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"Firestar, just join Facebook! You're always last to know things. It was a miracle you knew when the Gathering was!" Sandstorm pestered me. I got worried. Usually, when Sandstorm pesters, she gets what she wants. Plus, she doesn't care how long she pesters. So, to avoid a day or two w/ Sandstorm breathing down my pelt, I surrendered. "Fine, I will do it." I say. Sandstorm cheers, and then goes to get some fresh-kill. Did I mention that pestering gets her hungry? Oh well.

After I typed up Facebook on my computer and signed up, I had my profile. I can decorate it any way I want. Should I decorate it w/ ThunderClan pictures, Sandstorm pictures, or Spottedleaf pictures? These questions filled my brain until I heard the Notifications jingle, "DING, DING, DING!" Ugh, how I HATE that jingle. I finally gave up and started to read the comment.

Bluestar: Well, look who joined! Whoa, did BLUESTAR just comment on my profile? After recovering from my visible shock, I commented back, Firestar: Wait StarClan has internet? Lolz. Another comment. Graystripe: Yeah, I was freaked out but happy when Silverstream friended me. Oh no, I guess Millie just read her mate's comment because she's screaming her head off right now. Poor Graystripe. I was getting bored, so I started exploring Facebook.

A/N: I know you can't decorate Facebook profiles or the notifications part DOES NOT have a jingle. I just wanted to change something. Well, as you have figured out, each post will be a one-shot! So wait for those! Thank you for reading!