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It was like a waterfall, a torrent of emotions that poured from her in one shot. She didn't care if her lipstick was smudged, or eye makeup ran down her cheeks. She didn't want to look beautiful or tough, she just wanted him back. He had meant more to her than she thought he ever would, and know he had unraveled her entire world. She sobbed, tears splattering the microphone. He wouldn't be able to hear it, just like all she was getting from his end was static.

She loved him. She had even before he was a big shot. Before he was Captain America, the Star Spangled man. No, she loved Steve Rogers the wimpy kid from Brooklyn. He had a heart and more importantly compassion. Even when Bucky died he had kept his dignity.

Peggy Carter considered herself a tough woman, after all she was a high ranking army official. But somehow Rogers was able to do what no other man had. He had made her fall for him. She was broken now. Her heart had shattered into so many pieces that she never had been able to fully recover it.

They had a date. Steve will be there. She tried to assure herself. He had seemed so confident and calm, even though his death loomed before him. They were going to go dancing on Saturday. He had been waiting for the right partner, and she knew she was his. Sure, she would saunter around in her heels and act strong, but with Steve she knew she didn't have to. They had always teased each other about being on time, but this time was no joke.

Resolve washed over her and she wiped her tears off, standing up. Shakily, she pulled off her heels and stumbled away from the spot. She knew he was gone and lost to her forever. She would wait, for as long as it took. It was silly, a little girl's fantasy that he would be there, but that didn't stop her.

Every Saturday she would go to the bar and wait. She refused to dance with ant man there. She was Steve's and Steve's alone. But he wasn't there. Not in ten weeks and not in ten years. She never gave up in him though. Not even when men, strong and tall came up to her with alcohol on their breath and lustful hands. How could she? Her love was too powerful, too consuming.

Howard would come; they always stayed in touch, a silent companion in her waiting. He was a support beam she could sag on, time after time when the door never swing open to Harold Steve's arrival. He would eventually marry, show her pictures of his own son, Tony, but the boy just reminded her of everything she would never have. She loved them dearly, but they were the life she would never have. She had thought of it before, whispered her dreams when only her pillow was listening and had imagined a future away from war, with Steve and a baby slung on her hip. He would come home every night, swing her around and kiss her, rocking the baby in his massive arms.

But he never came. Eventually she was too old and frail to make the journey to the bar. She still refused to believe his death. Captain America would sweep her off her feet and carry her to their life together. Than it was the end. Her lush brown hair turned to match the snow and her smooth skin as wrinkled as time. His name was on her once red lips and her last thought was of his perfect face.

When he awoke many years later, he looked far and wide for her. He had to apologize for missing their date. And one day he did. It was no more than a tombstone and she was no more than bones.

Peggy Carter. It said. Solider, Fighter and Lover of a Brooklyn boy.

She truly had never given up on him. When he visited the bar she had frequented he heard tales of a woman who had waited for her love on Saturdays. And he knew that one day he would see her again. It was that that kept him going. Her memory and love. Forever and always.