Good evening, my lovelies.

Originally, I had intended to write a one chapter epilogue for Seeing Black; however, after spending sixteen hours in a car, I came up with an idea for a full-blown sequel; here's a sneak peek inside the new story.

It occurs in our time and our universe, and I will publish it as a separate story, which I will name "The Bloody Mary Murder Files."

Here goes...

Bored out of his mind, the Earl Phantomhive lazily picked up a sleek, black remote, flipping through hundreds of channels absentmindedly, before stopping on the local news station, which he tuned out of quickly.

As luck would have it, the demon boy's lover/butler/secretary/whatever-the-heck-he-was-now had left not an hour later to go run errands in the city.

Being the C.E.O. of Phuntom Toys didn't really require too much effort (though inventing more excuses for his never-aging appearance and occasionally coming up a new alias provided some entertainment), and, because Sebastian spent so much of his time managing various subdivisions of the company, Ciel often found himself slouching in a lavish, leather armchair in front of the seventy-two inch, plasma screen television in the , watching badly-acted soap operas and dull, predictable, action series, loaded with pointless violence and little logic.

Ciel decided that he would—deliberately—hire an additional ten people to take over some of the older demon's work…because, quite frankly, the Phantomhive Earl—and this was something he would never willingly or openly admit—enjoyed that man's company far more than he thought he ought to; as the years passed, Ciel became progressively more addicted to the little time they spent together, particularly the night hours.

But that caused Ciel (even after two hundred years) to blush profusely, so he hastily pushed it to the back of his mind, bringing forth the current business of remodeling the Phantomhive manor.

This included adding several hundred—extremely expensive, mind you—custom hybrid, rose bushes to the grounds, wallpapering and painting every room, refinishing the furniture, restoring the many paintings, and updating all the technology…all which Sebastian—or Ciel himself, really—was capable of taking care of, single-handedly… but that was entirely unnecessary, considering the ridiculously extravagant fortune that had accumulated over two centuries.

The news that night consisted of various clips from the London Olympics, all of which Ciel smirked at, smugly, his perfect lips twisting up at one corner.

No matter how impressive the athletes might have appeared to a human, Ciel, even being a younger and weaker demon, was fully capable of performing any of the activities with several times the speed, skill, and strength. Gymnastics was the only sport that the Earl Phantomhive held a shred of respect for, due to the lithe, flexible bodies of both the males and females.

Even from across the estate, Ciel noted the low scrape of the front door against the door frame; Sebastian was home.

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