He ran a hand through his shaggy brown hair, the tips of it just barely grazing the tops of his eyes, a mixture of brown and gray-streaked fluff. The book he was reading was almost as old as the furniture he was sitting on, but he didn't have much of a choice, Sirius was of the opinion that if they tried to move anything out of the house, Kreacher might strangle them all in their sleep. So the furniture, as well as the book, A Guide to Lycanthropy: Symptoms and Choices, were here to stay, regardless of their comfort or use. But even more uncomfortable than the couch was the fact that he was not alone in the living room.

Tonks was seated not fifteen feet away, leaning on one arm of a recliner with her legs thrown over the other side, reading an edition of the quibbler that Hermione had left over a month ago during the holidays. He was more than aware that her gaze occasionally flicked over to him, full of curiosity and interest, but she was yet to say anything, which was unusual for her. She had a reputation as the most eccentric and presumably most outspoken member of the order, although she would have to work hard to rival Sirius in that category, even though her outbursts tended to be far more appropriate, and much less insulting.

"This magazine is interesting." It was a statement, and Remus looked over the top of his book to see her flip the magazine over and continue reading it. "Have you ever read it, Remus?"

She looked at him now, smiling a little bit, but it was slightly reserved. "I read Harry's article when it was printed, but beyond that, I can't say I have." He returned the smile in a very Remus manner, only the corner of his lips twitching upwards before his eyes flickered back to his book.

She cocked an eyebrow at him, which made him feel uncomfortably scrutinized by her. "Have you ever heard of a Crumple-Horned Snorkack?" He jerked up to see her looking directly at him.

"I can't say that I have. Has one been spotted?" She let out a little laugh before glancing back at the page.

"It says here that they are more common around rural areas, explaining why there have been no reported sightings." She turned the page. "Here's a picture of one, apparently." She held the magazine up to him, a mix between a toad, a horse, a rabbit, and a gorilla with horns was looking back at him. He couldn't help it, and laughed. "This is an original illustration by 8 year old Jared Michaels, who says this is his favorite creature."

Both of them laughed for a minute before it faded into a distressed silence, finally broken by the arrival of Sirius, fresh out of the shower, his long hair wetting the cushion as he sat down on the couch. "Tonks, Moony. What are you two doing?"

"Reading." Remus answered automatically, pulling his book back up to his face. Tonks did the same with her magazine; the only part of her head visible now was her bright pink shock of hair showing over the top of the magazine.

Sirius looked at her, then back at Remus, then back to his cousin. "Well, you're a fun lot aren't you? I finally get company, and all you do is read." Remus smirked form behind his book as Sirius stretched out on the couch and continued his rant.

"You would think that if you were allowed to visit a man's house whenever you felt like it, the least you could do was talk to him while you were here. But apparently, you all don't think so. No, it's perfectly all right for you to take up furniture space, yet you won't take a few minutes to talk to me while you're here." He waited on a reaction from either one, and upon receiving no gratification, stood up. "I need a drink." He walked to the kitchen slowly, still waiting on a reply, but got none, at least not one that he could hear.

"He's a nutter." Tonks said, putting down her magazine at the same time Remus lowered his book, both of them laughing at the man they could hear singing in the kitchen as he rustled through the whiskey cabinet above the refrigerator.

"Wouldn't you be if you were locked in here all day?" Remus said seriously but smiled a little as one of the lines of "Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love" floated down the hall.

"I would find something to entertain myself, other than drinking all the Fire-whiskey and tormenting house-elves." Remus laughed, but pulled his book back up to his face as Sirius came back into the room, reaching the third chorus of his song. Or rather, Celestina Warbeck's song.

"I would offer the two of you a drink, but you don't really deserve it." He took a long gulp, swallowing half a glass at once. "And I'm running a little low."

He didn't understand at all when both Remus and Tonks burst out laughing.

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