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(Haruhi's Point of View)

As we reached the beach, I saw Mori out in the distance (how can you not with his height?). Hunny was in the sand making castles and The Twins were out in the water splashing the crap out of each other in that "brotherly love" they always do… but where is Tamaki and Kyoya? Probably in the car. I couldn't believe that I was right, they would be here. But why in the world would they go to a public beach? Probably because they knew that this was the closest beach to my apartment.

Arai must have seen them too because I could hear him utter profanities under his breath. I ignored him and hopped off the bike as he went to park it. I walked over to the steps next to the building where the bathrooms were (it was a few meters away anyway) and sat on the second to last step. I looked at all of the palm trees in the area and noticed that they were still. I licked my finger and held it up in the air. Nothing. I sighed. At least the sand won't get in your eyes when you look in a certain direction. That bugs the hell out of me. I closed my eyes so I could hear the soft crashes of the waves up shore.

"Haruhi, are you okay?" I could hear Arai's voice and looked up, eyes wide open.

"Yeah. Fine. I just have a lot on my mind is all," I said as I pushed the bangs back out of my eyes.

"What was it that you wanted to talk about anyway?" He took a seat on the step next to me and looked out into the ocean. "Did something bad happen?" he said, his voice getting louder.

"Oh, no. Everything's fine… well ninety-nine percent of it. Something happened when Kyoya was at my house." I looked out into the ocean along with him and saw why he loved to come here so much.

It was beautiful.

The sun set gracefully on the water, every minute it is sinking producing more colors in the sky. They start out as a bright yellow, and then fade to orange, red, pink, and a very light shade of blue... Then back behind us, where the rays are too far away, it turns to the most astonishing mix of purple and blue hidden behind a few drifting clouds. But then if you look too far, you see the city-the absolute worst part of this moment. You can hear in the distance, the low bustle of cars and horns honking, sometimes the occasional siren of a fire truck or ambulance. How charming. Don't you just love to hear noise on a quiet, peaceful day?

"Haruhi, what happened?" I jumped a little at the sound of Arai's voice after straining my ears to hear the city a mile away. I slowly turned my head and looked into his eyes. I saw nothing but concern in them. It made me want to cry that people cared so much for me without asking for anything in return.

He studied my features, knowing I was about to give an answer. I had to think on how to say this. Knowing Arai, he would probably want to punch Kyoya in the face no matter how I explain it to him. But it was still a shock that even I couldn't comprehend.

"Umm… today, I went to the store with dad, and I bought a book," I started slowly speaking each word like I'm talking to a toddler-"and when we came home, I went up to my room to read it. After a while, I got bored of it and walked downstairs to see what was for dinner. Dad was sitting at the table with Kyoya, talking about something which I have no idea. I ate dinner and talked a little myself. After I was done eating, I turned on my phone and realized I have a voicemail from Tamaki. I listened to it and deleted it." I stopped talking to he could process the information. After about a minute or so, he nodded his head, giving me the sign for me to continue.

"Kyoya and my dad both wondered who I was talking to and said it was a voicemail from Tamaki. In the message, Tamaki asked why Kyoya was at my house, because somehow, Kyoya or the twins told him where he was going. I said I wanted to know myself when he answered that he was just asking dad a few questions. Then…then-"I cut off, silently cursing myself to even think about telling Arai any of this.

"Then…," he urged. I was looking out for his feelings.

"Then… I went up to my room and Kyoya wanted to talk to me alone. He shut the door and he said that he knew how I felt about… Tamaki." I could hear Arai inhale sharply, the exhale through his teeth, leaving a low hiss before the dead silence. "I asked him how he knew, and he said that it was easy to figure out. Then he… then he kissed me."

That did it.

Arai stood up, pacing back and forth in front of me on the sand. I looked away from him and onto the spot where he was sitting just a second ago. I tried to go through this story from his point of view, but all I could see was anger and jealousy.

It took me a minute to pull myself out of my thought when I realize that he was stomping towards the Host Club. I call out his name to tell him I wasn't finished with the story yet. I stood up, quickly brushed the sand off of my shorts, and walked toward him. I held onto his harm, keeping a firm grip on it so I could get his attention, and so he would stop walking and listen to what I have to say.

"When he started to kiss me, I tried to push him off but he wouldn't move-" This set the bomb. He started to breathe heavily like that one guy on Twilight when he finds out that he had no chance with the girl. It was funny during the movie, but now... That is probably how he felt right now. He felt that he had no chance to get to my heart– "so I bit his tongue and he apologized for doing something that was so stupid. Don't take it out on Kyoya. He just didn't know how to deal with these emotions. He never loved anyone. Not his dad, his brothers or his sister or mother…"

I was now talking more to myself then to Arai.

"He just wanted to express when he held inside for so long before something happened and he gets hurt. I don't want you to end up the same way. You both know how I am about everyone else's feelings around me. I can never figure them out. They are so distant to me that I feel like such an airhead when someone tells me that they asked me out once, and I didn't even know it." His breathing slowed until it was silent.

"Just like you. I'm sorry that I didn't know. But it doesn't mean that I don't want you to be around me once in a while. Are you okay?" I look up at him, and notice that he was looking down where the boys were.

"Fine. But... I just… "He cut himself off. I held onto his arm tighter when he reached the other to wrap around me. I froze at the sudden warmth, but soon returned the hug, knowing that Arai was going to be by my side until I die.

Suddenly, the wind took its chance at this moment to start to blow lightly on my face. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I wanted to stay like this forever, but there was always that one interruption.

"Haru-chan! You're here!" Speak of the devil. I let go of Arai and walked side-by-side with him towards where I heard Hunny called my name. Mori was now laying down on a towel to soak up some sun, and the twins were burying each other in the sand, in a giant pit that came from nowhere. I looked around, and there was still no sign of Tamaki or Kyoya. I guess Arai had the same idea though, because he was looking out in the parking lot when the two obviously weren't in the area.

"Haru-chan, Haru-chan! Look! I made a sand castle and Takashi didn't even help!" Hunny-sempai pointed excitedly at a well-built sand castle. I do have to admit, he did a better job that I would have ever done. I smiled at him and told him that I loved it. He smiled even wider and ran towards Mori-sempai to eat some cake. Arai started to wander on his own after his failed search of the two boys.

"Arai, where are you going?" I truthfully didn't expect an answer, but he did.

"Just going for a walk. I need to think," he said, his back still facing towards me. I shrugged the guilt-feeling off of me and sat in the sand next to a set of empty chairs.

"Hey, Haruhi. What's he doing here?" I looked up to see Kaoru standing next to one of the chairs, facing the direction that Arai walked off to. I looked in the same direction when I answered.

"I told him to come here. I wanted to talk to him, and we talked. He is walking around on the beach to cool off," I said, begging that the twin didn't want to talk about what Arai and I talked about. By next week, the club would probably know and if not, well, what they don't know doesn't hurt them, right?

"Oh. Okay. Well, do you want to come and bury me so Hikaru so I could have a race to see who can escape the sand faster?" he asked with a grin on his face. He does realize that it will be really hard, right? I looked out toward Hikaru, but he was busy covering his legs with sand.

"Sure," I shrugged while standing up. I put the thoughts of earlier today out of my head. I don't want to bring anything up that will upset Hikaru, and possibly Kaoru. I already have to deal with one hot-head and myself. I couldn't withstand another.

But still… what they don't know won't hurt them.

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