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"What have you done, young one?"

The voice she knew better than her own called to her, seeming to come from inside her very soul. There was no hiding from the One who made her. He had known her shame and her sin from the moment she doubted Him. More likely, He had known from the moment He thought her into being.

"Yes, my Ishbel, my most valued Malakh, I have known. Still I must ask you, what have you done?"

The angel humbled herself before her Creator.

"I doubted you, El-Roi. I listened to the Deceiver and allowed him to lead me astray."

She paused, searching her heart.

"I have forsaken you," she admitted. "I forgot my purpose and served the enemy as a result. Forgive me, Eloyim. Please have mercy."

The Creator was pleased.

"Fear not, dear one. As I am, so it shall be. You were made to be my instrument. My plans are not undone. For I have a purpose even in the falling of my stars."

The angel considered his words.

"Will I be cast down, as Lucifer and his agents?" she asked in abject fear.

"No, my Ishbel. You are the first and only of the fallen to seek redemption. For this reason, I shall set you apart until the time comes for you to accomplish all I have set out for you."

"How will I know when it is time?"

"You will know."

"What will you have me do, El-Adonai?"

"The one who deceived you has already begun to spread his lies and his suffering throughout the earth. He has offered mankind a false immortality. Even now, a new race of evil-doers is being born to bring suffering on my children."

Ishbel's heart broke to hear the Lord's words. Her guilt and shame multiplied with the thought that she may have had some part in what Lucifer was unleashing on her Adonai's most precious creations.

"Do not despair, Ishbel. For there is hope yet. Among this new race, one will rise up and choose a different path. His heart will be pure and his compassion will be near to my own. He will be a rare creature, fighting his nature and believing where others will forsake me. He will teach his ways to his children and they will seek to make him proud. From those children will come another, another with the power to set all things right. He will not realize. He will believe he is lost. He will despair. But his heart will secretly seek righteousness and redemption.

"It is for his sake that I set you apart. Through you, my Ishbel, he and the rest of his family will be reconciled to me."

The angel was astounded.

"I do not understand, El-Adonai. I have sinned against you. I am unworthy."

"You are my chosen vessel," He commanded, leaving no room for doubt. "You do not have to understand, precious one. You only have to believe."

"As you are, so it shall be," Ishbel vowed.

She submitted herself to her Creator's will and with one final message of encouragement from Him, she fell into darkness.

"Be strong and love others as I have loved you. When you feel forsaken, listen for my voice. I will be there."

The words echoed in her heart, even as all else fell away.


Some vocabulary that might be helpful:

El-Roi: The God who Sees

Malakh: Angel

El-Eloyim: The God Most High

El-Adonai: Father God, or God the Father

Ishbel: an older Hebrew variant of Isabella.

(I apologize if they are not the exact right translations, or proper uses of the words. For now, let's just go with it.)

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