Chapter 7- Caught Up Cut Short

"So start at the beginning and lets get this sorted out." Joe said. The Gekomon had retrieved his and then had left the degidestined alone, with the exception of Ash. All of the children gathered around in a circle to face eachother, assesing new and old friends. It seemed Joe had been getting the same sort of treatment as Mimi. He looked well rested and groomed, and was wearing oddly formal clothes. Palmon and Gomamon, who had followed Joe into the room, also seemed to have that same luxury look to them. The two wasted no time catching up with Patamon, Agumon, and Gabumon. All 5 were sitting a little away and telling stories.

"Well there's three, or four, separate stories here. Who goes first?" Matt asked. The six looked awkwardly from one to another. No one really wanted to be the first to speak up.

"I think first you should explain him." Mimi said, pointing to Ash. Ash's face reddened slightly as Mimi winked at him.

"Well he's not from this world." Tai said.

"Well obviously. That cute little yellow thing with him isn't a digimon. What is it exactly? I want one." Mimi said, reaching towards Pikachu.

"That's Pikachu. He's a pokemon." Ash said. "Pikachu go let Mimi have a look at you." Pikachu nodded and walked up to Mimi.

"It's so adorable!" Mimi exclaimed, picking Pikachu up and hugging him to her chest.

"So what's a Pokemon exactly?" Joe asked, looking at Ash with renewed interest.

"It's...kind of like a Digimon? But not really. More like a cross between a Digimon and a regular animal. We don't have only one and they roam free in my world. You capture them and can use them to battle or just as friends or to help." Ash explained.

"You have more like Pikachu?" Mimi looked at Ash like he was hiding something. "Too bad you didn't have them. I bet there just as cute as this little guy." Pikachu looked pleased with itself.

"Well I do actually have them..." Ash said.

"What?" Four voices cried. Matt and TK were just as surprised as Joe and Mimi.

"How come you never said anything? And how do you have them?" Matt asked.

"Well their in these." Ash said, reaching to his belt and pulling out his pokeballs.

"I forgot about that." Tai said, slapping his forehead like he just remembered how Ash had an abundance of Pokemon at his disposal.

"How do they fit?" TK asked, looking at the tiny balls in confusion. "They must be really small."

"Well actually..." Ash started to explain, but just then the big oak doors were thrown open and three frantic Gekomon ran into the room.

"Sir! Miss! He's back!" They screamed, running up to Joe and Mimi. Palmon and Gomamon jumped up immediately and ran to their digidestined.

"We'll be right there." Palmon assured the Gekomon as Mimi and Joe stood up.

"What's going on?" Tai asked, standing up as Agumon appeared by his side. All the other digimon had joined the group, and Pikachu had scurried back to Ash.

"It's the reason me and Mimi have been staying here. An Ogremon keep's attacking the Gekomon." Joe said as the group headed for the door. "While we were looking for Tai we happened to come across a time where he was attacking. He would just ransack that mansion and destroy everything. The Gekomon couldn't do anything against him so they just fled."

"But when we saw the attack we decided to step in. We made the Ogremon run but he still comes back trying new things every time." Mimi finished. By then the group was running down the hall, towards where they heard crashes and the cries of Gekomon. "We've been trying to think of a way to keep him from coming back but nothings stuck."

The group finally emerged outside where they saw the battle taking place. A large Ogremon, larger than the one on File Island, was swinging his bone club against the walls of the mansion. Gekomon were running around, crying and screaming. A few brave ones tried going up to hit the Ogremon's legs but they didn't last long.

"Quick Palmon! Digivolve!" Mimi cried, searching for her digivice in her dress.

"There's no time!" Ash called over the sound of the bone club hitting the wall. "Pikachu! Thunder Shock!" Pikachu ran towards Ogremon like lightning. Sparks flew from the circles on his cheeks. When he was finally close enough he jumped into the air.

"Now!" Ash yelled.

"Pika-CHUUUUUUU." Pikachu said as lightning erupted from it's cheeks and shot straight to the villainous digimon.

"AAARRRRGGH!" The Ogremon cried as the lightning hit him. He stumbled back, dropping his bone club on his own foot in the process.

"Pikachu get ready to try again!" Ash said as Pikachu landed. The sparks started flying from the pokemon's cheeks again.

"No more!" The ogremon cried as it got up. "I can handle hits but this is too much. Meanies!" The Ogremon picked up it's club and went running into the forest as fast as it's legs would carry it.

A silence hung over the scene as human's and digimon alike looked after Ogremon in shock. No one moved, no one even breathed. The silence was finally broken after a few moments by Tai.

"...Meanies?" He said, keeping a straight face for two seconds before bursting into laughter. Agumon quickly followed, along with the rest of the digidestined. Pretty soon everyone was laughing so hard a few Gekomon collapsed to the ground.

"I can't believe an Ogremon fled after one hit." Matt said, doubling over.

"And from such a cute little creature." Mimi said, leaning against the wall for support.

"Well at least you shouldn't have anymore problems with him." Joe said to the nearest Gekomon, who had stopped it's own laughing to look seriously at Joe.

"Sir and Miss are leaving?" The Gekomon asked, looking between Joe and Mimi. All the other Gekomon must have heard this because they too immediately stopped laughing to stare at the two digidestined.

" see." Joe studderd.

"We have to go find our friends. Now that Ogremon is too scared to come back we can move on." Mimi said gently. Tears welled up in all the Gekomon's eyes.

"But what if we need you." One cried.

"We will send the stranger's away for you." Another one called.

"Stay with us!" A chorus sounded.

"Your all safe now. Mimi and Joe are needed elsewhere." Tai said to the Gekomon, who all glared at him. Tai backed off at the sight of dozens of glaring eyes.

"If you ever need our help again we can come back." Joe said. The Gekomon still looked sad.

"Will Sir and Miss at least let us throw them one last feast?" A nearby Gekomon asked. Joe and Mimi looked at Tai, who seemed to be torn between the thought of a feast and getting a move on.

"We have to hurry. Who knows what happened to Sora and Izzy." Matt said, causing all the human's to look at him. Joe nodded like that was all the information he needed. Mimi sighed and looked back to the Gekomon.

"I'm sorry but we really must be going as soon as possible." Mimi said. The Gekomon sadly nodded.

"We will at least send you food and with fresh clothing." The nearby one said. Instead of leaving time for the digidestined to argue, the Gekomon started to walk back inside. Most likely to get things ready for the departure of their leaders.

"Good-bye Gekomon!" Mimi, Joe, Palmon, and Gomamon called a little while later. The group was now ready to head out with bags full of food and water. Mimi and Joe had changed back into their regular old clothes. All the Gekomon lined up at the front of the Mansion to watch them leave. Everyone waved good-bye and yelled thanks as they made their way farther and farther down the road. The Gekomon's cries of despair could still be heard.

"I'm going to miss it their." Joe said sadly. "The Gekomon were great company."

"And made such good food." Mimi added.

"But isn't it nice to be on the road again?" Tai asked. Neither Mimi or Joe responded.

"I guess if we get attacked we don't need to wait for a digivolve anymore. That was extremely impressive Ash." Mimi added, looking at Ash in awe.

"It was all Pikachu." Ash said, his face reddening under Mimi's gaze.

"So where do we go now?" TK asked.

"We head for the coast. That's where Sora and Izzy were going." Matt said.

"Soon we're all going to be together!" TK exclaimed excitedly. The young boy started to run, causing everyone to go try to keep up with him.

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