Ciel stepped carefully though the dying rose bushes, watching as his grey boots left tracks in the blanket of white snow. Inch by inch, the young heir neared endless maze before him, unclipped hedges taunting him with their foreboding nature. The heir has come to us to die, they seemed to hiss.

"Yes. I have come to die," Ceil answered, untying his eye patch. He let the soft, satin ribbon slip through his fingers, watching as it fell to the snow at his feet. Then, shedding his black overcoat as well, Ciel entered the maze.

Silently, the last heir to the Phantomhive name made his way through the monstrous hedges, leaving his past behind, imprinted in the form of shadowy white footsteps. Sharp pain seized his arm, and the boy turned to examine a vine whose thorns began to claw into the soft flesh. Ciel tugged at his captor, but the vine would not release him. Finally, he gave in, observing as his own blood stained the silken white sleeve of his tunic.

"Bocchan." His voice came like ice, emotionless, freezing. Ciel turned to face the demon, a frown upon his lips. "This is no place for a human." Sebastian removed the lecherous vine from Ciel's arm and lifted the boy effortlessly into his arms. A small smile graced the demon's lips, and man's beautiful features relaxed into relief.

"Sebastian," the boy began. Ciel looked straight up into the demon's crimson eyes, lips parted slightly.

"Yes, My Lord," the man answered, gazing steadily back into Ciel's mismatched eyes. His young master did not finish but did not break eye contact. "What is it?"

"It doesn't matter," Ciel finally answered, turning his eyes down. "I'm freezing; take me back to the mansion."

"Yes, My Lord."

Sebastian made fast work of the buttons on Ciel's shirt, pulling the ruined fabric slowly away from his master's injured arm. Retrieving a roll of bandages, the demon removed his pure white gloves with his teeth, exposing the seal of their contract. Sebastian watched as the boy's blood continued to seep out of several deep holes on his upper arm, eyeing it hungrily. With glowing eyes, the demon butler leaned over the pale boy, tracing his tongue slowly over the puncture wounds.

"Sebas—" Ciel cut off when he felt the demon's eyes upon his again. Gently, the demon bandaged the wound and turned to retrieve Ciel's night shirt from an expensively upholstered chair near the window. Neither uttered a word as the demon dressed his master for bed.

After he had finished, Sebastian stood, crossing his left hand over his chest, and then turned to leave.

"Sebastian," Ciel called.

"Yes, Bocchan," his butler replied, turning back to face the young boy. Ciel stood and walked slowly to the large window. As he gazed out into the still, black night, he continued.

"You'll stay with me until I achieve my revenge," Ciel stated. But, in fact, the statement came more as a question.

"I will stay by your side until the end, Bocchan," the demon answered. "Is that all, Young Master?" The young Phantomhive did not answer but continued to gaze into the stars, letting his vision slip in and out of focus. "My Lord?"

"Sebas—yes that is all." The demon gave his master one last glance stepped out into the hall, closing the door silently behind him.

"Yes, My Lord," the demon whispered, kissing the seal on the back of his hand.