The Skylark and the Cat Chapter One

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"What do you mean, transfer?" I asked, arching a brow in confusion.

"I mean, you shouldn't stay in Namimori middle school any longer," said the principal, rubbing his forehead with a sigh of defeat. "You're seventeen now. You've done a great job of keeping everyone in line up to now, and we all appreciate that, but you need your education."


"Hibari," interrupted the principal, his glasses glinting dangerously. I fell quiet, and looked down at the floor. "It's okay, we got your flight tickets already," the other said. I looked back up, masking my disappointment. How far away from Namimori will I have to go? "You're going up north to be educated in Tora High School," the principal told me. Tora High School? I'd never heard of it. I hoped they had a prefect committee, at least.


Then I wouldn't be the leader.


"When do I head out?" I asked in a voice slightly quieter than normal.

"Your flight leaves today, but you needn't attend school until tomorrow. They'll probably have a student show you around," he informed me with a smile. I wanted to punch that smile off his face, I was so infuriated by this. I didn't want some herbivore to show me around, I wanted to stay in Namimori, where my only good memories were. "You can find yourself an apartment, right?"

"Yes," I muttered, seething with rage. 'Of all things, why a transfer?' "What time?"

"Your flight leaves at noon."


Only three hours until I'm sent off to a whole new life.

"What about the other Disciplinary members?" I asked, looking back up.

"They're all new or second years. I'm afraid you're the only one who will be going to Torakoa city," said the principal.

'At least no herbivores will be following me,' I thought dangerously. 'Wait, what's good about that? I won't know who's safe to beat up.'

"Hibari," said the principal, "Report back here once you're packed. I'll take you to the airport myself, it's not a long walk from here."

'Damn, and now this guy's got to tag along. Does he not trust me to get on the plane?' I thought bitterly.

"So I'd like you to head back to your house and get your things packed," the principal said, before gesturing my dismissal.

I walked out of the principal's office, clenching my teeth tightly. 'Who's ridiculous idea was it to get me transferred anyway?' I thought with anger, walking down the stairs with a dark aura. I headed down to the main hallway, glaring at everyone I passed.

"Hey, Hiba-"


The insolent person who approached me took a hit to the gut with a tonfa, before I continued out of the school. 'I hate weak herbivores,' I inwardly growled as I walked out of the entrance and started off towards my house.

When I finally arrived in front of the Japanese-styled home that I had lived in since the death of my parents, I almost couldn't fight off my tears. 'I can't believe I'm really leaving here,' I thought, brushing my hand over the paper of the door before sliding it open. I walked inside and looked around, feeling more and more disheartened by the minute.

'And what does he mean by apartment? There are hardly any 'apartments' these days that are styled in a proper Japanese manner,' I thought, taking a suitcase from the corner, something I thought I'd never have to use. I zipped it open and walked over to a dresser where I kept my clothes and began moving everything into the suitcase. I didn't need to take any of the furniture. I was sure wherever I was going had the neccessities. After packing my clothes, mostly just my Namimori school uniforms, a couple of jackets, underwear and pajamas, I took my steel tonfas from my jacket and placed them in as well. To most people, it seemed like they were simply my weapons, but in reality, they were a huge reminder of the past.

Of Namimori.

I stood back up straight and looked around my house once more, then removed my jacket and sat down on the floor. I looked at the Disciplinary Committe badge that I had pinned onto the sleeve of the jacket, and frowned.


Suddenly, a drop of water landed on the jacket. A tear. I wiped at his eyes, even more angry at myself for crying, and unpinned the badge from my coat. I got up and walked decisively over to the trash can, but stopped the second I was about to put the badge in. Another tear spilled over the edge of my eye, and I brought the badge up to my chest and clutched it. 'I can't show this weakness to anyone else,' I thought, finally letting the tears come. I couldn't stop once I started. I may have spent ten minutes just sitting there crying my eyes out. I hated that it happened.

I hated the weakness.

And yet...

I couldn't help it.

I walked back into the school, glad that class had begun once again so that no one would see me. I didn't feel like dealing with stupid herbivores after that embarassment. It had put the smallest chink in my pride, and I knew it must not happen again.

"Is that all you're taking, Hibari?" asked the principal once I'd entered the office.

"Yeah," I replied quietly, tugging my suitcase after me.

"Are you ready to leave, then?"

'Like hell I am,' I thought bitterly.

"Yeah, I'm ready," I told him.

"Okay, follow me," said the principal, standing and walking out. I followed, looking around the school one last time. Everything I had worked so hard to protect... was disappearing from my life.

"Midori, tanamiku, Namimori no~," sang a high-pitched voice.

I had almost forgotten.


The principal cleared his throat when the bird had landed on the open edge of the window.

"I take it you want to bring the bird with you?" asked the principal. I nodded and held out a finger, and smiled slightly when the bird fluttered over and obediently landed on it. "Man, more trouble," the principal huffed, leaving. I stabbed his back with my eyes, allowing Hibird to hop onto my head, which was practically its nest.

'Trouble?' I thought uncertainly. 'Hibird is really quiet and still when ordered, he can easily be passed off as a hat.'

"What are you going to do to get this to work out?" asked the principal, looking at the yellow bird with what I knew was disgust. How he managed to ignore the bird's ability to sing the Namimori Anthem which HE had composed, I have no idea.

"Hn. I'll buy him a cage on the way."

I could see him about to say 'we don't have the time for that', and glared. There was no way in hell I was going to leave Hibird behind as well as Namimori. The principal sighed and kept walking.

After purchasing a fair-sized cage for Hibird and placing some food in it, I opened the door and moved a hand up, silently commanding for the bird to flutter down onto it. Hibird did so, and I moved my hand into the cage with him on it. It was clear enough that Hibird didn't want to be in there, but I closed the door the second he fluttered to cling to a bar.

"Sorry," I breathed, moving the cage back down and heading after the principal with it swinging gently back and forth.

"Hibari, Hibari!" the bird chirped as the we walked. "Midori tanamiku, Namimori no~!"

"Hibird, quiet," I ordered in a hushed voice.

The bird sadly silenced himself and resorted to almost inaudible chirps of dissatisfaction. Either the principal didn't notice the immediate obedience, or simply chose to ignore it, and the two- three- of us continued. Finally, we had arrived at the airport. I shushed Hibird once more, then realized he'd been lulled into sleep by the swinging of the cage and smiled. 'Cute...,' I let myself think. I took my jacket off and placed it over the cage before tenderly picking it back up in one arm. I rested my head on the top of it as we walked over to the security area and said to the principal, "You know, I can make it myself. I've flown before."

"Alright, here's your ticket and transfer form," said the principal, handing it to my 'suitcase' hand.

"Thanks," I murmured, trying my best to not sound sarcastic.

"You're welcome," he replied, before ruffling my hair. "Good luck." And he walked away.

'Man, if I had the opportunity to kill him just now, I would've,' I inwardly hissed, watching the principal leave with anger written on my face. I gave a grunt of defeat when he had left my line of vision, and started off to get to the gate. Since everyone knew who I was and was scared of me, I didn't have to bother with security and all that. No one thought I was going to blow up a plane with me on it. That's a stupid idea anyway.

I walked up to the gate and took a seat in front of a window, where there was hardly anyone else. I watched planes land and take off, a bored expression on my face. 'This place is too loud for me.'

"Hibari, Hibari," chirped Hibird, who had woken up when I had set down his cage. I lifted my jacket off of the cage and set it on the ground beside the it, looking at the bird with slight sadness. He fluttered around in his cage, restless, chirping my name a couple more times. I lifted the cage into my lap and reached through the bars to pet the bird. "Shhhh," I soothed, rubbing his head with two fingers. "Just relax, Hibird, we'll be out of this place soon."

The bird quieted down to tweets of pleasure as I petted him, and I smiled as he closed his eyes once again.

"Attention passengers, flight number fifty-four gate seven to Torakoa city is boarding soon, still looking for passengers Hibari Kyoya and Nichijou Shiro, passengers Hibari Kyoya and Nichijou Shiro please come up to the check-in desk."

I growled lightly in my throat upon being paired up with some herbivore, but brushed it off as I picked up Hibird's cage, my jacket, and suitcase in order to get over there and check-in. Hibird fell totally silent when the jacket was draped over his cage once more, probably knowing at least that he needs to be quiet for a moment. I stepped up to the desk and passed the ticket over to the lady, still glaring. "Hibari Kyoya," I said, showing an I.D.

"Sir, what's in that you're covering?" she asked, indicating to the cage.

"A bird," I said simply.

"A live bird, sir?"

"No duh it's alive."

"Sir, we can't have live animals-"

"He's very quiet and won't bug anyone. I know, because he's been on planes before. On several occasions."

She fell quiet, a frustrated look on her face and checked me in as she should've done to begin with, before handing back the ticket. "Alright, just show that to them when you're boarding."

"I know," I muttered, walking back to my seat. I actually hadn't flown with Hibird before, but I prayed he'd be silent just for the sake of it.

I uncovered the cage and looked at him. "On the plane, you've got to be silent, okay? Not a peep. Literally." Hibird just looked around, before fluttering over to a different side of the cage and gripping the bars with his feet.

Once we were boarded, I pushed the suitcase onto the overhead luggage compartment and set Hibird in my lap, taking the jacket off the cage so he could see outside. I already knew that this was a full flight, so I'd have to allow annoying herbivores to sit next to me. Well, so long as they didn't touch me, or talk to me, or look at me, or breathe, everyone would get off this plane unscathed. ... Maybe I was being a little too harsh.

I was happy when the person beside me fell asleep, but almost killed them when I found out that they snored. I could live with it, but DAMN that was ANNOYING!

The take-off went fairly smoothly. I held Hibird's cage steady in my lap, even though the bird was losing his mind trying to get the hell out, and once the plane had gotten itself completely off the ground and the sound of tires rolling over the ground like thunder had died out, both me and Hibird were calming down.

The bird chirped happily as it looked out the window, having not experienced planes before. I shushed him, though I smiled softly, and looked out the window as well. Already, we were flying over hundreds of trees and hills. Japan really was a beautiful place. A craggy cliff by the ocean was drummed against by rolling waves that were peaceful as the clouds above us. I reached through the bars of Hibird's cage once more and stroked his head again. The bird closed his eyes and tweeted in pleasure, his chest feathers ruffling slightly.

"You may as well fall asleep, Hibird," I whispered, "This will probably be a while."

An hour later...

I was jostled awake when the plane hit the ground smoothly, but uncomfortably fast. The plane roared with effort as it skidded along the ground, struggling to slow itself. I clutched Hibird's cage tightly, trying to sit up properly, cursing my own body for being thrown against the back of the seat as it had been.

Finally, the plane slowed, and I sighed with relief, loosening my intense hold on the cage, and looked at Hibird. The bird's eyes looked like they might pop out of his little head, but he wasn't phsically injured.

"Passengers, we have arrived in Torakoa city, it is one fifty-six in the afternoon, and we are about fifteen minutes early. Please remain in your seats until the seatbelt light is turned off."

I leaned back against the seat, fighting back my tears once more. 'I'm not in Namimori anymore.'

'I don't think... I'll ever be in Namimori again.'

'... Ever.'
"Hibari, Hibari!" Hibird chirped, looking at me curiously.

"Sorry, Hibird, you'll be out of there soon. But listen, when you get out, you've got to stay right beside me the whole time."

Hibird gave a vigorous nod of agreement, before fluttering around in the cage to grab the bars again. "Midori tanamiku, Namimori no! Dainaku shounaku, Nami ga ii!"

Luckily, everyone else was loud enough for only me to hear the bird sing, but it still was just a tad embarassing. No one other than me really seemed to like that song.

I stayed on until the crowd had died down a bit, before standing, the handle of the cage in my hand, and moving out into the aisle. I took my suitcase from the overhead storage and walked off, Hibird fluttering off of the side bars and onto the floor of the cage.

"Hibari, Hibari!"

"Shhh," I hushed, "I'll take you out the second we step out of the airport."

The bird quieted once more, though he obviously didn't want to, and waited to feel fresh air against his feathers once again. I sighed as I stepped out into the foreign land, and unlocked Hibird's cage, and the bird sped out, chirruping with joy.

"Hibari, Hibari!" he sung, circling far above my head. I smiled sadly and watched for a moment, before I started walking towards a pay phone. I dialed for a taxi, glad that the number was right there on the phone for those who weren't familiar with the city. I held the phone to my ear, feeling that even the touch of that was unknown.

Hibird landed cheerfully on my head, and I wished that he could see the situation better.

After the call for a taxi was over, I walked over to a bench and sat down, then rested my head in my hands, and my arms on my knees. Hibird hopped onto my shoulder and remained quiet, sensing my frustration. I looked down at the cage. I probably wouldn't use it ever again, so I decided on simply leaving it there when the taxi came. The black suitcase set beside me, I looked out onto the streets. People I wasn't familiar with, territory I hadn't entered before...

It was heart-wrenching.

It wasn't long before the taxi came, and I slunk in like a cat, reluctant to trust another to do what I wanted.

"Where to?"

"Nearest apartment building to Tora High," I replied.

"Three hundred yen."

I sighed shortly before handing the driver three one hundred-yen coins. Once we were in movement, I found myself staring out of the window at the strange people, the strange buildings, the strange lights, the strange streets, the strange EVERYTHING!

I hated it.

I hated the inability to recognize the territory.

Finally, after having this huge argument with the manager that I was indeed old enough to rent an apartment, I was able to get myself a place to stay. But as I walked into the apartment, once again, tears welled up in my eyes. It was so foreign to me, I could hardly stand it. This was Japan, but this wasn't a traditional Japanese room. No shoji screens, futons, tatami mats, hell, I couldn't even see a bonsai. I couldn't handle it all.

"Damned place," I muttered, dragging the suitcase into the room. I knew I wouldn't even be able to sleep that night.

"Midori tanamiku, Namimori no~ Dainaku shounaku nami ga ii," sung Hibird, flying into the room and landing on a shelf. At the tune, another tear spilled over the edge of my eye.

"Damn!" I cursed, wiping the tear away, only to be welcomed with more. I spat out more curse words in frustration and walked over to sit down on the couch. I couldn't stop my heartbreaking thoughts.

'I'll never return to my home town again.'

'I'll be stuck here forever.'

'I'll be the odd one out at school, no one will be afraid of me.'

'I won't even get the pleasure of blood.'

'And like hell I'll get anything more.'

That night was spent with my eyes open, the prideless tears wracking my body. I wanted to feel as confident as I had before. I didn't want to feel like I'd never be at the top of my game again.

And so, by dawn, I had decided.

'I'm not going to be obedient.'

'I'm not going to be held back.'

'I won't be restrained.'

'I'm going to break free of any shackle, and I'm going to climb back up.'

'To the top.'

-End Chapter One

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