Chapter Twelve- That Dude With a Bucket on His Head

"What are you two dudes crying about?" Curtis said, finding Lenore bawling her eyes out and Ragamuffin blowing his nose.

"You'd be sad to if you saw what we saw," Ragamuffin replied. Lenore nodded and smiled a very small smile. Curtis sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Well, whatevs. I'm already on page three hundred and nine of Nick and Dave," Curtis replied. "Oh, and by the way, Rukia gets stabbed by a trident or something like that."

"What are you talking about?" Lenore asked, her face brighter and happier looking then usual.

"Like, the best anime ever, and a silly webcomic."

"Curtis?" Ragamuffin asked. "Can you come here, please?" Curtis walked up to his dad. Ragamuffin held the dead boy in the hardest embrace he had ever given anyone. Curtis sighed. Lenore began to smile. Something about Ragamuffin had changed during the course of this road trip. Lenore just couldn't put her finger on it.

Pooty Applewater was at the comic con. He didn't know why, except for the fact that there were a bunch of hot girls. And two of them were talking to him.

"Ew," the blonde girl with the vodka bottle began. "Dude, why'd you put a bucket on your head? That's seriously innappropriate." The other girl, a dark haired girl with short curls and candy corn horns nodded.

"Seriously, take off the bucket. There are children here," she said. Pooty sighed. He couldn't take off his bucket. He was hideous under there. "And why are you so small?"

"He's so adorable!" a boy with long black hair interjected. "You are so cute! SO CUTE! JUST LIKE A PONY!"

"Gary, stop it!" the dark haired girl replied. "Seriously, I have never met a bigger brony." Pooty didn't like these three people. He didn't like vodka girl, kitty candy corn horns, or the pony boy. He sighed. His phone rang.

"Hello, Pooty Applewater speaking," Pooty said.

"POOTY, WE'RE COMING OVER!" Ragamuffin yelled into his phone. "LIKE, IN FIVE MINUTES." Pooty hung up and ran out of the comic con. He ran straight home, with the fear of pony boy in him.

Ragamuffin waited. And waited. Curtis was busy playing a video game on his laptop. The two were sitting on Pooty's couch, waiting for Lenore to come out.

"Do you think this is a good idea?" Ragamuffin asked. "What if something goes wrong, or something?"

"Old man," Curtis began. "Stop thinking negatively, okay? She'll be fine. I promise you that."

Lenore walked into the room at that precise moment.

Ragamuffin looked at her and smiled. She looked taller, her hair was a bit longer.

"It worked, I told you to trust someone with a bucket on his head!" Pooty said, coming out. Lenore smiled. She ran up to Ragamuffin and kissed him.

"At long last," Ragamuffin whispered. "At long last."

"And then they lived happily ever after," Roxy told her best friend, Nettie.

"Really?" Nettie said, raising an eyebrow. "Really?"

"You know, not all of life is sadness and sorrow, Netts." Nettie smiled.


Author's Note:

Thanks to all my reviewers. You have no idea how much I appreciate them. THANKS TO YOU! This couldn't have been possible without you.