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Firestar's POV:

Now let's see if I can use ChatCat without logging off after 1 minute! I thought. I signed up on Chat Room #2 and strarted typing.

tHe_FiRe_WiThIn has signed in.

tHe_FiRe_WiThIn: Hello, anyone on?

FaSt_As_A_lEoPaRd, StOp_LoOkInG_At_My_PaWs, and ThE-oNlY_OnE have signed in.

FaSt_As_A_lEoPaRd: Hello Firestar. How is ThunderClan doing?

StOp_LoOkInG_At_My_PaWs: Yes, please DO tell! (Murmuring suckers!)

ThE-oNlY_OnE: Don't listen to Blackstar. He's just trying to find ThunderClan's weakness.


tHe_FiRe_WiThIn: O_o. Wow, Blackstar, pretty pony? Rofm!

StOp_LoOkInG_At_My_PaWs: Sorry, My deputy, Russetfur is mad at me right now so she is posting weird thing. CLAN LIFE? I'D RATHER BE A KITTYPET! I'm thinking about downgrading her.

ThE-oNlY_OnE: Firestar, can you get Leafpool to talk to Crowfeather? He's sulking and cannot catch prey. We tested it by ACTUALLY putting an alive rabbit on his paws, and he started crying and said Leafpool is as gentle as a rabbit. He's inside the warriors den sulking.


FaSt_As_A_lEoPaRd: You DO know that we ALL can see you post this. The clans are at peace right now. YOU'RE GOING TO BREAK THE PEACE! We WILL side w/ Onestar.

StOp_LoOkInG_At_My_PaWs: ShadowClan, RETREAT! RUSSETFUR IS THE GREATEST CAT EVER, NO WAIT, RUSSETSTAR! I'm back, remind me to give Russetfur kit duties for a moon. Well, bye!

StOp_LoOkInG_At_My_PaWs, FaSt_As_A_lEoPaRd, ThE-oNlY_OnE, and tHe_FiRe_WiThIn have signed out.

Wow, Russetfur and Crowfeather sure have some issues! I logged off and went to join a hunting patrol.

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