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Chapter 5

Discovering Sarah

It was an hour later after Taylor had her conversation with her friend. Now she was driving down the street towards Flo's. Everyone had already had breakfast, and were out doing their own things around town. Doc and Lightning were out at Willie's Bute training for the new season coming up. Jaden was in the clinic finishing up paperwork for the new season of racing for Lightning. Luigi was in his store re-arranging the displays, again. While Guido sat outside near one of the stacks of tires, straightening it after the sign hit it because of the wind, over and over again. Red sat at the edge of town, near the Stanley statue, watering his new flowers he planted. Lizzie sat on her shop's porch, sleeping, while 'Behind the Clouds' by Brad Paisley, was playing on the radio beside her. Ramone and Mater sat in seperate islands at Flo's.

"Hey Mater. Hey Ramone." Taylor said as she rolled into the lot, and parked in her own island.

"Hey, Taylor!" Ramone said cheerfully, looking away from his magazine to look at her. "Why didn't you come out earlier?"

"Oh, I just wanted to go back to sleep for a while." she replied. In the background they could hear Sarge yelling at Fillmore about how Fillmore needs to mow his lawn. Taylor just rolled her eyes.

"Ahhh. Ya know, you got a lot o' guts standin' up to Sarge like that, earlier." Ramone said, as if he were talking to someone who never talked, but all of a sudden talks back to someone bigger in authority.

"Well, I'm always like that." Taylor said as she turned to Mater, who looked sad, as he looked at a photograph. "Hey Mater. What's wrong? You haven't said barely a word to me all day."

"Oh, Ah'm jist a li'l sad right now." he said glumly, looking at her then back to the picture in his tires.

"Why? Who's that?" she asked, eventhough she already knew why he was sad and who was in the picture.

"I'm sad 'cuz mah gurlfriend, Holley, hasn't come back from work yet." Mater replied glumly.

"Mater, I'm sure she'll come back soon. You just have to trust her." Taylor said as she put a comforting tire on his side.

Mater looked back up at her, with tears present in his eyes. "Ya really think tha'? Tha' she is comin' back soon?"

"Mater, I know so! She loves you!"

"You're pro'lly right. I'm jist being silly!" he chuckled.

"Trust me, she's coming sooner than you think..." Taylor said under her breath so that no one could hear her.

"Taylor, how are you now, hun?" Flo asked as she came out of the kitchen.

"I'm good. How are you?"

"Jus' fine! Would ya like somethin'?"

"Sure. How about just a simple oil, please?"

"Comin' right up!" Flo said as she went back into the kitchen.


Sarah P.O.V.

As I drove around, I heard little birds chirping as they flew by. The beautiful mountain air in the forest area was absolutely refreshing. For a little 8 year old like me, everything is better than being locked up in a room with no windows, light, carpet, or furniture, and also being hurt everyday. I escaped from that terrible place that my sister, brother, and I once called home not to long ago. When my father wasn't paying attention, and was drunk out of his mind, I slipped away without him noticing. Taylor had already escaped a week and half ago, and our little brother, Jordan, is still there. I couldn't get him out, because he was unconscious, and too heavy for me drag out quickly. I just hope he's alright.

I passed a beautiful waterfall not to long ago, and also a little run-down hotel, named Wheel Well, not to long before that. When I was up there, I saw a small little town below, and that's hopefully where I am headed now. I'm hoping that there will be population there, so that they can help me get my brother back, and hopefully they've seen Taylor.

I hear a race car's engine, and quickly hide in the trees. I find my self looking over another cliff, not as big as the other one though. I cautiously look over the edge to see a big dirt race track in the middle of the desert, the town not far from it. I found a small path leading down the mountain side towards the track, and start driving towards it.


Back In Town

Third Person P.O.V.

Taylor sat drinking her oil next to Mater, talking about nothing in particular. He most definitely could make someone laugh, wether he was trying to or not. When they finally stopped a long laughing fit, Taylor decided to go find Sally.

"Flo, I don't have any money. Can I pay you back later?"

"Oh, don't worry about it, Taylor. The first is on me. You can pay me back by helping around here if you want, though?"

"Ok. Thanks." she said as she drove out of the cafe, and down the street to the Cozy Cone.

Sally sat in her office, reading one of her many books about law, that she always has lying around. Taylor slowly rolled in and stopped in front of her.

"Hello, Sally." she said.

Sally jumped, and dropped the book. While dropping the book, she also knocked over her lamp, which fell to the floor and shattered, all the light disappeared in the room, aside from the natural light outside. In an instant, both Taylor and Sally looked at each other, wide-eyed, and mouths open. "Taylor." Sally started with a bit of sharpness. "Never sneak up on me like that!" she yelled.

Taylor felt the eyes of passing cars staring at them. "Sal-"

"Never! Look at what happened!" Sally interrupted her. "Go. Go get another lightbulb from Flo. Bring it back here, and then go find some one else to scare. I swear, you're as bad as Mater!" she yelled again, as she picked up her book and lamp off the floor.

"Sorry..." Taylor muttered with tears in her eyes as she left.

Out of the corner of her eye, Sally saw the tears in Taylor's eyes, and instantly felt guilty. "I shouldn't have yelled at her like that. I know she didn't mean to scare me. I'm sorry Taylor." Sally thought, watching her drive down the road. She swept the pieces of lightbulb up off the floor.

What she didn't know, was that Taylor had read her mind.


Willy's Butte

Sarah's P.O.V.

"Ok, kid. Bring it in for a minute." A cobalt blue car said, as the red race car slowed down in front of the blue car.

"Doc,... What do you plan on doing about Chick?" the red car asked. I gasped at his name being said. I shrunk back into the shade of a cacti, so they couldn't see me. I had finally made it close enough to the to cars to hear what they were saying.

"I don't know, Lightnin'. I just hope Taylor can help us." Doc replied as he got two ice cold oils out of an ice chest sitting near by, and handed one to Lightning.

I gasped again. "Lightning? As in Lightning McQueen? And Taylor?" I whispered.

"Has she told you anything about her younger sister? I think her name was... Sarah?" Lightning asked.

At that, I finally broke into excitement, and accidentally hit the cacti. This resulted in thorns being poked into my side. With extreme pain running through me, I yelped in surprise. The other two cars noticed that time, and turned around to look at me.

"What the he-" Doc exclaimed as he spun around to see me spinning around doing donuts. "...-ll?..."

I immediately stopped to look at them. "Oops... Gotta go!" I yelled as I sped away.

"Hey! Wait! Get back here! Don't go over there! You'll run into the-" they both shouted, following me. But it was too late. I had already fallen into the patch of cacti.


"...-cactus patch..." Lightning said as he and Doc looked over the edge at me. I weakly grinned back up at them.

"Lightning, go get Mater. Quickly!" Doc yelled. A cloud of dust forming from where McQueen had left just seconds before the words tumbled out of Doc's mouth.

I am still disapointed with you, 'CARS' fans! There have only been TWO people who have been reviewing! I thank you both very much: XxChEeRgIrLxX and, Rainbow Guppy!

I am soo thrilled to be the first story you have ever reviewed, Rainbow Guppy! Thankyou! I am honored!

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