Author's Note: Inspired by Egypt Central's White Rabbit and the DMC 3 manga I just recently purchased. ;) And if you haven't read the manga, well it's awesome. A shame the artist quit after Code 2 though. :(

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White Rabbit

Dante walked in the bar, Bull's Eye, looking to get plastered and forget all about work. The juke box played a rock song in the background. He slipped onto a bar stool and ordered the cheapest beer they offered.

White rabbit, straight jacket,

Your magic white rabbit has left it's writing on the wall,

We follow like Alice and just keep diving down the hole.

I won't be pushed aside, I will be heard, I will get what I want, what I deserve.

Dante snorted. If the guy who was singing had been in his shoes last night, he wouldn't be blithely singing about rabbits and Alice. He tapped his foot to the beat. It actually suited his mood at the moment.

Maybe he should buy one of those music devices he's heard so much about, and take it along with him on jobs. Dante could picture himself hacking and slashing some lower level dirtbags and jamming to some heavy stuff. He grinned to himself. He liked this idea a lot.


Several hours later, Dante found himself being escorted out the door for causing a 'ruckus'. It wasn't his fault that guy asked him why his hair was such a sissy color; it also wasn't his fault he broke the guy's nose for as Dante quoted 'putting it in other people's business'. He grinned drunkenly. It had been worth it.

He saw a strange shadow on the wall in front of him. It looked like...

"A fucking rabbit?"

As the words left his mouth, the shadow materialized into the life sized stuffed rabbit, Rabbi, inhabited by a demon.

"Son of Sparda," bowed Rabbi.

"Look, enough of this shit, ok? You gave me my money and kept the girl, what more do you need from me."

"Your brother, of course."

Dante's brows furrowed, "Vergil? What the hell do you want with that asshole?"

Rabbi sniffed and pushed his spectacles higher up on his nose, "That is none of your concern. By the way, how is that amulet of yours?"

"None of your damn business," he snarled.

"Touchy," Rabbi smirked.

Dante pulled Rebellion from his back, "You better hop along and dive back down that rabbit hole of yours before I send you back the hard way."

Rabbi bowed again, "Always a pleasure, Son of Sparda."

He melted into the shadows and disappeared before Dante had enough time to sheath Rebellion onto his back.

"You're pulling us, dragging us down this dead end road," muttered Dante.

Sighing, Dante headed back to his place to sleep off the rest of the booze.


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