This fic is my version of Queen-Deb24's fanfiction (which you can find on this site!) "Whose Bed You Sleeping In". Queen-Deb24 was gracious enough to allow me to publish this fic although the premise is the same as her original story. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of spinning off of your unique and inspiring story Queen-Deb24, I hope I don't let you down!

Six months, three weeks, and three days after Dominic Toretto walked out of Lompoc a free man he screwed in the old "Toretto's" sign over the garage door. His father's garage, closed since his death, was finally being reopened. Dom wasn't a man for deep emotional reflections. Four years in a state prison did that to a man. It either squeezes out all of the boy in you and you become a man, or you don't, that simple. However, as he got off of the ladder and stared at his father's sign in the breaking dawn he knew that this was right. Dom did not doubt his intuition. In his world there was right and wrong, black and white. He had a moral code instilled by the best of teachers, his father.

He had returned home with a duffle bag full of letters and the possessions of a naïve twenty-year-old. He had walked out a free man and had felt that familiar intuition telling him to go home and make things right for his family. A real man provided and protected his family. Dom had come home to find Vince racing to keep the bills paid and Mia in school. For that alone Dom would never forsake his oldest friend. They did occasionally flip at each other and when it happened it was not a small slap boxing competition. But they were loyal to their unit and respected one another.

Mia, his little baby sister, scrawny most of her life was a woman. They had slipped back into their older brother-baby sister mentality instantly. Sure they were both grown but some things would never change and there was a comfort in that understanding. Leon and Jesse both worked various garages and auto parts stores during the day and raced with Vince at night. Dom remembered the letter he'd received two years earlier asking his permission for them to live in the renovated, two bedroom basement. He'd agreed because he knew they would help Vince with the endeavor to keep Mia in college and because he felt like everyone would be safer living together then apart.

Then there was Letty. When he'd been locked up she had been sixteen, barely out of diapers if you'd asked him then. He had walked into his childhood home, had felt the comfort of being surrounded by his makeshift family, and something was just nagging at his intuition. Letty had been Mia's closest confidant since their mother's death ten years prior. Although they'd been neighbors they hadn't connected until all three had been at the same group therapy session. The thought of therapy made him scowl all over again. A small group of children who had lost at least one parent spent every other Wednesday in the basement of St. Lucas' Church muttering about how unfair it was that they were forced to relive their versions of hell. He, Mia and Letty had sat in the back, had bickered together, and ultimately Letty had met his father who in turn had introduced her to the engine of a battered '67 Impala. Dom hadn't known how close Mia had become with Letty until a night when his sister broke down after breaking one of their mother's favorite vases. Letty, all ready staunch and impenetrable, had risen as if the situation had been her calling and had comforted his sister the way only someone else who was suffering could comfort.

"Looks good," the husky quality of Letty's voice was still a surprise to him. Weren't guys supposed to get the deeper voice over time? She stepped up to his side, "he would have liked to know that we were carrying on the place."

"Yeah." If she had been Mia he would have wrapped an arm around her. But she wasn't Mia, she was not his sister. But she was a member of his team, his family. Her world was much like his. It was because she lived and breathed her principles the same way that he did that garnered his respect. He didn't respect many men, let alone women, but he respected the fuck out of Letty.

"I'm going to get started," he watched her walk in and smiled. She was right. His old man would have loved to know they were carrying on. He moved the ladder back to the storage room and started on the car beside Letty's, his intuition was telling him this was the start of something big.


The problem with street racing was that it wasn't legitimate. Dom's wish up until the day he'd been sentenced had been to drive in the circuit, like his dad. As a rule he didn't spend time worrying over the past. What was done was just that, done. No going back, no changing things. But every single time he drove up to a gang of primed driving machines ready to race for the big dollars he felt the need to prove himself, his character.

He pulled his Skyline GT-R up to his spot. A spot of power if there ever was one. The cars formed a huge U and four cars now lined in the middle. The Toretto team. It had taken thirty straight ¼ mile wins for Dom to earn back his reputation. No, he hadn't lost it.

Immediately women in short skirts and shorter neck lines surrounded him. He had missed this. Females. In prison he had worked out constantly, beating down his teenage hormones. That had definitely paid off. Women loved his body and he liked their bodies well enough, at least for a few hours.

He felt Vince flank him on the right, Leon on the left. Dom didn't look behind him but he knew Letty and Mia would be behind him, Jesse tailing them all. He pulled the two closest girls close to him, held his palms over their asses like he would palm a good wrench before buckling down to fix a carburetor. This was as a much a part of his job as anything else. Reputation might be deeply engrained in the actions of the man but that did not mean that gossip didn't have its place. Dom Toretto: womanizer, driver, mechanic, small business owner, head of the team, he'll whoop your ass one minute and offer you a job the next.

"Yo Dom," Hector, an old friend and well known member L.A.'s street racing unit, came up to him. They grabbed hand, clapped one another's backs. Hector grinned at the team, "three races, two G's each. First one is with three regulars. Second one is two newbies and one regular. Third one is all you Dom."

Dom flexed his neck and pushed the girls away for a moment. He turned to face his team. He would race in the final, he always did. This was a spectator sport. You didn't stay in a prominent position by sitting out races, especially when people came distinctly to see you perform.

"Vince and Letty," his decision was made that quickly. Jesse didn't race often, he was much better at creating cars then driving them. Leon had raced on both Friday and Saturday the previous weekend and Mia only drove fast when there were cops around to give her tickets that Dom had to paid for.

Vince grinned, "okay brother. Let's go fetch us some easy money."

Dom looked at Letty. She stood beside Mia. Her response to his decision was a curt nod of her head before turning to get into her own car.

Vince's race was uneventful. His style was simple, win, get money, get beer, get laid. Tried and true. He had pulled ahead early and destroyed other driver's chance of getting ahead. Everyone surrounded him as he left his car. He grinned toward Dom before handing off the money earned to Mia, their unofficial accountant.

"Who's driving next from your team in the next race," a man, about 6 ½ feet, solid, looked and smelled like money asked Dom.

Dom looked into his eyes and decided immediately that he didn't like the man, "why?"

"I like to see my opponents before I beat them," the man replied before giving Dom a cocky grin, "I only wish it was the third race."

"Me," a husky voice behind spoke up before Dom could get into it. Dom didn't have to turn to know that Letty was standing at his right side, arms crossed over her chest, uncaring that the see through netted top just made her breasts jut out more, and her nose turned up in disgust.

"And who are you sexy," the man asked.

"I'm a driver who's going to smoke you on the road tonight and destroy your dreams of making up for your inferiority complex," her reply was slow, simple, lethal.

The man turned red, obviously embarrassed. He flexed his fists and Dom stepped forward and stated quietly, "you touch one of mine and you'll regret it almost immediately."

He turned, and practically ran back to his car. Letty called after him, "a small penis is nothing to be ashamed of."

Dom turned to her and raised an eyebrow. She raised her own eyebrow, a challenge that stated quite clearly that she didn't expect him to call her out on the comment.

"Get in the car Letty," he finally said with a sigh.

Letty was a case for study. Dom knew what it was like to be locked up, to not have the feeling of cool air in your face. Every time he sat down to drive all the shit melted away. He'd been watching Letty as she raced and recognized the same in her. He had a feeling that she was racing for some kind of peace that she hadn't found in any other avenue. She manipulated her competition, waited until the very last moment to push her NOS button and smoke every one of them.

As she parked she noticed that the man, J. King according to Hector, had sped off angrily. Letty shrugged and tossed her earnings to Mia.

Dom stretched his neck before opening his car door and turning to Hector, "five G's 1/4 mile."

Hector ran off with the exciting news. About fifteen minutes later two competitors, both regulars, were beside Dom. The race was like poetry. Smooth, the gears slid through, the NOS threw Dom into a realm of complete contentment. He won. As he wound his car around to get back to the group he noticed that everyone seemed chaotic, jumbled. He jumped out of his car and walked toward the middle of the crowd.

Leon caught him before he reached the middle, "he came up behind her and beat her with a fucking pipe!"

Dom heart fell down onto the tar. He looked down to ground and thought two things at the same moment, "thank God my baby sister is okay," and "Oh my God, my Letty's hurt".

"Who did this," Dom's words were murmured as he bent down. Mia had Letty's head in her lap. Letty's left shoulder was all ready swelling and looking discolored, what was worse was that she was bleeding somewhere and it was staining the street quickly. Her eyes were wide open, he could tell by the way she was breathing that the pain was terrible.

"J. King," Mia replied looking for her brother for direction.

"Vince," Dom's question.

"He went after the little fuck immediately," Jesse replied.

Dom looked to Leon, "find him, bring him home before he finishes the job."

"Dom, I don't know where it's coming from," Mia told him frantically as she looked around at the blood.

He bent and lifted Letty easily into his arms; that was when he felt it. The left side of her mid back had a long, deep cut. He'd accidently pressed into it. He imagined the pain she was in was ridiculous but she didn't so much as cry out. He looked into her eyes and read quite clearly that she was on her last straw and she didn't want to break in front of this crowd. Dom placed her gently in his car, motioned to Mia to drive Letty's car home, and left the baffled crowd.