Title: Shattered

Genre: angst

Pairing: none

Summary: drabble. One night was all it took to shatter his heart.

Screen doors slid opened letting several pairs of feet enter the building before closing after them. The group of three led by a young boy with spiky dark hair and crimson eyes rushed towards the front desk asking which room held their friend. The young woman, who looked between twenties and thirties replied as she pointed to her left. She was given thanks by one of the three, a young woman with light purple hair before the trio headed towards the designated room on the third floor.

The door slid open surprised to see Kai in the room glancing down at the blue-haired boy lying on the bed. The sheets only covered waist down revealing bruises and several cuts on his bare skin. Their eyes redirected to the chair placed on the side of the room that had his clothes, ragged, torn, and a few blood splatters on parts of his clothing. His deck wasn't in sight. Aichi laid on his side with his back facing them and he didn't seem to want to look at them.

Kamui, puzzled and upset, demanded to know what happened to his "big brother". The room had fallen dead silent as if one has lost someone precious.

Kai turned his heel towards the door with his hands in his pockets out of habit, his face showing no expression as usual. Kamui, Misaki, and Shin stepped aside as they let him pass. After exiting the room, he spoke in a stern, cold tone not looking at his teammates.

"He can longer battle with the state he's in."

Aichi curled into a ball, holding his hands and knees to his chest. A whimper escaped from his throat as tears swelled in the corner of his eyes. Tears dripped down his cheeks as he sobbed. The nurse asked his friends to wait in the waiting room. The doctor and nurse wanted to run some tests and wait for the investigator to come and interrogate Aichi in order to capture the one who attacked him.


"Aichi, its for the best…" Shin reassured. "Its so we can capture the criminal soon as possible."

"NO!" the frail boy cried again before his friends left for the waiting room. He didn't want to remember last night ever again.

Everything was taken from him.

Just that one night….

Had shattered his heart.