on his forehead,secretly hoping that he had only just arrived and hadn't heard his disappointed rant.

"Behind the dressing screen in Gwen's chambers." Merlin answered,then realized the question was the form of a joke - not a serious one. Arthur looked over at Gwen.

"Is there anything else hidden?" The blonde asked Gwen; she had lied,but also kept a secret about those who disapproved. Gwen shook her head."I should hope not." He added,before facing Merlin with a neutral expression,even though he felt riled up inside."Did you know this?" He asked,calmly.

"No,I didn't." Merlin answered,shaking his head."It's new to me,too." He added,quietly as he looked down at the ground. He didn't know how to feel at the moment,but he knew where he wanted to go."If you don't mind,I'm going to head over to Gaius." He explained,looking up at Arthur.

Arthur nodded and kissed Merlin's forehead again."Everything will still go as planned." He promised,before allowing the warlock to leave.

There was a great smell of heather when Merlin entered the quarters that used to be his humble abode. He saw Gaius leaning over a tripod with a marble dish set ontop of it,which contained the purple substance that he managed to melt into a liquid by the fire underneath the tripod. The smell was positively strong and Merlin scrunched up his nose as he made his way towards the old man.

"What are you doing?" Merlin asked as he stood besides Gaius,looking down at the liquid in the marble dish. Gaius smiled up at Merlin,saying nothing,before adding a brown powder to the liquid. This seemed to turn the liquid of heather into a pink colour,and a different smell arose. This smell was more sweet and serene that allowed Merlin to relax,and not having to worry about the stronger smell from before.

"Making perfume nowadays,Gaius?" Merlin laughed,earning himself a light hit on his shoulder and a shake of the head.

"Gotten more cheeky nowadays,Merlin?" Gaius played back,laughing afterwards also.

It had been a while since Merlin set foot in his quarters,and it was nice to the old man to experience the same cheeky attitude of the warlock."I suppose you would call it a perfume. It's an incense; a strong smell to revive my patients that are unconscious. The heather you grew in your magic display has been very helpful,thank you." He explained,extinguishing the fire once the process was finished.

It was a while before he was able to tip the contents into a glass vial,and put a stopper in it for he had to wait until the liquid cooled first."I am making a few of these,just in case." He added,before opening up a box and revealing over twenty vials of different coloured liquids,adding the new addition next to an orange coloured one. Gaius then retrieved his staff and made a slow journey over to a book shelf; his old bones had slowed his walk,and he had to take intervals when they gave up on him.

"So,why have you come here,Merlin?" Gaius asked as he took down a large tome from the shelf,before making it over to the table again. Merlin drew up a chair for him so he could study the book sitting down,instead.

"There's a problem." Merlin said as he examined the incense in the box.

"Oh,yes?" Gaius said,flipping a few pages in the book before stopping at one,resting his hand on the page as he looked up at Merlin."What might that be?"

"The marriage." Merlin began,and Gaius thinned his lips and nodded."Some people don't think it should be right that there be two Kings. And Arthur had a mean encounter with one of them in the council meeting this morning. I wasn't present,but he explained to Gwen whilst I was hiding behind her dressing screen." He explained.

Gaius needn't question why Merlin was hiding behind a dressing screen,since he knew how the warlock acted,and there was no confusement when it came to the situations he explained. It was simply Merlin.

"I see." Gaius replied,nodding his head again."You do remember,Merlin,that I did explain to you all that while ago that you would encounter such problems?" He asked,thinking back to how Merlin told him about his relationship with Arthur - and how he had warned him there would be people who disagree in the future,and that was now.

"Yes,but nobody spoke up in those five years." Merlin objected,closing the box with the vials."So,why interrupt the marriage?"

Gaius drew in a deep breath,then let it out through his nose."You see,Merlin,nobody dared to speak up throughout those years because they were afraid to go against Arthur. Especially since his love for you was young,and nobody would want to mess with the feelings of him during that stage." He explained."It was like that when Uther and Igraine were together. There were a few who didn't like Igraine,but Uther wouldn't let that stop him. And look what his choice resulted in. Arthur Pendragon was born. If his son wasn't born,then Camelot wouldn't be as happy as it is now. Uther continued to be strong for his wife,even long after she was gone." Gaius beckoned Merlin forward and the male complied,standing next to the old man."Now,Merlin - would Arthur let you down?"

"No." Merlin replied."No,he wouldn't. As do I."

Gaius looked up at Merlin with intent."Exactly." He spoke."Do not pay mind to what those who disagree say. Good things will come out of the right choice,Merlin. Arthur will do the same." He concluded.

"You're right." Merlin said,smiling."Thank you,Gaius." He was truly thankful for his friend. Gaius had always given him good advice since the first time he set foot in his quarters and revealed his magic by accident.

"I'm glad we have that sorted." Gaius said,smiling then turned back to his book."Whilst you're here,could you do me a favour?" He asked.

Merlin mentally groaned; it was just like old times,running around for Gaius,doing odd jobs and collecting ingredients."Sure." Merlin replied,trying to sound chipper."What do you need?"

"Could you go over to Geoffrey's quarters and collect the bundles of books for me?" Gaius asked."He has kindly issued helpful books to me when he passed away." He explained,for his friend had recently passed away due to old age. Geoffrey was the number one scribe in Camelot,and a dear friend of Gaius's who helped him numerous times during the years.

"Will do." Merlin replied. He couldn't refuse Gaius,since he knew the passing away of Geoffrey and it was only polite to comply with his wishes.

"Thank you,Merlin. They should be on the table he worked at." Gaius added as Merlin made his way out of the room.

Geoffrey of Monmouth was certainly a dedicated and busy man when he was upon the earth,for the shelves were stacked full of different types of tomes and scripts which were collecting dust since the passing of the weeks.

No books were left with blank pages as Geoffrey would spend hours at his desk,scribbling away with his quill and ink against the rough paper.

No books were rushed,or messy as Merlin seen a few times when he studied some of the books when he needed an insight into things. Geoffrey had all sorts of books,and valuable information that nobody knew where he stored it all.

The bundle of books that Gaius told about were,indeed,on the table,stacked neatly and wrapped in cloth for preservation. Merlin walked over to the table and was about to pick up the bundle when he noticed a book set in the middle of the table,untouched. Curiosity took ahold and he sat down on Geoffrey's chair as he examined the front cover. It had no title and the cover was leather that had a fine spine and binds of black that secured the book tightly.

Merlin looked over at the door,making sure nobody was there,before opening up the binds and opening to the front page where a title jumped from the page in black and neat handwriting:

'The Legend of Arthur Pendragon with the progression of Camelot'

Underneath the title,there was a finely painted picture of the Pendragon emblem with the birthdate of Arthur and a sentence underneath:

'From now on,I am lifting the ban and allowing magic in Camelot; forever.'

The date of the lifting of the ban was set in gold next to it.

There was nothing more to the page,so Merlin moved onto the next page carefully,trying not to harm the paper since it looked fairly new. The next page had an introduction to Arthur,and read as follows:

'Born of Uther and Igraine Pendragon,Arthur came to be known as the fine prince of Camelot; a loyal knight,and a respectable son of the King. He grew up to be a noble young sire,and progressed towards tribute for the kingdom.

Thus far was he notable for his loyalty to the kingdom he would soon come to rule,after the unforunate passing of the King; his father. Though was his destiny to become King,and a majestic one became he.

As noticed for his attitude,come forth his greatest hours during the defending of Camelot; from the evil of magic,through to the unwanted of company that downfalled the kingdom. Arthur Pendragon..'

The introduction progressed towards Arthur's noticed achievements,such as battles and helping neighbouring kingdoms during his prince status. These filled more than three pages,and Merlin skipped a few as Geoffrey wrote a generous amount of praise for Arthur.

There were a few more pages of the life of Arthur,from his childhood days up to his teenage years; explaining how he trained to become a great knight,and his arduous journey on his preparation into taking over his father's role of King. Then came the time when Merlin became his manservant,and his name was even mentioned:

'Merlin was appointed the manservant of Arthur,as issued by Uther - and it was this manservant that served under Arthur for long years that brought change to Camelot. For though Arthur had little faith in Merlin at the start,the two began to see different about one another and this resulted in the first step of Arthur becoming the great King he was.

Merlin had hailed from a poor background,yet his advise and wisdom brought great encouragement to the prince and began to see Arthur become impeccable in his behaviour. It was this manservant that changed the future of Camelot,for the better. And...'

The explanation went on about the relationship of the two boys - but not the furthered partnership. It more explained about their friendship,and how Arthur had changed due to Merlin.

"Thank you for putting a kind word of me,Geoffrey." Merlin said as he read further into the book. He hadn't realized that an hour had passed since reading the first page,as he was too engrossed in the information. Some of the information of Arthur's life,Merlin didn't know,and he now had new-found knowledge on his fiance.

Merlin had managed to read half of the book already,and this book was quite big. The bit he was currently reading went on to explain the unfortunate passing of Uther and the coronation of Arthur:

'...for the late King Uther had experienced - and suffered - the effects of cardiac arrest,as pronounced by Gaius; the faithful court physician of the King..'

There was a page of gratitude for Gaius,and a small background of him. It then went onto Arthur's coronation.

'...and as Arthur took to the throne,a great cheer was given by his new kingdom. Arthur became the justified and gracious King of Camelot,furthermore and to the present. And with his new power,Arthur gave the most memorable address to his kingdom; the lifting of the ban of magic,with his companion by his side [Merlin] to see forth that there is a credible side of magic that was neither evil,nor distressing. Camelot was given freedom of magic - and for this,Arthur Pendragon was most known for.'

Merlin couldn't stop smiling as he read the day of the coronation,for Geoffrey wrote it beautifully and accurately. There was no shame in the writing as Geoffrey wrote of the love between the King and Merlin,and how the five years between them had proved beneficial for Camelot:

'Grand was their love for each other; the manservant and his prince,developing to the fresh start of true companion and his King,and the new turn for Camelot. No evil invaded the kingdom,for the power of sorcery and humble partnership of the two historic males over-ruled,setting forth the happiness that remains in the kingdom furthermore..'

The book went on about the years of Arthur's reign,and the two relationship of the males. Though little was written of their relationship,the impact of it was clear. Merlin managed to nearly finish the book when he heard the floorboards creak next to him,making him look up quickly to meet the face of Arthur's. Merlin shut the book,just as he read about the time when Arthur proposed to him.

"I went over to Gaius to find you,and he told me I would see you here." Arthur explained for his arrival."He also says for you to get a move on." He added,looking over at the bundle of books,before back at Merlin again.

Merlin smiled sheepishly and stood up,placing the book he was reading to the side. As he did so,he noticed something sticking out of the spine of the book; a note. He looked over at Arthur,who was busy lifting up the cloth off the bundle and examining the stacked books. Merlin pulled out the note and turned away to read it quickly:


I knew Gaius would send you to retrieve the books,so I knew you would find this note. I left the book purposely in sight for you to read. I hope you found it to a good standard,and gave you an accurate insight into Arthur.

This book is for you to keep,as I reassure myself that you will keep it safe.

Give my best wishes to Gaius and good health,and that I hope the books I issue him with will prove useful.

And good luck to you and Arthur; for the future and the history of sorcery.

Thank you,


"Merlin,do you still wish to marry me?" Arthur's voice broke through the warlock's thoughts. Merlin scrunched up the note and placed it in the pocket of his jacket,before looking over at Arthur.

"..What?" Merlin asked. He had heard the question perfectly,but he couldn't believe the context of it.

Arthur sighed and placed his hand on Merlin's shoulder lightly,his expression serious as he repeated the question."Do you still wish to marry me?"

"Of course I do!" Merlin retorted."Why would you ask that?"

"You know why,Merlin." Arthur replied,then decided to explain when Merlin said nothing in return."I don't want people to turn their backs on you when you wander the village." He said,his hand travelling down to Merlin's left hand where he took ahold of it."And if that means-"

"No." Merlin said strongly,cutting off Arthur's word."No,Arthur. Don't say that." He said,shaking his head."We've come too far for a couple of comments to stop us now. I was worried before,but I couldn't care less what people think. Those who disapprove; we just have to ignore." He explained,his free hand closing around Arthur's that was holding his left hand.

"Look." Merlin said,bringing forward the book that Geoffrey wrote,opening it up near the end."This isn't complete yet." He mentioned,pointing to the last page that was mentioning the preparation for the marriage."Do you want to make it a happy ending?" He asked,looking back up at Arthur in all seriousness.

Arthur looked down at the page,taking in some of the words that were written,before looking back up at Merlin once the question was asked. There was no hesitation in his answer."Of course I do." He answered.

And he did. He wanted the knot to be tied.

He wanted there to be no complications during the marriage,but the comments were unavoidable,and he could do nothing but warn those who disapproved. Arthur had his mind set on marrying Merlin,and this Pendragon would never leave a mission incomplete. Complications or not,Arthur wanted to end the day with the official ring on the warlock's finger.

"Then,let's make it happen." Merlin spoke as he closed the book."Alright?" He added as he looked back at the blonde.

"Yes." Arthur said as he placed his arms around Merlin's waist,drawing him closer to him as he smiled."Let's." He simply said,before kissing Merlin on the lips gently.

Merlin smiled back before adding pressure to the kiss,closing his eyes as he did so. Even though they had kissed many times,Merlin still felt the thrill of it deep in his stomach where the butterflies roamed.

The even better thing about this kiss was the fact that Arthur rid of the hair on his chin,and he was back to his fresh-face that didn't tickle Merlin's skin.

Merlin had to break the kiss once he felt Arthur's hands roam a little too far down his back,resting on his rear. He pulled back and laughed nervously."This isn't exactly a good place to get to know each other more,Arthur." He indicated,as he felt uncomfortable in a place where a man had recently passed away. It wasn't exactly romantic,to say the least."Maybe we should wait until after the marriage." He suggested.

Arthur grinned lightly,before picking up the bundle of books,saying nothing as he proceeded out of the quarters. Merlin picked up the book Geoffrey wrote,before following his fiance.

It was of no surprise that Gaius scolded Merlin for being absent for over an hour.

The ceremony had arrived,and Merlin was back in Gwen's quarters,getting changed into his new,royal attire that he would be wearing. The warlock's heart was thudding viciously against his chest as he pulled on the now-finished jacket that Gwen had beautifully made,with an aesthetically pleasing design and finely crafted silver buttons that her father had made specifically for Merlin.

The jacket was a sky blue that complimented Merlin's eyes and the engagement ring he wore. There was a black shirt underneath,but the jacket - buttoned up - would cover that. His breeches were black also,and the boots he wore with silver buckles.

"No neckerchief,I'm afraid." Gwen commented as she brushed down Merlin's jacket,laughing softly as she said the comment.

Merlin pretended to be sad about that,and - as Gwen would go - the seamstress took it seriously."But,Merlin,it wouldn't go with the outfit." Gwen said.

"I know,Gwen." Merlin replied."And I would not want to spoil the lovely outfit you tailored for me." He complimented,causing Gwen to smile out of embarrassment.

"I bet you're nervous." Gwen said as she fixed Merlin's hair which had grown a little longer,yet was perfectly trimmed especially."Getting married to the King,and becoming a King yourself. All those responsibilities,and dedication for quite a long time. And then making sure that Camelot is running smoothly,and-"

"Yes,Gwen. Thank you." Merlin said - as if he wasn't already nervous enough as it was. The poor girl hadn't realized that she racked Merlin's nervousness further,and she fumbled around for an apology."It's alright." Merlin laughed,walking over to the long mirror and looking at himself. He stared back at himself and thought it weird to see the day when he would be wearing royal attire,and not the regular manservant clothes that he came to adjust to and - forgivably - love.

"You look so handsome,Merlin." A voice from the door said,and Merlin could see in the mirror that it belonged to his mother. He hadn't expected her to arrive yet,so it was quite a surprise. Still,he made his way over to her and gave her a hug,which was returned with a peck on his cheek."You've done such a good job on his outfit,Gwen." She commented,looking Merlin up and down to see to the outfit.

"Thank you,Hunith." Gwen replied,smiling. She had gotten many compliments today,and she couldn't have wished for more happiness. She would get compliments from princesses,ladies and lords from other kingdoms,but there was nothing other than getting compliments from close friends.

Hunith then took her sons hands in hers and looked him in the eyes.

"Are you ready?" She asked,having seen the throne room already set up and the priest waiting on the dais patiently.

There were many royals,guests,knights and friends in the throne room that Hunith began to think that Arthur had invited everyone."I think everyone else is ready,Merlin." She added,though she didn't want to frighten her son. Hunith was the one to bring Merlin towards the dais,since she was the only family that the warlock had,and it was only customary for the parent of the engaged to guide their child to the commitment.

"I think so." Merlin replied,checking his attire once more before nodding. He had taken off his engagement ring and given it to Gwen for after the marriage,as a new one would be put in place; the official eternal ring.

"I want to give you something,Merlin." Hunith said as she released her sons hands to retrieve the item from her dress pocket. Hunith was wearing a pretty dress that Gwen made for her a while back,and today seemed the right occasion to wear it.

The item she retrieved was a brooch in the shape of a half-moon,and she took her sons hand again,placing the brooch on his palm."Your father gave me this when we were young in love. He told me that the moon is the light in the darkness,and so long as I had this - one day,something good will happen. And it has,and I want you to have it." She explained.

"Mum,I-" Merlin tried to object but his mother shook her head.

"Thank you." He finally said and Gwen fixed the brooch onto his jacket. He then followed alongside his mother towards the throne room,where two guards were waiting outside. They looked at Merlin and bowed,before allowing access to the doors.

Merlin breathed in deeply as he stared at the doors in front of him. They were only a push away to his future as ruling King in second - and the final act of companionship with Arthur Pendragon. These thoughts made his heart hammer more and he closed his eyes to calm his nerves.

He now knew how Arthur felt on his coronation as he pushed open the doors,revealing the great crowd of people all stood in perfect lines,leaving a runway for Merlin to walk down. Hunith smiled over at her son as she spotted Arthur at the dais,his back to them but he could tell Merlin had arrived for the priest smiled over his shoulder.

The guests for the marriage all turned their heads to look over at Merlin and Hunith - some smiling,and some bowing their heads in respect for their King in second. Hunith had her arm around Merlin's left one and - after Merlin acknowledged everyone - began to walk with her son down the runway,towards the man who had stolen her son's heart.

"Good luck." Hunith whispered once they arrived at the dais,her arm unwinding from her son's as she retreated to the side,standing besides Gaius who was sitting down.

Merlin took another deep breath as he stood besides Arthur,who had looked up by now. Merlin looked over at him and noticed that Gwen had made both their outfits matching,save for the fact that Arthur's jacket was a deepset red and he wore the same colour cape that had a silver clasp at the front. He wore his crown,evidencing Merlin on who,exactly,he was marrying. This made him more nervous.

"You look incredible,Merlin." Arthur whispered as they both sat down on their knees in front of the priest,who was ready to begin the ceremony.

"So do you." Merlin whispered back,smiling softly afterwards as Arthur nodded up at the priest.

The priest nodded back and looked back up at the quests,clearing his throat as he began:

"We gather here today to witness the marriage of Arthur and Merlin." The priest began,his hands clasped infront of him as he proceeded to tell the customary speech."Who gives this man to be married to this man?" He asked,and Hunith stepped forward.

"His Mother." Hunith announced,before taking Merlin's hand and placing it over Arthur's,squeezing both their hands lightly together and smiling. She then looked up at the priest before moving back besides Gaius.

"Thank you." The priest said,before continuing,"We are privileged to witness the joyous love of a new era - an era that will be nurtured through the devotion of two separate individuals growing together through the common bonds of love. May their marriage bring them the peace,joy,comfort and serenity that is known in the hearts of us all."

Arthur looked over at Merlin again,squeezing his hand gently as the warlock looked back at him.

"And may Arthur and Merlin both find happiness in each season of their marriage - just as we would for each new season of the year. For all seasons bring with them their special moments and memories,as will both these individuals experience for the future of their matrimony. An essential requirement of a good marriage is a strong bond of friendship and trust,which these two have proven to one another for the years they have been together."

"Arthur and Merlin,your love for each other will grow deeper with every passing day,but you must remember that it stands on foundations of true affection and respect for one another. To truly love another person is to be willing to accept both their strong points,and their weak points,with equal understanding and respect."

Merlin took in the words of the priest,and he agreed with everything. Yet,he needn't put his devotion into the requirements,as he knew that they both had already followed it for the five years they were together.

They each knew their strong and weak points,and knew one another like nobody else could. There was always a strong bond between the two boys from the beginning,and nobody could quite understand how they operated when together because they seemed so casual - so comfortable - with one another.

The priest then extended his hands,placing his right hand on Arthur's head,and his left hand on Merlin's head as he spoke his next words."Arthur," He began,and the blonde looked up at the priest."Do you take Merlin to be your husband,your partner in life and your one true love? Do you cherish his friendship and love him today,tomorrow and forever? Do you trust and honour him,laugh with him and cry with him? Do you promise to be faithful through good times and bad,in sickness and in health,as long as you both shall live?" He asked.

Arthur trailed his eyes over to Merlin again,smiling softly as he replied: "I do."

'Merlin..' A voice spoke,but nobody seemed to take notice of it. Merlin was the only one who could hear it; the voice spoke inside his mind. He tried to concentrate on Arthur,but the voice spoke again.'Young warlock..'

Merlin hadn't realized the priest was now looking down at him and speaking the same words,"...tomorrow and forever? Do you trust and honour him,laugh with him and cry with him? Do you promise to be faithful through good times and bad,in sickness and in health,as long as you both shall live?"

'Meer-lin..' The voice whispered inside Merlin's mind again. The silence must have grown strong in reality as the guests behind them started to whisper amongst each other,wondering why Merlin wasn't responding.

Arthur squeezed his hand to get his attention,which seemed to work as Merlin looked over at him quickly,then back up at the priest. "I do." He replied to the questions,strongly. The guests behind them stopped whispering,and the silence grew again.

"The rings,please." The priest instructed and Morgana - who was waiting at the end of the room - walked forward with a cushion set on her open palms,with two golden rings nestled in the middle. Morgana made it to the priest and presented him with the rings."Thank you,my Lady." He said as he took the rings and gave them to Arthur and Merlin.

Morgana curtsied and stood besides Hunith.

"Before the rings are exchanged." The priest spoke,"Are there any objections as to why these two should not be married?" He asked.


That's what Arthur wanted to hear. He didn't want any objections,or disruptions - and everyone seemed to be complying to that. The silence lasted a few minutes.

"The vows will now be exchanged." The priest explained when nobody objected. The two males looked over at each other,the rings held in their free hands."Arthur." The priest nodded at the blonde,who smiled lightly back before facing Merlin again.

Arthur took Merlin's left hand,holding it up half-way as he took the ring to place on his finger."Merlin,I have spoken of my love for you at the time of my proposal,but there is many other things I wish to say." He began as he stared at the warlock.

"We've come a long way since we first met,and I regret nothing. I have enjoyed your company throughout the years and would not have become the King I have become today if you were not by my side,advising me and giving me confidence that I can better Camelot. We have been through everything together,risking each others lives for one another and going against any self-respecting rule that my father had put forth." He grinned at this,and so did Merlin."But,it was all worth it to get to where we are now. I could not have wished for anybody better to rule besides me,Merlin." He concluded as he slid the ring on Merlin's finger.

If Merlin's stomach wasn't already full of butterflies,it was now as he felt the ring on his finger. The official ring that finalized everything. It was now his turn to say his vows.

Merlin did the same process of taking Arthur's left hand and getting ready to put the ring on his finger. 'Merlin..' The voice in his mind began again,and he mentally told it to go away. 'How rude..' The voice said,before going quiet.

"Arthur,I too, have enjoyed your company,no matter the times we have disagreed in the past." Merlin began.

"It feels surreal that I was once your manservant,and now I am to rule besides you in your reign. But,I too,regret nothing. I promise to stay besides you,through the good and bad times that may arrive in the future,as I have done previously. You gave me a reason to keep on fighting to fulfill the destiny I was given,and that only increased my love for you - you gave me a reason to face each day that dawned with happiness." Merlin smiled after he said that."I too,could not have wished for anybody better,Arthur." He concluded as he slid the ring on Arthur's finger in return.

"Then,with the witness of everyone,I now pronounce you husband and husband." The priest announced once the two boys were done with their vows."You may now kiss." He added.

Arthur stared at Merlin,as Merlin did back,before he leaned forward and pressed his lips against the warlock's. As he did this,everyone in the room errupted into a cheer.

'Merlin..' The voice returned,and the warlock now recognized the voice.

It was the dragon.

The cheer had now died down as Arthur broke the kiss,smiling at Merlin for a few moments,before he stood up to step up onto the dais. Merlin remained on his knees as the priest was replaced by the blonde.

No sooner was the marriage over,was it the beginning of the coronation for the King in second.

Merlin remained on his knees as he faced Arthur,ignoring the dragon's voice inside his mind. Did he not know that this was an important time? The dragon soon stopped talking as the guests fell silent again and Tom the blacksmith made his way over to Arthur with the crown he produced for Merlin. It was the same design as Arthur's,except this one was made from silver.

"Thank you,Tom." Arthur said as he took the crown from him. Tom bowed and joined sides with his daughter,who was trying her hardest not to shed tears,alongside Morgana who was smiling graciously.

Arthur breathed in deeply as he held the crown above Merlin's head. Everything had run smoothly up to now,with no disturbances from those who disapproved of their marriage. He just hoped it would continue as he wanted to finalize who he would be ruling besides,and nobody would be able to disagree then.

Merlin looked up at him as Arthur began the coronation.

"Merlin," The King began,looking down at his husband with a jovial glint in his eyes."I have chosen you to be the one who I rule besides during my reign,for there is no other that I share this love." He explained,and he could hear Morgana let out a sound of approval through her tears."Will you do me the honour of ruling besides me; to better Camelot,and to protect the kingdom you will be ruling. To be loyal and kind-hearted,and to aid me through every possible situation?" He asked.

Merlin nodded twice before replying: "I will." Loud and clear.

"Then you accept the responsibility of King in second?" Arthur asked,even though he wanted to hurry the coronation up,but he knew it was only customary and he had to ask the questions.

"Yes." Merlin replied.

That was all that needed to be asked as Arthur lowered the crown on Merlin's head,placing it gently and with care as he concluded the coronation with the words that Morgana used: "Then,rise,King Merlin." And Merlin did,his hand taken by Arthur's as they moved to seat themselves on their thrones.

Morgana let the tears flow as she began to clap,encouraging everyone in the room to join in. The clapping soon turned to cheering,'All Hail King Merlin!' and the throne room was errupted into noise. It was like Arthur's coronation all over again,and the blonde simply smiled over at Merlin.

On the other hand,Merlin couldn't stop himself from grinning as the praise continued on. No other feeling could out-shine the one he was experiencing right now as his name was cheered. Everthing was finalized; his destiny had been fulfilled,and he had gotten what he wanted.

The dragon was right about the future all those years ago - and if it wasn't for the beasts advice,Merlin would not have gone on with his destiny,and would most probably have escaped Camelot by now.

As his thoughts turned to the dragon,he remembered how the creature had been whispering to him during the marriage and the coronation. Merlin turned to look at Arthur."Arthur,can we go outside,into the village?" He asked,the cheers nearly drowning out his voice as he spoke.

Arthur nodded and stood up,his free hand motioning for everyone to quieten down. Merlin stood up after him,their hands still entwined as they faced everyone. The guests quietened down quickly and waited for their King to speak."The procession will carry on in the village." He announced,before looking over at Merlin.

Merlin smiled at the blonde before being led out of the throne room by him,followed by the other royals and then the rest of the party that were invited. A few comments were exchanged as they followed the two Kings,wondering why it would continue in the village,rather than the balcony as it had done with Arthur's coronation.

The journey was only short and the two boys were met with hundreds of villagers surrounding the castle; it was the scene of five years ago,yet they were facing the crowd,rather than addressing them.

The praise began again as the two King's walked to the main centre of the courtyard,where they stepped up onto the platform that had been used for executions all those years ago. Arthur had only issued two executions during his reign,for those were the reason of treason and the damned deserved the consequences - Merlin wasn't too fond of executions,but he had reason to believe the two were guilty. No further executions had been made,and Arthur planned to keep it that way.

As they stepped up onto the platform,there were a few confused expressions amongst the crowds,alongside a few grave ones. Arthur recognized those to be the ones who disapproved of the marriage,and it took all his will not to shout at them as he stared at them.

The grave faces stared back weakly,before looking away under the intense stare their King was giving them. But,the blonde's stare was broken as a strong wind rushed past the courtyard. He looked over at Merlin and saw him staring up at the sky. The villagers were now,also,staring up at the sky as around four forms had blocked out the sunlight and were heading straight for the courtyard.

The knights that were on the guidelines moved forward quickly,and Arthur was about to withdraw his sword when Merlin grasped his hand,stopping him from doing so."Merlin - do you know what they are?" Arthur asked,watching as the forms drew nearer,the sun not yet on their side so they could be seen.

"It's the dragon." Merlin replied,and Arthur could now see the grand dragon alongside another dragon,and two younger dragons.

Arthur dismissed the knights."Make way for him." He called out to the villagers as the dragon made to touch down. The villagers quickly moved out of the way and created a clear space for the dragons to land.

The dragons flew down onto the clearing,before making into a walk as they stretched their wings after the flight. The dragon that had advised Merlin looked over at the warlock and smiled greatly."Ah,young warlock." He spoke,his voice booming through the villager's bodies."It seems I was late for your coronation - what a shame." He added,making his way towards the platform,followed by the two younger dragons that lingered around his claws.

The dragon was now stood in front of the platform,and he bowed his head towards Arthur."It's nice seeing you again,your Majesty." He greeted.

"Likewise." Arthur spoke,nodding his head back. He then looked down at the younger dragons,and the great beast noticed.

"Do not be so rude,little ones." The dragon said to the two dragons,his head bowing down to push them lightly forward."This man granted me my freedom. Greet him." He instructed,and the two dragons looked up at the blonde.

The other dragon - who remained at the clearing - looked over at Merlin,and the warlock smiled at it. The dragon was a lighter colour,and had bright orange eyes that stood out from it's body. The dragon smiled back at Merlin softly."Hello." Merlin said in his mind,directed at the orange-eyed dragon.

"You must be Merlin." The dragon replied,and Merlin was shocked to hear that it was a female voice. It was a she-dragon."He talked about you alot." She added.

"Oh,so he can talk without riddles?" Merlin replied,laughing mentally. The she-dragon laughed back.

Merlin paid his attention back to the great dragon and Arthur,and was amused to see the younger dragons playing with the blonde.

One of them was sat on his head,whilst the other had curled itself around his feet. The villagers were trying their hardest not to laugh,but there was a few chuckles here and there."I didn't know there were other dragons." Merlin commented as the one on Arthur's head flew over to him. The warlock extended his arm,and the dragon clutched onto it,climbing up Merlin's arm and sitting on his shoulder.

"There are many dragons,yet they remain hidden." The great dragon explained as he beckoned for the she-dragon to come forward."I met my companion a few months after I was freed from my shackles. I have since settled down with her,and I now have these two offspring." He explained,chuckling as the dragon around Arthur's feet flew up into the blonde's arms.

"Have you enough priorities for these young ones?" Arthur asked as he held the young dragon in his arms,his hand reaching up to stroke the creature's head. The creature pushed against Arthur's hand,and settled down in his arms.

"We have been on the move." The she-dragon said,her wings lowering slightly."It's been difficult to find appropriate surroundings. There are still many who hunt dragons." She explained.

Arthur looked down at the dragon in his arms,before looking over at Merlin who was currently having trouble with the other young one,with it's claws getting tangled in his hair as it tried to rest on his head. Merlin eventually managed to free the dragon and also held it in his arms,trying to settle it.

Arthur looked back up at the she-dragon."There are caves West of here,which are still on the borders of my kingdom,Camelot. They haven't been disturbed for over five years,but they have recently been recovered and made appropriate - Lady Morgana has decorated the place with flowers,and a few of my councilors have been useful enough to restore the ruins on the other side of the cave." Arthur explained,looking down at the dragon in his arms again.

"If it is of any help,you are welcome to live in those caves for however long you wish. None shall disturb you,but I will have some of the maidservants deliver you food every month." He offered,looking back up at the great dragon.

"It is too much to ask." The great dragon responded,shaking his head.

"Nonsense." Arthur replied,"You are a friend of Merlin's,and I am willing to support your family since you have caused no trouble." He explained.

The young dragon Merlin held had now flown back to it's mother,resting on the great of her back and waiting for it's sibling to join it. The dragon in Arthur's arms looked up at the blonde briefly,before flying to join it's sibling.

The dragon seemed to be thinking of the offer as he looked over at his family,the she-dragon looking back with a small smile. The dragon then looked back at Arthur and nodded."Thank you,sire." He replied,accepting the offer.

"I hope it will suit you." Arthur said,and the she-dragon lent forward and pressed her nose against Arthur's cheek.

"It is more than enough." The she-dragon responded,drawing back and smiling. Her companion bowed his head and asked for a pardon in going to see the caves. Arthur allowed him and soon,the family of dragons had flown back into the sky and towards West,guided by a few knights on horseback.

"Your Majesty." A small voice said from besides the blonde,near the platform edge.

Arthur looked at the source and saw one of those who disapproved; he thinned his lips,but he decided to listen to what the brute had to say.

"..We-" The male said,indicating the group of people around him,who all nodded."- would like to apologize." He began."For our comments that may have offended towards the marriage. We were vain in our opinions,and we were only briefed on the attitude of our Majesty. We were quick to judge,and we apologize for disapproving of the marriage. We now see the positive side of the marriage,and we hope you forgive our rudeness." He explained quickly,stepping back slightly when Arthur moved forward.

Merlin feared the worse and placed a hand on Arthur's shoulder,wanting no violence to avail. Yet,the blonde did no such thing.

"Apology accepted." Arthur spoke,but gave no handshake. Merlin was alright with that,and it seemed the group below did as well as they breathed a sigh of relief."But,that doesn't mean to say that unruly comments will always be forgiven." Arthur spoke up,addressing everyone again.

'Still the ever fierce Arthur.' Merlin thought as Arthur gave his warning comment,before excusing everyone as he looked over at the warlock and they both made their way back inside the castle.

Merlin took off his crown as he entered the chambers which they both lived in. He didn't know how Arthur put up with wearing the heavy crown all day. He placed his crown on the table and went over to the bed,standing in front of it before collapsing on his back onto it.

"Still lazy as always." Arthur commented as he entered the chambers a short while after,taking off his own crown,placing it besides Merlin's and brushing back his hair with his hand. He then closed the door,wishing not to be disturbed for the day was already dawning on him,before making his way towards the bed and sitting down next to the warlock."If you were still my manservant,I would have you scrubbing every floor in the castle by now." He explained.

"You wouldn't be that mean." Merlin responded."..Well,maybe." He added as Arthur raised an eyebrow at him.

Merlin sat up after a while,looking over at Arthur."You know,that was a nice thing you did for the dragon." He commented,his hand closing over Arthur's.

Arthur took Merlin's hand before saying,"I try everyday to become a better King than my father was." He explained,looking up at the other male."And if that means going against his rules,then so be it. His rules are long-gone now,but I still try to improve my kingdom by learning from his mistakes."

"You do know that you're still a royal prat,no matter what?" Merlin mentioned,grinning.

"And you my idiotic manservant?" Arthur asked back,smiling wide.

"No doubt." Merlin replied,and Arthur nodded."But,only we know that."

Arthur chuckled before he squeezed Merlin's hand and lent forward to ghost his lips across the warlock's cheek,waiting for the right message. It came in response when Merlin turned his face and pressed his lips against Arthur's strongly - a certain message as the blonde reached forward to unbutton Merlin's jacket carefully,as not to harm the tailoring that was made especially for today. The buttons were easily undone and Arthur shed Merlin's jacket as they continued to kiss,the blonde's hands moving to trail up the warlock's waist gently and shed the black shirt that was underneath. They had to break the kiss for this,and for this,Merlin moved to lie in the middle of the bed,his head resting on the pillows as Arthur also moved to rest between the warlock's legs.

It was as though de ja vu was upon them,drawing back to the first time they held one another,as they stared back into each other's eyes. Arthur staring into the eyes of the manservant who he once thought useless; and Merlin staring up into the eyes of the prince who he once thought a prat.

Though,their bodies were used to one another by now and they shared both passion and willingness as the day drawn to an end. Wise were those who daren't disturb the Kings in their intimate finalization of the events of today.

And although the previous hand of which wrote in the book of Arthur Pendragon had passed,a new paragraph was added in conclusion of the tying of the knot; and the book grew in words as the future progressed in Camelot;

'Forth the marriage of Arthur and Merlin in the months after the fifth year of the lifting of the ban on magic in Camelot. Concluding,for which most were certain,that Arthur truly was the greatest King of Camelot - for he paid more to the needs of others,than to which himself.

And forth came the two Kings of Camelot; the Pendragon reign which may have ended with Arthur,but not in the minds of those who took great respect in the two historical Kings. For a prince and his manservant were to be known generously for their bestowing of the light in the darkness.'

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