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***200 years ago***

1299 AD.

Both countries lived in peace; nobody cared if you were Northern or Southern. The king of the North, and the King of the South, were both good friends. Everything was fine…

When the king of the South was exactly 23 years old, he invited his friend, the King of the North, to his birthday celebration. They laughed, and talked merrily with each other, with not a care in the world.

Then the king of the South, Damient, told his friend something that he had been wondering for a while. He told him that he wondered what would happen if he 'extended' their countries with the Western and Eastern colonies.

The king of the North, Anson, was appalled at his friend's idea. He refused to even acknowledge declaring war against the two weaker colonies. He told Damient, that if he so much THOUGHT about declaring war, he would declare war himself…with the South.

Damient was extremely angry that his friend refused to back his plan up, so he banished the king of the North from his territory.

A month later, the king of the North discovered that the king of the South had gone on with his plan…not afraid of his warning. Damient had seized control of the Eastern colonies, and was moving towards the West.

Anson was furious with his former friend, for taking the Eastern colonies. He was sad because they were such good friends, but he had to put his country before his feelings. He decided to declare war with the South…but he didn't have time.

Damient discovered his old friend's plan, and declared war on the North first…saying that they had planned on declaring war first.

Buildings were destroyed, people were killed…and most importantly…nobody trusted anyone else anymore. If you were from the South, you would lie and say you were from somewhere else…and then attack. The East, West, and North all teamed up against the South…but the South was still much stronger.

The feud went on for centuries…

***200 years later (present***

1499 AD.

(Blossom's pov)

I remembered my sisters like it was yesterday…

We were separated at age thirteen, due to the war… I looked everywhere for them, but failed at each attempt.

Our father was known by everyone, who thought they knew us, to be dead…along with our mother. However, only our mother was actually dead. Our father was secretly the King of the North. He sent us away, so we wouldn't get hurt (they Southerners had a thing for killing royalty before peasants).

We were leaving, when a group of Southern thieves came along. We fought them, but they were much stronger. The last thing I remember was my younger sisters crying out: Bubbles crying, Buttercup screaming in anger.

One thief caught me, and started taking me somewhere unwillingly. About a mile in his trip, however, I bit him and escaped.

I was very fast.

My super powers helped out a little.

Now, here I was…leading people into victory.

I had my own little group of Easterners, and Westerners…myself being the only Northerner. Most of the Northerners didn't have time for little 'freedom fighter' groups such as mine…they were too busy actually FIGHTING. Fighting…as in swords, blood, horses, blood, metal, blood…etc. Groups such as mine, went more along the lines of helping wounded soldiers, saving people from Southern prisons…all that stuff.

We played a very important role in the war; we just…weren't as…popular so to speak.

I was the leader in the group for three reasons: One, I was the oldest. Two, I was Northern (and the Northerns are the leaders…because we are the most powerful out of the three good countries). Three, nobody else wanted to do it. I didn't mind being leader…I was literally born to be one. When my father dies, it's secretly up to me to take the throne: Of course my sisters standing right behind me (that is…if I ever see them again). Buttercup, the middle sister, would be ruler if I died. Bubbles right behind Buttercup.

My main focus right now, however…was to win this war. I had to put my own personal feelings aside for the good of others. That was the one important rule in being leader…


(Brick pov)

My brothers and I walked up the long staircase to the throne room. Our father Mojo was there, along with his trusted adviser…who hated his name so much we just called him Him. (BTW, In this story…Mojo is not a monkey. :P It wouldn't work…). My brothers and I resembled Mojo in many ways: I had his blood red eyes, Butch (the middle brother) had his dark black messy hair, and Boomer had his skills in healing. I know, my father (The king of the South) healing people sounded a bit strange…but he could. It was his unique power, that he now shared with Boomer. My unique power was to control Fire, while Butch's was the ability to use any type of sword or scythe in an insane way (as in…really cool).

Our father was old and weak, so Him helped him out a lot. I didn't like Him much, but honestly…he was like a second father to me. I was scared though, because if my father died…that meant I had to become king. I wasn't ready…

We went into the throne room, to see our father sitting in his throne, with Him on his right. The room was extremely large, in case a meeting was called. There were columns everywhere, because the room was so big. The floor was black tile, and there was a blood red carpet leading all the way to the throne. I walked forward, towards my father; my brothers right behind me.

My and my brothers kneeled before our father's throne.

"What is it my father would wish so speak to us of?" I said, still looking at the ground.

"Rise," my father said huskily (he was weak…remember?).

Me and my brothers rose, and looked at our father with sympathy. He was worse than yesterday; there were bald patches on his head where his hair once was.

Him looked us, giving us a look that said 'yes, he is worse'. Him also had jet black hair, but his was neatly slicked back. He had a black goatee, and his eyes were also red. His skin seemed almost red due to the scars he had received from third-degree burns (it's a miracle he's still alive).

My father looked at us, "My sons…my wonderful sons… I have a task for you-"

He started coughing heavily, making me wince in sadness.

Him looked at us, "He wants you three to go on special missions."

"What missions?" I asked frowning. "Him…what if he dies? Then what?"

"I will resume position on the throne while people search for you," he assured me with honest eyes. "But until then, he wishes for you to go on a mission."

"Explain," I said frowning.

Butch growled next to me, probably out of frustration (he wasn't good with feelings, so he did anything to cover up sadness).

"He wants you three to go, with a small group, and take out the freedom fighters," Him said. "They are small, but cause massive amounts of trouble…"

I nodded, "Alright…that's a mission. You said we had MISSIONS."

Him smiled kindly, "You three will go as a team, but yes, I do have separate missions for you. Brick, you are to lead everyone in battle…etc. So you are in charge of finding the fighters, taking them out…and continuing on. However, you have to remember…the key to a good leader…if remembering your men. If one man is injured, slow things down for that man."

I nodded, "I know sir, I know."

"Butch is to be in charge of fighting, etc," Him said, and Butch let out a whoop…earning a raised eyebrow from our father.

"Sorry sir," he said before whispering a "yes!".

I smirked, while Him and my father chuckled.

"Butch, you are in charge of fighting…blah blah blah," Him said. "Train the men to be the best, take out any Freedom Fighter that stands in your way…all that jazz."

Butch nodded, "Sure thing sir!"

"Boomer, you are in charge of healing any injuries your men have," he said. "Also…make sure Brick and Butch don't get into too many arguments…"

I rolled my eyes, and Boomer laughed, "Yes sir."

"Alright, you are dismissed," Him said smiling.

I nodded, but Boomer walked up to our father slowly.

I heard what he said; due to my super power hearing (royalty always has power).

"Does it hurt father?"

"Not enough to worry about my son…now run along. Do your duties, protect your country…"

Then I heard him call out, "Brick…I'm counting on you to lead your country into victory…"

I turned to my father, and bowed, "I will not fail you."

"I only ask of you to do your best," he wheezed smiling.

I smiled slightly, "I will father."

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