Who Are You?

Sarah held the prison bars, her knuckles white as she was powerless to do anything but look on as the Doctor was being "interrogated" across the room. After several moments, the Delarians finally decided they could get no more information from their prisoner.

As they pulled the Doctor from the slab they'd had him on, his knees buckled. They caught him under the arms and dragged him towards the cell Sarah was in. His head lolled forward as he lost consciousness. They opened the cell door and practically threw the Doctor in. He collapsed in a heap at Sarah's feet.

Sarah knelt down quickly, using all her strength to roll the Doctor over on his back. She cradled his head in her lap and began to push the hair away from his forehead. 'Doctor, please,' she said softly. 'Wake up.'

His eyes flew open, but Sarah immediately knew something was wrong. His eyes pierced right through her, but with no spark of recognition. She continued to smooth back his hair, even as he looked at her.

Finally, he bolted upright and spun to look at her. 'Do I know you?'

'Doctor, it's me, Sarah.' She tried desperately not to get her voice to crack as she looked at him.

He stood up and walked around the cell. 'This is a prison.' He turned to look at her. 'What are we doing here?' Where is this place?'

Sarah pulled herself up and took a deep breath before looking him in the eyes. 'We're on Delaria Seven. We were arrested for trespassing and they're trying to figure out who sent us here.'

He spun around and leaned in towards Sarah, his face mere inches from hers. 'Who did send us here?'

She reached out, rubbing her hands along his upper arms. 'No one. We just landed here.' She sighed. 'Doctor, you have to remember.'

He tilted his head to one side, his eyes locking with hers. 'I know you, don't I?'


'I need to remember,' he said softly, as if trying to convince himself.

Sarah nodded slowly. 'Please.' She reached up and stroked his cheek. 'I want you to remember.'

The Doctor reached out and with one finger, gently traced a line from Sarah's forehead down her cheek before tucking her hair behind one ear. 'You're important to me.'

She ducked her head. 'I'd like to think so.'

He lifted up her chin, so they continued to look into each other's eyes. 'I may not remember much, but there are feelings. Inside me, when I look at you.' A blush crept up Sarah's cheeks as he continued to speak. 'That it feels right to stand next to you, to touch you, to hold you.' He held her face with one hand.

'And when you remember, you can do that again,' she whispered. 'Once we figure out how to get off this planet.'

He spun around, the moment gone as he looked around. 'We're on Delaria Seven. Bit of a primitive planet.' As if a light switch turned on, his memory came back in a flash. 'I can't believe they would think that we were sent here by someone. All we did was show up, right Sarah?' He spun back towards her, a massive grin spreading from ear to ear.

Sarah released the breath she didn't know she'd been holding. She returned his smile easily. 'That's what we usually do.'

The Doctor leaned in towards Sarah. 'Um, Sarah, a second ago I mentioned touching and holding you.'

'Yes Doctor?' Her mind ran over every possibility that he could possibly be describing.

'Can we explore more of that when we get back to the TARDIS?'

Sarah couldn't stop herself from laughing. 'Yes Doctor.'

He grabbed her and held her in a tight embrace, even as he leaned down, his lips next to her ear. 'We just have to get out of here first. I have a plan.' He began to whisper the details of his plan in her ear. Sarah only nodded as she stood by his side, ready to execute his plan and already looking forward to getting back to the TARDIS. For a multitude of reasons.