Author's Note: Inspired by Aiden's Hurt Me. I really like this song and most of the lyrics really suit Vergil. :) Enjoy.

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Hurt Me

He didn't know why he had ignored Dante's gesture. Dante meant well, but the defeat still left Vergil stinging and hollow.

He meant it when he said he wanted to stay here, in the Demon World. If he stayed, he could acquire so much more power, to protect what he couldn't. Weakness. He spat. It even tasted as vile as it felt.

So, he let himself fall into oblivion. Would Dante's countenance be the last thing he would see? Somehow that didn't make him as upset as he thought it would. He hoped Dante would come to understand. All he had tried to do had been to protect them; to keep what family they had left safe.

The bitterness surged within him. He had failed again when Arkham had betrayed him. He should have seen that fool a mile away, but he had become eager in his quest for Father's power. At least Dante and he had defeated that clown.

Jackpot. A chuckle left him. Dante would never change, but he found that he could live with that, now that he had seen his brother become his own demon. Father would be proud of him. Vergil grimaced. Father wouldn't be as proud of him, he was sure of it.

He realised that he had not been falling for quite some time. Gritting his teeth, Vergil raised himself up from the blood covered floor. The battle with Dante and left him spent. Standing to his full height, he noticed an ominous light in the distance. A triangle made up of three pulsing orbs of light came near to where Vergil had landed from his fall from grace.

"It would be fun to fight the Prince of Darkness. If my father did it, then I should be able to do it too!"

Vergil raised his katana and charged forward.


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