"You're kidding right?"

I couldn't believe anything this woman had been saying. I lost all sense of reality when she began to explain herself. I mean sure, this had been expected. If I were to be back in time, nothing could possibly get any weirder. Though once she started to elucidate everything, and I do mean everything – I simply couldn't handle it.

She leaned forward and involuntarily, I moved back. "Mia, I'm from the future" Yeah thanks, like I hadn't picked that one up.

"I can't give too much away but I have been sent back in time to retrieve you and place us in, well – here." Still I kept my mouth shut, Emma reached her hand forward and I slapped it away. "Do not, touch me" My voice was filled with unexplained rage, I was furious! She had unwillingly brought me back in time; all I wanted was to go home. "Mia please, I understand you're scared, and frustrated but"

"But what"

Slowly, but surely I was gaining confidence the more I thought about what she said. "You can't just take people and bring them back in time without their consent!" Without even thinking I sprung up. "I-I don't care what you want, just take me home" Emma sighed and stood up as well. "Mia, I can't do that"

"And why exactly not, you brought me here pretty easily I'm sure as hell you can do the opposite"

She shook her head, gazing at the carpet.

"Mia, I was sent to conduct an experiment, unfortunately for you I can't reverse anything" I hadn't even realized I had been crying until Emma handed me a handkerchief. "Hell, I'm older then you, haven't you learned to respect your elders" She giggled and I wanted to die. That wasn't meant to be funny, I was serious.

"You may be older but right now I'm 57 and your only 18. Wisdom holds no age" She sat back down, gingerly placing her hands neatly on her crossed legs. "I've lived longer Mia, please trust me" I was completely unsure of myself, could I even trust a women who had sprung so many things to me, unwillingly?

It's actually quite funny, though I remained nonchalant. Taking in a deep breath, I relaxed and nodded my head. Hopping this would further answer her question.

A smile formed on her face, and I suddenly felt uncomfortable. I had just agreed to something I wasn't a hundred percent sure of.

No matter, I had said yes. And I intend to further go this "experiment" regardless the consequences…

It was a rather cold, crisp morning. The sky gray and emotionless, I couldn't even bare to walk through the camp without feeling defeated and miserable. It had come to my attention I had arrived to camp a few days later than everyone else. Everyone had treated me with no respect. I'm pretty sure the stray dog that walks around with a limp is "cooler" than me at this point. Regardless I trudged through the cold with pride, or at least the last bit I had left.

My first day in, I had been thrown with cat calls and inappropriate behavior. It hurt, not going to lie; but after I set some of the men straight I felt a little bit better, just a bit.

As for why I'm out this early, one of the "men" had fallen off a tree and hurt himself. To my understanding, I would just need to examine the injury, say a few smart medical terms I learned from Grays Anatomy and patch the wound up. Sounded easy right?

God I hoped so…

Before I knew it I was standing in front of the infirmary, sucking in a deep breath and pushing through the wooden door. "Hey, shut that door, your letting the cold air in!" I jumped, turning around and slamming the door shut as asked. My head whipped around and I gazed at the small, dark space. The entire room had only one widow that let in a bit of light. All around everything looked dirty and rusty; two beds lined each side of the room with cabinets framing the walls.

"You the new nurse" I glanced at the man and nodded. He eyed me up and down, rolling his eyes and turning around. "Robert sure knows how to pick 'em"

Pretending I didn't hear him I cleared my throat. "Where's the patient?" The man still kept his back towards me, raising a single finger and pointing to the left. I followed his gesture and my eyes landed on a young man. He looked quite familiar, with dirty blonde hair and a matching mustache.

I gulped and stood up straight. Keeping my pace and walking towards the bed. He seemed like he hadn't even acknowledged my presence, his back flat on the bed and his eyes glued on the ceiling.

"Hi" I said meekly, his eyes gazed towards me; then back to the ceiling. His face remained solemn; he sort of looked like a little kid who got in trouble. It was obvious he didn't want to be here and I, being the awkward child I am had no idea what to do about it.

"So, what happened"

"Nothing, I do not require any medical attention. So if you will be as kind to leave" He didn't even look at me. I didn't buy it one second, stepping closer I crossed my arms over my chest gazing at his legs. "I heard you fell, care to elaborate" He sighed and sat up, his eyes burning holes through me.


I grinned and walked towards one of the cabinets. "Do you know where the gauze is?"

"Third cabinet to you right" Called out the man from before. I bit my lip and walked towards the correct cabinet, tentatively pulling the handle and grabbing the gauze. I turned around and walked towards the bed.

Gently grabbing his left leg, I raised it up so it lay across my knees. "Is it your ankle?"


I nodded, pushing his pant leg up and softly touching the swollen area. As I applied pressure, I felt him wince. I glanced up, his face bright red. "All this requires is a quick wrapping and some TLC"

He frowned. "TLC, what in God's name is that?" I shook my head, beginning to wrap his ankle. "Nothing, just make sure you take it easy and keep the leg elevated to reduce swelling"

Wow, I sounded pretty legit. I could really pass for a Nurse, let's just hope I don't screw anything or anyone up for the time being.

"So, what's your name?"

I heard a snort fallowed by a loud chuckle; raising an eyebrow I looked up.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing, it's just – never mind" Shaking my head I smiled, continuing to finish his ankle.

"I do say have we met before" He called out.

"Not sure, but you do look familiar. I'm Amelia Ambrossio, the new nurse, obviously. I was at the party hosted by the Shaw family a few nights ago, perhaps we met there. Oh, and you can call me Mia"

My head shut up and I grinned. "Now that I introduced myself, I believe it's only fair I get your name?"

Whoa, wait.

Was I just flirting?

His face twisted and looked forward, not keeping eye contact. "I'm Major Forbes, Miss"

He turned his gaze towards me and smirked.


I let out a quick laugh; you know one of the really loud and obnoxious ones you use when you don't have a good enough comeback after a 'confrontation'

"Real slick, listen you better be nice to me, who's gonna help you out on the battle field once you get injured? I could easily look the other way and help out a less cocky soldier"

His face turned sour and I tried to bite back another laugh. "Touché"

I raised an eyebrow and tried to make my face as serious as his. "Toosh"

He looked at me like I was either the biggest idiot in the world or like he couldn't believe I had just said that. Well, if you understood what I was referencing then you dear reader, get a fruit snack.

Fruit snacks for all!

Lame ending, I know…

Sorry this is a little late, honestly I've just been busy enjoying the last days of summer. So when do you guys go back? For me school starts September 5th




CarminaxBuranax: Thank you so much! I got a bit of inspiration for the name of Emma from Emma Stone. I don't know just the red hair, big green eyes… Only difference being of course my Emma is like 30+ years older, but ya know…;) Oh and Barcelona and Monte Carlo – isn't she a lucky b!#,just kidding. lol

SimplyMonkey: Yes, thank you! I really had no idea how Mia ended up back in time as I wrote the first chapter and posted it. Honestly I wanted something never done before. So I thought, what if her great, great – whatever granddaughter went back in time and took her ancestor (Mia) further back in time. Hehe :P

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