Chapter 2

Before I knew what was happening, Ren jumped off me, pulling me up to a standing position. Could it be, that I had gotten through to him, and that he decided to change his mind? No, it couldn't have been that easy. Ren would need more than that to convince him that he shouldn't kill me.

Ren pulled me close to him, my heart thumping wildly in my chest. He brought his mouth close to mine and opened it. I prayed that he was going to kiss me, as bad as that sounds, and forget about all this nonsense.

"Game. Over." He breathed annunciating each word, as he flung me across the room, my head crashing into the wall. Little stars were popping into my vision, but I knew that I couldn't quit. If only I could change forms, I'd be so much better and have more of a fighting chance.

He waltzed back over to me and flung me over his shoulder, only to throw me onto the beautiful mahogany dresser—smashing it into pieces.

Owe, that hurt! I wouldn't be surprised, if I had splinters after that. "Ren, please. I'm begging you to stop."

"And what will you give me in return, if I do decide to stop?" He asked, throwing me into the other dresser.

"I can give you your freedom." I told him, struggling to catch my breath and to keep conscious. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. If only Adne would come back and help.

"That, my dear Callalilly, is not yours to give." He seared, as he picked me up and held me over his shoulder, getting ready to throw me again.

"But it could be." I whispered. "Please, Ren." I begged. I couldn't handle being thrown into anything else.

"Let her go." I heard a voice calling from somewhere close by.

"My my my, who is this beauty?" Ren hissed, as he slammed me against the wall, causing me to black out for a brief moment.

"Calla!" the voice cried, as she rushed towards me.

"And what would a searcher want with Lilly?" Ren asked, shoving Adne back.

"She's my friend." Adne spat in his face.

Friend? After what she said earlier, I assumed that she hated my guts. Guess she changed her mind; hopefully she did change her mind, because I couldn't stand the thought of Adne hating me—even if she was sweet on Shay.

"A searcher and a guardian, friends with each other? This is not possible." Ren mused, taking a step closer to Adne, forcing her to retreat out into the hall. Ren slammed the door in Adne's face and turned to face me.

Now I was angry. Nobody had the right to speak to Adne that way, especially when it was Adne's brother. "Nobody talks to Adne like that." I fumed, jumping in the air while shifting forms.

"I thought I told you not to change forms?" Ren hissed, as I lunged at him. I hadn't realized that Adne had opened the door again and was watching me attacking her brother.

"Calla, no!" she shouted, as I pounced on Ren, forcing him to the ground.

My head snapped up, as she said that. "Calla, remember why we are here? You can't kill him, please." She begged.

"And why should my life be important to you, searcher?" Ren inquired, tilting his head back so that he could get a better look at her.

"My. Name. Is. Adne. And because—" I barked at her, willing her to stop talking. Who knew how Ren would react to hearing that a searcher was his sister.

"Calla, he's going to find out sooner or later, we might as well tell him."

I was hoping that I would be me who would tell Ren that Adne was his sister, and I was hoping it would be within better circumstances.

"Tell me what?" Ren asked, struggling to push me off him.

"You're my brother, Ren." Adne whispered, lowering her eyes.

Ren let out a laugh that sounded more like a bark. "You, my sister? I'm an only child. Stop making up stories or I will have to kill Calla here." He said, somehow managing to shove me off and get to a standing position away from me.

"You will not harm Call any more than you already have." Adne told him bravely.

"Are you giving me, an alpha, an order? Oh that was stupid." He snarled, pulling out a crossbow which I somehow didn't realize that he had.

He aimed the crossbow at me, releasing the bow in my direction. "Calla!" Adne called, as the arrow pierced my shoulder.

I stumbled; unable to walk any further, and managed to change back to my human form, collapsing to the ground.

Somehow, I couldn't believe that Ren would actually shoot me. Guess I was wrong. "Calla!" Adne sobbed, rushing to my side, wrapping her hands around the arrow as if she was going to try and pull it out right there.

"No, don't!" I gasped. "I'll bleed out."

My head turned to face Ren, who appeared to be in shock, like he couldn't be that he actually shot me, I couldn't either. "Calla." He whispered, as he ran out of the room.

That was strange. I thought, as a wave of pain coursed through my body, making me wince. "Calla," Adne cried. "I have to get you back to the portal."

I shook my head. I wasn't willing to leave without Ren. She would have to knock me out if she wanted to bring me back. "But Ren." I choked.

"Forget about him. It was stupid of me to think that we could do this alone. I'm so sorry, Calla."

No! I wasn't going to leave him here! I needed him with me. He was a part of me, like Shay was also a part of me.

Ignoring the pain in my right side, I struggled to stand up. "Calla! Don't you dare. I'm taking you back to the portal, now! We'll come back another time, bring a couple of more people with us.

She didn't understand. I loved Ren; I just didn't realize how much I loved him, until now. My heart ached for him—I needed to be with him.

"You didn't close the portal when you left?" I asked. "That was stupid, Adne. What if, more wraiths were to sneak in?"

Adne closed her eyes and bowed her head, almost looking like she was praying. "It was a risk I had to take. I heard you screaming, he was killing you, Calla. I couldn't let that happen."

Confusion swept over me. "But I thought you hated me. Sure sounded like you did." I told her, as the pain became too much to bear, forcing me to collapse to the floor.

"Calla," Adne whispered words barely audible. "I was mad, but I could never hate you. I think of you like my sister. Come on." She said, wrapping her arms around me. "Let's get you home." She said, lifting me in her arms as if I was light as a feather; though I knew I wasn't.

Home…that sounded like a wonderful thing. I thought, as we walked back to the portal, praying all the while that everything would be normal when we got back.