Hi, I'm YprocKcid, and welcome back to another exhilarating chapter of TAWoG: An Athnology.

Our next fanfic here features a very controversial pairing. A incestuous pairing. No, it's not Gumball and Darwin. It's Gumball and his mother, Nicole Watterson.

Much to the chagrin of others, this pairing is extremely popular in the fandom. So much that there is a short comic on Paheal of the two of them performing Anal. It's very popular on the site.

In the show, Nicole is shown to be highly aggressive. Raising her kids with tough love, disciplining her husband and beating up armed criminals. That behavior has really fascinated the audience and immediately, she became a fan favorite.

This fanfic was found at /co/, same as our previous fanfic. An anon posted a link to a fanfic stating that this particular story may be unsuitable for most people, and warned everyone who might be interested to read it at their own risk.

The fanfic takes place some time after the events of The Dress. Nicole discovers that Gumball has been wearing her wedding dress, and so she punishes him.

And now here it is, as it was originally made, the fanfic featuring Gumball and Nicole. Read at your own risk:

"No Mo- aaaauughhhh..." Gumball whimpered, his feline shaft being petted ever so slowly by his mother.

"Don't you 'No mom!' me, mister! You've had this coming to you for a long time!" She said scornfully, continuing to paw at his erected member delicately. It had been this way for that entire afternoon. Her playful petting at his sensitive shaft. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Actually, most of the time slow, so agonizingly slow. The small feline male was bound to a bed post, completely undressed in his mother's room. "How dare you wear my wedding dress to school!" She said, gripping the tip of his rod tightly in her paw.

"AH! M-mom, please! It...it wasn't my faul-ahaaaaa!" She cut him off again by licking around the tip of his shaft, cleaning off another dab of pre-cum that had been leaking from the head.

"And that's EXACTLY why your father is NEVER doing the laundry again! But NO changing the subject! You're being punished!" She relieved her grip on the boy's throbbing erection, which kept it's rigid form, defying gravity. Gumball had never felt this way before, he didn't even know how to describe it properly. Such intense pleasure, but it quickly became painful as his body demanded release. Not from the bonds, but whatever his mother was doing to him. His body needed closure soon.

Nicole stood up, unbottoning her shirt before throwing it across the room and kneeling over her son, petting both his head and the top of his twitching manhood gently. "Mommy's gonna get something special for you, okay sweetie?" She whispered lovingly into his ear. She stood up and walked over to a dresser next to the bed. Looking through the contents, she kicked off her skirt and found what she was looking for.

"There we go, something for my little troublemaker!" She returned to the naked and bound lad, her fist closed and a sinister grin etched across her face. "THIS, is not just for my wedding dress, but ALSO for that little incident with the DVD. Don't think for a second I forgot about that!"

"Mom...mom please, I...I feel really weird. I gotta go to the bathroom I-I think." He stuttered, drunk from the flood of new emotions he was experiencing. His mother giggled innocently and smiled.

"Oh son, these are feelings are natural for a boy your age. It just means you're growing into a healthy young boy!" She got closer to him, her chest just inches over the boy's scrotum, she could feel the heat coming off of it. "But right now, we're focusing on your punishment." She said sternly, opening her hand to reveal a plastic egg with a cord coming out of it and going into a small device with a dial on it.

"Wh-what is that thing?" Gumball stammered, his body shaking from the pleasure. He had been at the brink of release for this whole time, he wanted it to end so badly. That sinister smile of his mother's came back again.

"It's another part of your punishment, to make sure you never cross Mommy ever again, sweetie!" She turned the dial slightly and a dull "bzzz" could be heard from the egg as it vibrated gently. The small feline was nervous.

"What are you going to do with that Mom? Mom!" He cried out as Nicole flipped him over, and inserted the small device up into his small booty hole, implanting the egg inside him. He could feel the toy shake his insides, unable to stop it. "Aaaaagghh!" He moaned deeply, feeling the vibrations only add to his stiffened rod. Pre-cum began to leak again out of the boy's shaft, now moreso than before. His mother bent down and gripped it softly, rubbing the tip against her laced bra.

"Aww, such a naughty kitty." She cooed, feeling his member throb in her hand once again. She let go as more pre-cum began to leak and descend down the boy's shaft. The boy shook as another spasm of pleasure went through him as Nicole turned the dial again, intensifying the egg's vibrations. She then sat down in front of him, opening her legs as he gandered at her nether region. "Such a naughty, naughty boy..." She cooed again. His mouth was now agape, drooling, his mind a plethora of pleasure and pre-pubescent hormones. He wanted nothing more than to free his hands to release this unimaginable pressure that has been building and building ever so slowly in his groin. If it wasn't released soon, he felt like he was going to lose all train of thought.

"Mo-wha? I gotta...I gotta, please let me..." He couldn't organize his words correctly anymore, his mind losing control over his bodily functions. He shook once again, as the little egg began to vibrate much more violently inside him with the dial now at max. Nicole watched as his prick throbbed and shook, more pre-cum starting to dabble out. He was panting, as sweat dripped down his face, his chest rising up and down frantically.

"Oh, it'd be a shame to keep you going like this." She said finally, closing up her legs and crawling over the boy. "I think it's time we finish this up, hmm?" She flipped the blue kitten upside down again, his erected, throbbing rod staring him right in the face. She grabbed the shaft and started to pump as fast as her arm muscles permitted. Gumball let out a sharp cry of pained ecstasy, as his load shot out of him, splattering all over his face and chest as his mother continued to milk her son dry. The pressure that had been building for hours on end, had finally found a release. Cum continued to shoot out of the boy's prick, now soaking into the carpet and some into the boy's opened mouth, who payed no heed to it as he finally got what he wanted. She planted a kiss on the tip of the boy's shaft, still leaking cum.

"Ugh! Such a mess you've made!" Nicole said, pumping out the last remnants of remaining cum onto the boy. She gathered some off of her breast and licked it clean. "Do you see what happens when you cross Mommy?" She said, bending forward over Gumball, now covered in his own jizz. His only response was one eye opening and a slight nod of the head. She got up satisfied. "Good! Now clean yourself up, we're having dinner in half an hour. After that, your father and I are gonna have a little chat about disobeying when I say NOT to do the laundry..."

So yeah, the end I guess...

It should be interesting to note here that this fanfic was created after the writer read the fanfic of Gumball and Carrie, the same fanfic from our last chapter.

Isn't it interesting to see how one thing affects the next thing and so on? Perhaps we'll see if somebody will write a story after reading this fanfic of Gumball and Nicole. All we can do is wait and see.

Tune in next time where we will revisit our favorite emo ghost; Carrie, along with someone else we haven't seen here yet on TAWoG: An Athnology.

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