A/N: WOW! It's been over a year since I published Star Spangled Love, my first Fanfiction piece EVER. A lot has happened since then. This is the prologue to my new Captain America/Avengers piece, about Steve and Peggy's niece, Sharon Carter. Yes, she is real and not an OC. Enjoy, and wait for the sequel to be published! (:

It was hard to forget someone when they haunted you every night. When Steve closed his eyes, her face was there, as beautiful as ever. He had never told anyone, but his thought was of her, in every night he thought of her. It was hard to adjust here, in this new world that was so foreign and alien, and he knew she could have helped to make it better.

The dreams were always the same. He would find himself in the bar, sitting at a table. The lighting was dim, and all around were faceless people. Silent and black, they would crowd the small room. Then he would see her, sitting on a barstool with her ankles crossed, high heels barely brushing the ground. She's smile, lips red with all her lipstick and he would find himself pulled from his chair by an unknown force, drawn to her like a magnet.

He would bow his head sheepishly, take her hand and kiss it. She would nod her acceptance and he would lift her off the bar as if she was no more than paper and then they would dance. The faceless patrons of the room would fade away, pushed to the fray by the soft scent of her perfume and gentle laugh. They would sway, back and forth slowly, lost in each other's eyes. Hers were deep, brown pools he got lost in.

But then the music would stop, and she would slide her warm, smooth skin from his. Without her touch, he was numb, the sparks gone. She would lean in one last time, a brief kiss that sucked all the air from his chest; she was the water and he dying of dehydration in the desert. He would reach out, but she just faded away into the group of identical figures.

That's when he would wake up, sweating and cold, lips thick and tingling. She was gone, confined to his dreams, never to see the light of day again. If he closed his eyes, tried to go back to sleep, only darkness would fill his head. She wouldn't come on command, couldn't be beckoned.

Tonight was one of the worst, the feeling of longing lasting way after he woke up. Even when he slid into the familiar costume and reported to Fury, he was still missing her. Command was quite today, only Stark, Banner, Thor, Barton and Natasha conferencing with Fury. He took his place by Stark, bantered back and forth with him, but it didn't help anything. They were just about to go out on a mission when he saw her, long honey hair swinging around her back, symmetrical features determined. They were all so familiar, it was like a dream. The words rushed out of his mouth in a torrent, and she looked surprised.