You the Mon

Chapter 1-Who's That...Digimon?

(This first part is from episode 20 in digimon adventure. The very end of the episode. It you don't know what it is i did my best to describe it, if you do know the episode then you can save yourself thirty seconds and go right down to the first line breaker thingy)

"Mega Blaster!" MetalGreymon yelled, aiming his attack for the newly fused Etemon. When Etemon had merged with the dark network the digidestined had thought this was their end, until Greymon was able to digivolve ultimate form. Now it was up to Tai and MetalGreymon to win this battle. The torpedos came out of the ultimate digimon's chest plates and headed straight for the black mass that was Etemon.

"No! You must not defeat me, I'm too important to go." Etemon cried as the attack made contact. Reality seemed to start twisting itself at the place of impact. A vortex of some sort began to start opening up, sucking in everything it could. The other digidestined were far enough away that only the sand around them stirred. Tai, on the other hand, was right near MetalGreymon and began to slide towards to vacuum. There was nothing for him to grab onto as the sand of the dessert moved towards the vortex. MetalGreymon reached out his claw to keep Tai from moving any further.

"Don't let go of me MetalGreymon!" Tai cried to his digimon. The vortex was too powerful though and began to suck in MatalGreymon, lifting his huge form right off the ground. The two flew through the air, no way to stop their progress. Tai and MetalGreymon were sucked in, being twisted and suffocated, not knowing where they would end up next...

Both Tai and Koromon were falling from the sky, arms flailing and yells echoing. As they approached the ground, which was much too green and had too many houses to be the desert they had just come from, both Digimon and Digidestined wondered how on earth they were going to survive the fall and live to tell the tale. As the ground got nearer and nearer Tai braced himself for impact. Reaching out for Koromon, Tai held his partner close in hopes of absorbing most of the oncoming damage. Just 30 feet or so before the ground though, Tai heard something very strange.

"Snorlax, I choose you!" A young male voice cried. Tai didn't have time to even look for the source before he and Koromon hit something, though it wasn't the hard bone-breaking ground he was expecting.

Tai and Koromon had landed, and bounced upon, the stomach of a giant sleeping...something. Something that was alive and appeared to be snoring. The creature had a huge light colored belly, which is what the pair had landed on, a light colored face, and the rest of its body was a dark blue. Its head had two short and pointed ears and all of it's limbs seemed to be on the stubby side as well. Although Tai didn't miss that the creature had sharp claws on its hand and the pointed teeth that were sticking out of its closed mouth.

"Hey! You okay up there?" The same male voice from earlier called. Tai and Koromon looked over the side of the huge creature to see a boy who was around Tai's age, maybe a little younger, with jet black hair wearing a red cap and what looked like a large mutant yellow mouse on his shoulder.

"Uhh...I think so." Tai answer the mystery boy slowly. "Can you just tell us how to get off of this thing?"

"Just slide down his side. He won't move or anything, it's his nap time." Tai looked at Koromon, who was still in his arms and began to shimmy to the edge of the creature.

"One...Two..Three!" Tai counted down before propelling himself forward and quickly slid off the unknown creature, Koromon tucked safely under his arm. The digidestined landed hard on his feat and his knees buckled, causing him to fall. The boy ran over to help him.

"Todays just not your day is it." The boy laughed, helping Tai to his feet.

"You don't know the half of it." Tai said, shaking out his fall. He then stuck out his hand. "I'm Tai by the way, thanks for all the help. Can you tell me where we are?"

"I'm Ash." The boy, Ash, shook Tai's hand. "And were just on the edge of my hometown, Pallet Town, right now. Where are you from?"

"I have a feeling not anywhere near here." Tai looked around, not getting a familiar feeling at all from the surrounding forest.

"Well how about you come back to my house and we'll try to figure it out. Maybe you have amnesia or something." Ash looked at Tai curiously before taking a small red and white ball off his belt. Tai was amazed when the ball somehow tripled in size. "Snorlax, Return." Ash commanded, pointing the ball toward the slumbering creature. Tai jumped back and almost fell down again when he saw the creature dissolve in to a beam of red light and shoot into the ball.

"What the-?" Tai cried in surprise. Ash looked at him like he was nuts. "How'd you-? Where-? What-?" Tai stammered, interrupting his own questions. Ash figured out what he was talking about, but was still pretty confused.

"It's a pokéball. That's usually where captured pokémon go. Except Pikachu here." Ash gestured to the rodent that was still sitting on his shoulder. "And apparently your's too. What is it anyway? I've never seen a pokémon like that before." Ash nodded to Koromon who was still under Tai's arm.

"I'm not a pokémon, I'm a digimon." Koromon told Ash, who looked surprised to see the little guy talk. Tai forgot his confusion long enough to give Koromon a light smack on the head.

"What are you thinking? We're obviously not in the digimon world anymore!" Tai said sternly to Koromon, who suddenly saw the sense in not revealing what he was.

"Opps." The digimon laughed nervously. Ash looked wildly between the two.

"Di-gi-mon." Ash said, trying out the word. He then turned back to Tai. "Looks like we've got a lot to talk about.

Ash, Tai, Pikachu, and Koromon had decided to have lunch and talk about what had happened up to Tai and Koromon falling from the sky. Since Koromon had blown any chance of simply fitting into this world Tai had no choice but to explain about digimon, the digital world, the digidestined, and the battle with Etemon that had brought him here. He started back at the very beginning with how he and his friends had been thrust into an unknown place and had made friends with some digimon. Tai also included how they had no clue how to get home and were essentially stuck there. Koromon also threw in a few facts about the digital world, like some well known places or digimon, even getting Tai to show Ash his digivice. Ash seemed to take it all very well, considering he hadn't even known other worlds could exist.

Ash also explain his world to Tai. How trainers, like Ash himself, would travel and try to catch pokémon, train them, and use them in battles. He told Tai about how some people didn't want to be trainers and just be kept pokémon as pets or friends or helpers. Ash had also re-accounted some of his past adventures from his travels. Tai was most curious about the pokémon evolutionary chain, like how once a pokémon evolved it couldn't return to it's previous state unlike with digimon. Ash had been visiting with his mother and had been out trying to train a few of his newest pokémon when he saw Tai fall from the sky, calling on snorlax to help cushion the fall.

"So that huge sleeping thing is a pokémon called snorlax, and you use it to battle?" Tai asked, not sure how the sleeping lump would be any good against an opponent.

"When it's awake snorlax can pack quite a punch, unfortunately it sleeps majority of the time and when it doesn't sleep it eats." Ash laughed. "And Koromon can evolve-"

"Digivolve" Koromon corrected.

"Right." Ash nodded. "Digivolve whenever he wants and go back?"

"Well as long as he has the energy." Tai confirmed, giving Koromon a little bit of the food Ash had offered to share with them. "It seems being MetalGreymon took a lot out of him if he went all the way back to Koromon."

"That battle must have been awesome." Ash said dreamily.

"It's not like here where you apparently do it for fun." Tai said seriously. "We battle for our lives and the lives of digimon all over the digital world. If we lose, we don't just walk away feeling bad about ourselves."

"Well it sounds like your friends could use your help then." Ash said.

"Yeah, who knows what could be happening to them. And their probably looking all over for me. I need to figure out a way back to the digital world." Tai said, his voice full of determination.

"Well I promise that we're going to do everything we can to help you." Ash promised. Pikachu nodded its head from where he sat of Ashes shoulder.

"Great. Now we just need to figure out where to start." Tai said. The group sat silently in thought for a few minutes, taking the time to eat their small lunch. While eating, Tai also took some time to look at his surrounding. He knew that he was no where near Tokyo, but he couldn't help but hope another vortex would open up and take him right back to his friends.

"I got it!" Ash yelled suddenly, causing Tai and Koromon to momentarily choke on their food in surprise. Once their throats had cleared the partners looked at Ash.

"You know how to get me back?" Tai asked, excitement in both his voice and face.

"" Ash admitted sheepishly. "But I think I know someone who may be able to help. He's really smart and maybe he could figure something out."

"Who is it?" Koromon asked.

"I don't know why I didn't think of him sooner." Ash laughed. "Professor Oak, we can probably go see him today if we get going."

"Let's go then!" Tai jumped up, grabbed Koromon, and started walking.

"Tai! Hey Tai!" Ash called after him. "Pallet town is in the other direction!"

A/N Pokemon and Digimon were my childhood loves. Just writing this makes me happy inside. :D