Wow, i've been in a writing mood today. Okay so this is going to be a bunch of one shots set in my Thunderstorm universe (which means that B&B are married and have three kids together, a girl and twin boys, along with parker.) these are going to focus on Parker. I have another collection about his sister called That Booth Girl. Also, there will be one, eventually, about the twins and possibly a B&B one. I hope you like this.

Parker watches the passing buildings through the car window, idly playing with the edge of his shirt. His face is set in a frown as he thinks about where he is going and what it means.

"You excited to see your sister, Parks?" Rebecca says from the front seat.

"Yeah," he smiles at his mother slightly as she looks at him in the rear view mirror. "I bet Dad will have a goofy smile."

"Oh I'm sure of it," she replies with a chuckle, remembering that smile when Parker was born.

Parker looks back out the window, feeling slightly guilty. He didn't lie, he is excited. But he can't help but feel pushed aside. He and his dad have talked a lot over the past months and he knows that he is loved. But he doesn't know where he belongs, what his place is anymore. He's not his dad's only child anymore, now he's his dad's first kid, the one not with the woman he loves.

He makes idle talk with his mom as she parks the car and they walk into the hospital. He doesn't want anyone to know about his thoughts, to ruin this day for his dad and Bones. He smiles slightly thinking about Bones, the two of them bonding during the past months. Bones is one of the few people who have answered his question without any bullcrap. He remembers the conversation where she explained how she would still love him after the baby, saying that as a primate it is engineered in their DNA. He didn't fully understand what she was saying but he got the gist of it; Bones loved him like her own.

Reaching the waiting room he is greeted by the smiling Squint Squad, all clapping his back and asking him how it feels to be a big brother. He smiles and says he doesn't know. Because he doesn't, figures he won't for a while. He isn't even sure what a big brother is really supposed to do, especially with a little sister. It's not like he can teach her about sports or stuff like that.

Suddenly his dad is strolling down a hallway towards the group and sure enough that big goofy grin is on his face. Everyone congratulates him and he kisses Rebecca on the cheek, but his attention is fully on Parker.

"You want to see her?" he asks his son, his eyes still a little teary from holding his baby girl.

Parker nods and is lead down the hallway, his father's hand on his shoulder. With each step Parker is filled with a strange sense of dread. What if he doesn't love her the way he should? What if he resents her? What if his dad and Bones sense it and don't want him around anymore?

"How-how's Bones?" he asks, trying to get a sense of how to act around her when they enter the room.

"She's fine, a little tired," Booth tells him, smiling fondly and a little dreamily. He turns them towards a door and opens it, letting Parker enter first.

"Hey," Bones says softly from the bed, a pink bundle in her arms.

Parker is surprised at how tired she looks her hair kind of wet from sweat and her cheeks pink. He is afraid to walk to close in case he hurts her, but his dad hand on his back and Bones' happy smile urges him forward.

"This is your sister," Brennan tells him, smiling and speaking in soft loving voice. "Christine Angela Booth."

She pulls back the blanket surrounding the new born to reveal her face. Parker blinks as he looks down at her, stunned by the emotions surging through him. Slowly he reaches a finger forward but stops halfway. He looks up at Bones, silently asking for permission, taking her widening smile as the go ahead. Lightly, almost too light to notice, he caresses Christine's cheek. She stirs a little but settles quickly, enjoying her sleep.

"Want to hold her bub?" Booth asks.

Parker looks at him, a small nervous smile on his face, not sure if he should or not. His dad just smiles and pats him on the shoulder, telling him to sit on the chair. As he does, Booth steps to Brennan and takes his daughter from her hands. He coos to the baby softly as he brings her to Parker, still in awe of the little life.

"Okay, Parks, put your arms like mine," Booth instructs him. Slowly he lowers her, adjusting the boy's hold a little. "Watch her head. There you go."

Parker looks down, feeling awkward, not sure what to do. He hears a click and looks up, seeing his dad taking lowering a camera, his goofy smile still in place.

"Talk to her," Brennan suggests, leaning back on the bed tiredly. "She'll recognize your voice. She's heard it for nine months."

"Um, hi," Parker says a little embarrassed, looking back down at the newborn. "I'm Parker. I'm…"

Slowly, her eyes open, just a crack. Parker stared into her blue eyes, lost. It suddenly hits him; this is his sister. Will always be his sister, no matter what happens. It's then that he pays attention to her weight in his arms and how small she really is.

"You're so tiny," he whispers, smiling. "Tiny Tiney."

She blinks at him and her face twitches and Parker thinks that maybe she's trying to smile at him. It's in this moment that he realizes what his place is, who he is in this family now.

"Hi Tiney. I'm Parker. I'm you big brother."

Thoughts? Oh and if there's something you really want to see, just tell me and I'll probably do it. THanks!