Robin watched her with less than pleased eyes, watching her as he thought over the latest events that had just taken place. With a shake of his head he stuck to one thing that had bothered him; she didn't deserve all of this pain that the villains had been giving her. Raven's father was enough, being the daughter of the incarnation of all evil, knowing you're the portal to bring him to the world you love… With pursed lips he made a silent oath to himself, eyes still following her. He swore to himself then and there that Slade would never touch her. He knew she would eventually be within the man's grasp but he'd never have her.

Yes, this meant Robin was laying down his claim. He was claiming her as his. Not in a romantic way, no, never. She was a Titan. Titans stick together despite what happens. So many things they have been through; verbally, physically, and basically they go through it always together. They are one. United like a T, as a team. One could say they made the T in team, always devoting themselves to each other and the other's happiness.

And as he watched her start her lap around the track, panting and forcing herself farther and farther to the finish line, he found himself genuinely smiling for the first time in a while. The others had taken the news quite well; giving the pale empath pats on the shoulder and words of encouragement despite the fact she had lied to them. This was why they were a team. Nothing could make them give up on one another.

Even when he had become Slade's apprentice they still refused to fight him despite how much pain they had. Looking back at all the times, Starfire and her sister, Terra as Slade's apprentice, Cyborg's defect to the Titans East, Raven's father and even Beastboy and the Doom Patrol…weren't they exactly what defined a good team?

"Creep alert! Robin's smiling!" Beastboy shouted, waving his arms in Robin's direction.

Robin sent him a half glare, not in the mood to fight with him, and set his eyes on the timer again. Cyborg face-palmed while Starfire gave a small giggle. It was nice to know that the team wasn't too upset over the reappearance of Slade, that they could actually keep calm and have fun. Surprisingly, for the rest of the team, Robin hadn't gone all freaky and obsessive on them over the reappearance of Slade. Perhaps even he knew his limits after all these years of chasing the masked man.

But, despite how early they all woke up due to the commotion between Raven and Robin thanks to Slade, they had decided they would train today after all to let off some steam. Robin would have trained with or without them joining in. Either way someone in the tower would be training. But with sheer luck he had convinced the others to do the same as him. Perhaps it was his overwhelming killing aura that he had unknowingly let off. Or it could have been the fact that he had glared. Anyway, they agreed to train in the end.

To say Robin was sorry would never be the truth in any way, shape or form. If they trained, it was for the better for all of the team. Why should he care if they were upset with him? At least they were going to get better with some training here and there. Plus, they'd gotten rusty lately. All the time it seemed they slacked off to play video games, listen to music, go shopping, and, in some cases – not to name any names – stay in their rooms all day and do who knows what. Even without having to name names, everyone would know the first was clearly labeling Cyborg and Beastboy, the second was him, the third meaning Starfire and the last was obviously Raven. Needless to say he learned many things about his team, good and bad. The bad could be overcome, but who could determine which was good and which was bad? Their desire to not train was a bad in Robin's eyes but good in the other team members' eyes. Sure their skills would start to diminish but they were doing something they loved, were they not?

Sudden movement to Robin's left caught his eye and he stiffened before realizing it was only Cyborg attempting to make obstacles in Raven's way.

Raven immediately leaped to the left, cape flung out behind her, as a hurdle came up out of the ground in front of her. She ignored the others that immediately ascended from the ground, dodging and jumping over them. Eventually that got tiring for her and she used her powers to crumple them to the ground. By the time she made it to the finish line, her eyes were wide, body sweating heavily. Robin hurried over there with a water bottle and towel.

He stopped in front of her and scrutinized her behind his black and white mask. "Good time, but your stamina is low. Remember to keep practicing and build it up. Got it, Rae?" She nodded quickly, not trusting her voice. Her breath came out clipped with her gasps for air. The sweat poured down her face, some finding themselves into her eyes and down her chin. She wiped it off with the sleeve on her arm. Her lips were turned into a small pout. "Good, so who's next? Star?" Robin turned expectantly toward the orange alien.

Starfire flew a foot above the ground and made her way over to Robin. He gestured to the track and she changed course to the starting line. Slowly her feet touched the ground and her hair fell back into place without the air forcing it up. Eyes trained on the quarter mile track, she waited for the signal to start.

Robin and Raven walked back to the others and made their way up to the stand. Standing in front of the machine that controls the course, he yelled down to her: "There's going to be obstacles along the way, Star. I know that Rae had them and I think we should all practice with them. I want to see how well you'll do with things coming at you." Starfire nodded her consent and continued to stare before her, looking at the one fourth mile lap. Robin pressed a small red button and let out his shout of permission to begin.

They all watched the alien make her way through the track and each and every remaining Titan wondered how she could run so fast when it's obvious she flies more often than she walks. Shaking his head to clear it of the thoughts, Robin eyed the timer with a keen eye. She just might break a record based on how fast she was going.

~~~~Teen Titans~~~~

Leaning against the counter for support, Beast Boy sighed happily. "Pizza…" His eyes became round saucers and drool pooled down onto the counter below him. His hands clapped together once and he made a sound in agreement to his statement.

Starfire nodded eagerly. "Yes, we must celebrate with the pizza!" Her voice rang throughout the room, catching the Titans' attention. She was still so excited and energized even after all the running. It was almost scary how she could bounce back after that.

Cyborg waved his arms about happily. "I say we order the five meat special this time."

"I'm a vegetarian, dude! I can't eat that–it'ssoooo not right."

Ignoring the quarreling with practiced ease, Raven pulled out a book from who –knows–where and promptly began to scan its contents. She muttered one word; "Annoying," and left the room, probably heading to her own.

Even with her door shut she could hear the shouts of 'Meat!' and 'Veggie!' She was glad she was not down there hearing it all first hand. Then she would have to seriously consider getting treated for hearing loss. Still standing in the door way, she flipped the page of her book with her magic and let her eyes trail towards the window of her room, where a lone figure stood watching her with one bored eye.

She let out a small gasp and dropped the book, losing her page. "Slade..." She took a hesitant step back but found her back against the door which refused to open. Why wouldn't it open? Weren't these things supposed to be automatic?

"Ah, Raven, how nice it is to…see you." He crossed his hands over his firm chest, his mask against his face almost comfortingly. He took a couple steps forward, the effect being instantaneous. Raven turned around to face the offending door. After shoving and hammering against it a few times, she swiveled back to Slade, eyeing him almost dejectedly.

Her hair hung over her eyes, covering them from his. Her lips became pursed in a tight line, her eyes defiant and angry. Still, a touch of defeat lay there in their contents. Her hands clenched in tight fists, knuckles transitioning to pale white. A black aura leaked from her hands in warning.

"Fine, Slade, let's talk."

"Not very patient, are we?" Raven didn't respond, except for a cool glare sent in his direction. Catching it, he chuckled. "I love your fiery spirit. You'll be so much fun to break."

A pause hung over them while Raven waited for him to say more. "I have a proposition, so you might want to hear me out."


Looking at the criminal who had tortured my friends and I over the last couple years, I could only wonder how he had became so insane. His one eye held my purple orbs intensely, both our minds moving at fast paces. I could only imagine what he was thinking, based on years of experience watching criminals turn crazy because of their mad intentions. But who am I to judge? I am a half demon, with multiple personalities that could take over with even the slightest amount of emotion on my part. Yes, I have no reason to judge these half-crazed villains whom scourge my life.

My arms fold over each other in an impatient pose while our locked eyes disdainfully examine each other. Shaking my head mournfully, I made sure he wasn't going to engage me in battle before letting him see my back. My cloak, barely touching the back of my legs, wrapped about me protectively. Frowning irritably before finally easing it into a small crease, I thought about what I wanted to say to Slade. A lot of the things were along the lines of, "You're crazy," or, "Stay away from me," but a part of me wished for some release, some escape from the Titans.

The Titans have been my friends since the moment we ran those aliens out of Jump City that fateful day. Starfire, princess of Tamaran, was captured by some aliens. As a last hope to escape, she had managed to free herself and come to Earth. The girl had attacked Jump City, but after a lot of explaining and fighting, we came together to rid Jump City of the aliens who were after her. Afterwards Robin admitted that he wanted to be connected to us, in case we ever need each other. Cyborg had handed each of us a communicator that he and Robin had made together.

As expected, I stayed in hopes of finding a way to make up for what I would eventually help the universe succumb to. The event of 'the end of the world' was quite dramatic. My friends fought gallantly and bravely, while I ran in fear in my eight year old body self. Robin found me, helping me gain my memory back. But by the time we reached my father, who Robin was intent on stopping at any cost, I still hadn't agreed to fight against my own creator.

My father released his anger out on them for defying him. They lost as I watched in terror. With the remaining strength I had gained from Robin, I defeated my father with the bold claim of, "You're not my father." I was relieved to be without the burden of him anymore, hanging over my shoulder derisively. It caused me to be happy. Sadly though, every good thing comes to an end eventually. That's something I'll never forever rid of myself: the end.

When everything ends, when everything is gone and no one cares, what else remains? I cannot imagine life without hope. Hope still lives inside me today but I still cannot run from what will happen eventually. My father did come, my father had used me as the portal, and I was still reduced to something barely recognizable compared to what I used to be.

Finally, after my thoughts came to a close and my eyes still scrunched together angrily, I allowed them to open. "Never, Slade," I hissed, the words sounding almost as if they were the worst possible words anyone could say. "Life may never be what I wish it to be, but it is what it is. My friends are who they are; my friends! I will never betray them, for they are what they are called! Robin was forced into the life of your apprentice; Terra was seduced by the promises that no one will fear her again. You cannot lure me over to you with an unfeeling promise that they do not care for me. They could have abandoned me long ago but have not. They have stood by me,"

My thoughts flashed to the day Cyborg and Beastboy accidentally glanced upon Nevermore. They refused to leave me during my fight with Trigon and even fought alongside me. Allowing my thoughts to near another memory, I couldn't help but remember all the times Beastboy smiled at me, refusing to be put down by my hateful comments. He would joke, the jokes unsurprisingly not funny, but the goal was clear: he wanted to see me smile.

Robin was careful around me, treading carefully but making himself clear. He wants to be my friend; he wants to help me when possible. All the Titans around me, even the Titans East were there for me when I needed help.

"You're wrong, Slade, they don't use me. They don't want my power. They want me. Me, who is a half demon, me who never smiles, me who fights alongside them; they don't want what's inside me. Maybe that's something you'll never understand…"

Before I knew it, a hand was wrapped around my throat, the force constricting my breathing to a point where breathing was not feasible. Grinning despite the lack of air, I couldn't help but force out, "Struck a chord?"

Slade's one eye glistened with an unshed tear, dilated from the anger and want to fight. Shuddering from the weight, he forced me into a nearby wall. The loud thump of me hitting it at full force was enough to shake lose some antiques on my wall. Some fell while others managed to hang on, but I couldn't be concerned with something so trivial.

Gasping for breath under his strong grip, I managed to reach up and grasp a hold of his wrist. My shaking hand refused to keep hold of the cold metal though, and fell to my side uselessly. Our eyes watched each other, mine somehow allowing tears to be forced down my pale face. His eye glared at me with unconcealed hate.

Just when I was about to pass out from lack of oxygen, Slade's eye softened and his hold on my neck released. "You know nothing about me, Raven." he hissed in an unsteady voice, his breath coming out uneven.

My eyes began to slip closed, just as loud voices calling out my name filled my originally empty ears. Slade hastily yanked me into his arms, managing to pull out a knife and press it to my throat. "Keep quiet, Raven." he ordered as my sight finally blacked out.

POV CHANGE: 3rd Person's POV

Slade needn't have threatened her to keep quiet. Raven's eyes were closed within seconds of the clasped hands around her neck releasing. Some might think Raven weak to just pass out after being choked, but perhaps we should consider how long her lungs' air was restricted? Continuing on with the story; Raven was held within Slade's arms, dangling futilely as numerous footsteps outside her door stopped all at once. Slade held his breath from under his mask as the door was hesitantly but forcefully knocked upon at quick intervals.

"Raven? Hey, Rae, you there? Are you okay? We heard some really weird noises come from your room…" Beastboy asked uncertainly from behind the door. Slade paused before responding,

"Hello, Beastboy."

He heard someone's breath hitch before the door was knocked down by none other than Boy Wonder. His mask even more intimidating than it normally is, Slade swore he saw the teen's lips curl in an unsightly way before relaxing. The motion was so quick that Slade was unsure he had even seen it.

Not soon after, the other Titans piled in just as quickly, each sporting a fierce and furious look that made Slade want to cringe. Managing not to, he menacingly smirked from behind his metal mask. Knowing the look wouldn't be seen by the Titans, he sighed.

"Let go of Raven and leave her alone, Slade!" Robin demanded in a somewhat haughty voice. Annoyed, Slade jerked himself and his captive toward her open window, the very window where he had emerged from. He edged his metal boot over to the window behind him, his face and chest still in front of the Titans. The boot finally hit the wall in which the window resided on. Moving the foot upwards, he found the window sill and placed the boot on it, his back now half outside the opened window.

"Are you sure you want me to?" He hinted, finally turning completely around, his back toward the Titans and Raven hanging heavily in his arms. The cool breeze blew her cloak about, sometimes whipping Slade's metal armor. He heard the gasps, mostly coming from where he thought Starfire, Beastboy and Cyborg were. Unsurprisingly, Robin was the one who managed to keep quiet.

Just what does he want with Raven? Why won't he leave her alone? The idea that he wants her as an apprentice is ludicrous at this point since he's basically about to drop her out the window…But what does he want? And why Raven? Hasn't he done enough to her? Robin frowned.

"Don't you dare…" Slade felt Robin's sudden glare, a glare that probably would have sent anyone but him aflame.

Letting his grip on Raven loosen dramatically, he finally got the reaction he wished from Robin. "What do you want, Slade?" The boy gritted his teeth angrily.

"It's not what I want, Robin. It's what you want." And with that, he let the frail girl slip through his gloved fingers without a second's hesitance. The girl fell quickly as Slade made his escape through the window, disappearing in the darkness of the night. For the first time in a long time, Slade contemplated on his actions. Normally, he did things without thinking about them first or later and they turned out fine. But now Slade wasn't so sure. Did he regret his decision? And what Raven said really had struck a chord. His thoughts were washed away immediately at the sight of rain beginning to pour down. No, he couldn't think about it now. He would think about it later.

One year later

It had been a year since that night in Raven's infamous room. Raven wasn't sure she was so happy with the outcome, but she could deal with it. After all, they hadn't seen or heard from Slade since. One problem with that was that Robin was going crazy with the thought of catching his famed rival.

Raven had stayed in the hospital for three days after the incident. According to the Titans, she had been dropped out her window which was on the highest floor of the big T upon the island. Despite Starfire and Beastboy's speed, they were unable to reach Raven in time. She had broken multiple ribs, one arm and both legs. Her skull had cracked upon impact with the ground. She was lucky to be alive, Cyborg continuously repeated to her.

Due to her condition, the sorceress' body took it upon itself to heal her. Although the Titans hooked her up to their monitors and computers within the medical room, Raven stayed unconscious for two and a half days. Afterward she had woken up completely healed with the exception of her broken arms. They healed fully a couple days later.

The Titans continued to ask her what had happened between her and Slade before they caught him making off with her body. Raven, always one to keep to herself, refused to answer with the exception of a, "Nothing." She was still confused about the whole ordeal, even if it had been a year since the event.

Robin and Raven had become more of an item since then, spending hours on end with each other. Starfire, although in love with Robin herself, had gladly given him up to Raven after realizing Robin didn't feel the same for her. Beastboy gave up on his crush on Raven, but still did not spare her with the jokes, if they could even be called that. Other than those things, the Titans remained the same.

A small part of Raven wished that Slade had taken what she had said to heart. An even smaller part refused to believe that Slade would take anything to heart.

As she stood there, watching the sun rise while holding Robin's smooth, ungloved hand, she couldn't help but smile at the amity of the five's relationship. Friends forever, bonds never torn apart, their hearts forever concealed within each other. Raven gave a small sigh of relief as the sun finally finished its rise.

Suddenly feeling self-conscious, she turned to where Robin was only for her lips to be captured softly by Robin's. Yes, they'd be friends forever.

Nothing would ever change that.

The End

So, I promised that I'm making a new story…If you're interested then listen closely because this one will have a much better plotline and will be wickedly long, like hundred thousand words long. So here's the summary if you're interested and please don't be too put off by the thought of an OC. I'm going to make sure she's actually relatable, non-Mary sue and deep: Megan was your ordinary girl with the exception of being in love with the Teen Titans. When a falling star catches her eye, a wish is made. The morning following the star's descent was one that Megan hadn't ever thought possible. She woke up in the Teen Titans universe during the first episode. With her knowledge of the future, will she decide to use it to help the Titans or will she try to lead a normal life while trying to get back? It will not be a romance, nor will it be a 'Slade wants the OC who has all the info!' Trust me. This is going to be good if you don't mind getting used to an OC. Thanks to my beta and friend, SladeRavenFan for all her help with this story and the ideas for my new one. You're the best!