Heart of Hinata, Hear Me Roar!

Author's Note: I've decided to try my hand at a SasuHina fic, this was at first intended to be a one-shot, but then I thought, what a waste! I love it so much and I could definitely write more…

So anyway! Here's chapter 1!

Chapter 1: Her

The teenage boy walked through the dark blue double doors and into the bustling hallway. "Sasuke-kun!" a faceless girl screamed.

"Saaasssuukeeee~!" squealed another.

The boy continued to make his way through the halls sparing neither one of them, nor the other females and occasional males that stopped to openly ogle him, a sideward's glance.

It's not like she was the one calling out to him.

He didn't bother to stop by his locker, it would be surrounded by hoards of fans by now. He always tried to carry everything with him and only used the locker in the boys changing room for his kendo equipment.

Walking to his first period class he sat in his usual seat in the back and waited for class to start.

He didn't converse with anybody while he waited, he didn't want to, and besides, Uchiha aren't exactly the most approachable people on earth, especially Sasuke. Only his most daring fan-girls bother to openly approach him, especially in class.

He didn't have many friends either, despite the fact that he was incredibly popular. Most of his friends he knew through sports or through his annoying, knuckle-headed, and self-proclaimed best friend, Uzumaki Naruto.

He didn't really like the loud mouth at first, but he's become bearable. Sasuke still refuses to admit that he actually enjoys the blonde idiot's company now.

The late-bell rang and in rushed said blonde, "Top of the morning to ya, Teme!" well, he enjoys it most of the time.

Most of the Uchiha's classes went by in a blur, he wasn't called a genius for nothing, it didn't take much for him to comprehend what was being taught, he always self-taught himself ahead of the lesson plan anyway.

As sixth period rolled around he found his legs tingling. Lunch, this is usually when he is able to catch his first glimpse of her.

Class was dismissed and he stalked toward the cafeteria, he tried to contain his eagerness, but the usually stoic young-man always found himself feeling rather giddy at the thought of seeing her.

No one could ever tell though, not even his best friend and he was usually quite perceptive when it came to things you didn't want him to know.

Naruto did know about the Uchiha's crush though. So even if he couldn't see any outward signs of the boys excitement, he always pretended to, just to get under his skin, after all what are friends for?

"Relax, teme," he teased, "I'm sure your lovely Hinata-chan will still be there by the time we make it to our table."

An icy glare was sent his way. No one knew about his feelings for the Hyuuga, except this idiot. Though their friends and lunchmates Kiba and Shikamaru had their suspicions, they kept them secret.

Naruto just chuckled, "Okay, okay, no need to get your panties in a bunch."

When they reached the cafeteria Sasuke's eyes immediately darted over to her usual table. She wasn't there, worry began to settle in.

His face remained a stoic mask as he sat down at his usual spot at the table. His seat gave him a clear view of Hinata's table and her usual seat. Her two friends were seated in their usual places, the brunette girl Tenten, whose name he only remembered because she was Hinata's best friend, and the four-eyed boy Shino, whom he hated for his relationship with the gorgeous girl.

He kept sneaking glances at her table, trying not to be obvious. The three boys at the table didn't think this strange since he normally stared unwaveringly in her direction for the entirety of the lunch period.

What if she was absent today? His heart plummeted at the thought. But the Hyuuga girl had never been one to miss school. Still, when five minutes passed and she hadn't showed, he grew extremely irritated.

What a pointless day this turned out to be. Though his facial features didn't change, his eyes grew slightly duller and an ominous dark aura fell over the table.

None of the boys said anything, knowing how seriously the Uchiha would take a joke in this situation.

He glanced down at his lunch and, menacingly, shoveled some rice into his mouth.

Suddenly he saw some movement from her table, his head shot up. There she was, his heart started racing and that uncomfortable feeling disappeared as warmth permeated through his body starting from his belly.

It was getting warmer out and she had an off the shoulder top on, revealing some incredibly enticing soft pale skin.

Onyx eyes lingered on the exposed flesh before shifting to see her beautiful face for the first time that day. This was always when his day truly started, when he caught his first glimpse of her. He continued to gaze longingly not caring that the others took notice. The tables atmosphere noticeably relaxed as the previous nervous tension dissipated. The conversation around him started up again. Lunch would go a lot more smoothly now that they didn't have to worry about tip-toeing around the temperamental Uchiha.

Her mere presence managed to relax even his facial features, most people thought he just wasn't a morning person, and so it was logical that his scowl would gradually clear up as the day progressed. In truth, it was just his mood improving as he got closer and closer to seeing his favorite part of the day.

She pulled a tin from behind her back and held it out in the air, a mock gasp escaping her lips. Adorable… Her friends looked up and seemed happily surprised.

She sat down and lifted the lid, revealing what looked to be home-made cupcakes. From what he could tell she customized them, with artsy frosting pictures.

He saw her hand one to Tenten and then one to… Shino. He scowled.

From what he could tell, the boy never showed any romantic interest in Hinata, but that didn't mean he had to like how friendly she was with him. She should be baking Sasuke cupcakes! You don't even eat sweets, moron. That was true, but he would eat anything she made for him, hell if only he could eat her…

A light dusting of pink sprouted on his cheek but he quickly fought it off.

He squirmed at the thought, this wasn't the time nor place, he reminded himself.

As Sasuke continued to watch the most beautiful girl in the world have her lunch, he thought back to when he had first seen the girl…

Two years ago, at the start of high school, Sasuke hadn't really known her. It was a big school and he never bothered to people watch, his fans tended to get the wrong idea if he even so much as glanced their way.

He couldn't fathom how he could have ever deemed her plain. When she was transferred into his advanced math class freshman year, he found her… odd. To be honest he didn't have much of an opinion of her until she was seated next to him.

Considering how shy she was, he expected her to blush and stutter like an idiot trying to strike up conversation with him. He never failed to attract the weird quiet ones.

To his surprise though… she never even spared him a glance. Months passed and… nothing.

In all honesty he was relieved, he didn't need anymore fan-girls, and the quiet ones tended to be the most obsessive.

He had always been a rather observant person when he wanted to be and without noticing it, he had started to watch her in her seat. Taking note of all her little mannerisms.

It turned out that since her schedule was changed they had almost every class together. This gave him several opportunities to observe.

For some unknown reason he began compiling a list in his mind entitled 'Hinata's Attributes'.

By the end of the third month he had quite a hefty list:

1) Hinata was humble. He always scored highest in the class but she never failed to score close behind. Even so, she never bragged, in fact she seemed to want to hide her paper every time it was returned and managed to slip it into her book bag as soon as possible.

2) Hinata was gracious. If someone was having trouble but was obviously having a hard time admitting it, she would ever so subtly nudge them in the right direction, making them think they helped themselves when in fact she deserved the credit. She never seemed to mind though.

3) Hinata had a soft, sweet voice. She didn't talk much but when she did, it was as if anything she said could soothe him.

4) Hinata was kind. There was a new kid after about the first month, he was the embodiment of all things dorky and became the universal target for ridicule. Hinata never joined in this however, she never even laughed at the jokes that, even he had to admit, were in some cases hilarious. When it came time to pick partners for an English project, the boy sat at the back while everyone made a big show of avoiding getting too close to him for 'fear' of ending up his partner. It was a big joke. Hinata stood up, walked straight over, and sat beside him. The whole class went silent and stared. She didn't seem to care… she smiled at the boy and asked if he would like to be her partner… Well he couldn't actually hear her but he assumed so.

Normally, he would see this as an attempt to get others to have a higher opinion of the 'do-gooder'. But with Hinata, he knew that wasn't the case, not at all.

5) When Hinata smiled… she was absolutely beautiful. Sasuke had never thought of a girl as 'beautiful' before. Sure he had found women attractive, but adjectives like sexy and busty were usually what came to mind, not… 'beautiful'. His mother was the only one he ever called beautiful. But when he saw her smile his heart skipped a beat. He found himself wishing she would smile at him like that.

His opinion of her started changing…

6) Hinata had quite the figure. She usually wore overly baggy jackets and hoodies with less than form-fitting jeans. One day however, they had a surprise fitness test and were forced to swim laps. It was school code to wear the school bathing suit while in the pool. He found his eyes unconsciously wandering to eye the girls locker room exit, curious about a certain Hyuuga. When she stepped out, he had to stop his eyes from bulging out of their sockets.

The one piece clung to her… voluptuous body. She had bouncy c-cup breasts, a thin waist, and wide hips. Her butt was cute and round. Her thighs looked soft to the touch and they weren't too thin, they were just right.

He found himself having to conceal his arousal when she stepped out of the pool, dripping wet…

That was the first night he jacked off to the image of Hyuuga Hinata, and ever since thoughts of her were all he needed to satisfy himself.

7) Hinata's hair was just as soft as her voice. She bumped into him one time while trying to rush to class. He may have been a little too eager to touch her, but he managed to steady her and, reluctantly, let her go. Her waist length hair had come in contact with his fingers and it was cool and silky to the touch…

He could go on, but it could take all day, he was simply so enamored by her. By the middle of freshman year he was sure of his feelings for her.

He was unable to control his desire to see her, to be near her, to have her be the one looking at him with longing eyes. Why did she have to be the only girl that seemed to not want him.

He was always ever so sneakily scooting his desk closer to hers, and inclining his body towards her, practically on the edge of his seat, trying to be close to her. He happily breathed in her scent, lilacs and clouds, like on a beautiful beach day.

He began his days with thoughts of her and ended them in the same fashion. His heart clenched whenever she was in close proximity, he longed to reach out his hand and touch her. To feel that silky smooth skin, that soft hair, run his thumb over those plump petal lips, to have her look at him with those huge and breathtakingly beautiful lavender eyes.

He spent the remainder of the year on a high; love-drunk if you will.

He never did work up the courage to actually talk to her, but he was too busy admiring her for it to worry him… yet.

Summer vacation was torture, and then;

Sophomore year they didn't have a single class together. Lunch was his only chance to gaze upon her.

And because of his utter stupidity the year before, he couldn't even go up and talk to her, or even sit beside her. They didn't even know each other! He had wasted an entire year of having her with him all day every day and now he couldn't just waltz up to her and expect her to welcome him with open arms.

It was even worse that this was the year she began to gain more confidence in her appearance. Her clothes got snugger and she let her bangs grow out so that she could pin them back and show off more of her stunning facial features.

He couldn't deny the absolute rage he felt when others began to notice these changes. Of course he knew Hinata wasn't a possession or anything of the sort, but a part of him couldn't stop the urge to call her his. It was what his heart yearned for and still is.

He was stuck watching from the sidelines as ravenous wolves began to ogle what didn't belong to them. He tried to ignore the fact that she didn't belong to anyone, including him.

He spent the entire year in the worst mood of his life.

This was junior year and while he was nowhere near as lucky as he had been freshman year, he did have lunch as well as his last two classes with her.

Three straight periods of Hinata.

It was certainly better than last years hell on earth.

Soon the lunch bell rang and Sasuke was pulled from his thoughts. He stood and began his trek to AP Chemistry, aka the happiest 90 minutes of the day, when he was lab partners with Hyuuga Hinata.

It was mid-October and he managed to get himself on good speaking terms with her, You know, standard greetings and light chemistry-oriented banter. He wasn't going to waste another chance to get to know her. It was just difficult for him to make any real progress. For some reason he couldn't form coherent thoughts when around her, focusing on the actual chemistry helped but… since it didn't actually require much of his thought, it didn't help enough. He knew blushed and stuttered like an idiot around her.

Well… he didn't actually stutter, not often anyway, he was Uchiha Sasuke after all! But he did stumble over his thoughts, which meant he often had to make irregular pauses in his speech. She probably thought he was an idiot!

Thank god most of the people in the class were depressing geeks that wouldn't be able to effectively spread any unwanted rumors, no matter how truthful they might be.

Sure, Sakura and Shikamaru were in the class, but Shikamaru didn't really care and Sakura was dating Lee now so she didn't bother him.

He sat down in his seat and waited for the woman of his heart to enter. When she did he couldn't help the genuine smile that spread across his face.

"Good afternoon Uchiha-san," she greeted, sending him a dazzling smile.

His head spun and it took him way longer to respond than it should have, "…Hello Hinata," damn it! Why was she the only one he didn't get to act super cool in front of! she was the only one whose opinion actually mattered, and he hated that she still called him Uchiha-san, he yearned to hear 'Sasuke' slide past those alluring lips.

She took her seat beside him and his heart clenched, he could feel the body heat radiating off of her. He could feel the blood rush up his neck as he tried to force it back down.

His heart was beating a mile a minute now… how was it that one person, one high school girl could have such a profound impact on him?

Talk, that's what he had to do he had to talk to her. But what should he say? Ugh… why couldn't she just like him a little, it would sure make things a lot easier. He needed that extra boost of confidence when it came to her. Being around her and having her act like he wasn't even there unless he initiated conversation made him feel extremely insecure.

Still, he knew that if she did try to talk to him, if she ever tried to flirt, or sprout a declaration of love like one of his many admirers, he knew he wouldn't be able to hide his blush, he would stutter, terribly, and she would find out what a love-sick fool he actually is.

His arms were crossed over his chest as he looked over the lab for the day. He didn't know what to say not to embarrass himself. He didn't know what words could possibly bring them closer. This was why he wasn't making progress, because he always got so nervous and choked.

The teacher continued to drone on and on about the lab and he tried to focus. If he just concentrated on the chemistry, as in the class, not the attraction between them, or rather the attraction he felt toward her, then he wouldn't make a fool of himself in front of her.

He was so caught up in his thoughts he hadn't noticed that the teacher had stopped.

"U-Um, Uchiha-san? Maybe we should get started?" she modestly suggested.

He looked over at her. When he saw the way she looked up at him through that fringe of thick long lashes, with those huge innocent eyes, he couldn't help wanting to corrupt her. A slight pink spread across his cheek bones. She was so sweet and her eyes were so pure. How was he supposed to talk to a beautiful girl like that?

Then, he remembered that she had asked him a question, and was probably expecting an answer.

"Right," he said. He wondered if she took any note of how breathless he was, if she could sense the utter adoration in his voice.

They began work on their lab, it was a rather simple exercise in which they had to identify which chemicals they had based on a list given to them and then explain what observations drew them to that conclusion. Finally they were to create and identify a new substance with the chemicals they had already identified.

His eyes wandered over to her, to the slight pink above her cheek bones.

Damn, she was distracting.

She was working so hard, setting up their lab equipment in perfect order. It wasn't a particularly hard task, but it was cute how she put so much effort into it anyway.

The more he thought about all the things he liked about Hinata, the more time he spent with her to find more things he liked, the longer he watched her, just liking those things about her, the greater his feelings got.

He wasn't even sure if he could pass this off as just a crush any longer. He had always known it was more than that, but he had trouble admitting to himself that he, the great Uchiha Sasuke, could have fallen for a girl so thoroughly so quickly.

He might not know everything about Hinata, but he knew enough to know that these feelings were real. He knew enough to know he liked her, really liked her. He knew enough to know that the word 'like' was probably an understatement, he just couldn't get himself to admit to the other 'L word.' At least, not yet.

It was only a matter of time before he couldn't contain himself. He knew that.

There was suddenly no doubt in his mind that one day it would all become too much, and he would blurt out the wrong things to her. Things she never really needed to hear. He would get all flustered and make a fool of himself in his haste to make his feelings known to her.

If this was the inevitable outcome of his overall bitchiness, then he needed to man-up.

That was when it hit him. He needed to confess.

His mind went blank after that thought.

It was utter insanity! How could she ever return his feelings! She was so- so- so perfect! And he was just so him! He had a mountain of girls hanging on his every whim, except the one he wanted. Something told him almighty God, or Buddha, or Mother Nature, or Mother Karma, or whoever it was that was in charge of these things was not on his side.

He had to make her fall in love with him first! He couldn't just go confessing his love all willy-nilly like that! It was crazy! Complete madness!

She didn't even like him at the moment. She looked at his blonde-haired twit of a friend with a lot more warmth in her eyes than she did him! It would totally backfire!

The lab passed in comfortable silence. Well, it was comfortable aside from Sasuke's abnormally erratic heart, jumbled nerves, and sweaty palms. The beakers came close to sliding right through his hands. He wore a permanent blush the entire time. It seemed like it was always like that with her, and now that he had decided to confess his feelings to her it was that much worse.


That night Sasuke lie awake in bed. He shifted to the side as an image hit him, huge pale lavender eyes looking up at him, irresistibly plump and smooth crimson-pink lips slightly parted. His body heated and his eyes glazed over. He couldn't help the barrage of inappropriate images that suddenly assaulted him…

He stood and made his way to his bathroom. He didn't think a cold shower was necessary at the moment, he had plenty of time on his hands after all. He let steamy hot water fall over him and allowed his desires to take full range.

He seized hold of himself, and let the images flow, today he saw…

Hinata in her school swim suit, the navy blue material a second skin now that it was soaking wet. She began to crawl toward him, her beautiful plump thighs rubbed together as she moved, he imagined himself between them.

"Sasuke," she chimed, her voice sounding so sexy, caressing his name like that.

Sasuke, she always called him by his name in his fantsies and it sounded so wonderful, he just wished he could hear the real thing, he was sure his fantasies would pale in comparison.

He was sitting down, suddenly in the buff, and she was there before him. Her small soft hands smoothed over his knees and up his thighs, settling just before they touched him were he wanted to feel her oh so badly.

She leaned her head in, her hot breath teasing him, inviting him into the warmth of her mouth.

Sasuke squeezed himself tighter as his dick twitched upward, as if she were really there, her mouth hovering just above him. His hand on the shower wall pressed in harder and his fingers began to curl scraping against the tile.

He was panting as the illusion continued.

She peaked up at him, her eyes gleaming mischievously as she grinned. Deliberately, she flicked out her tongue and swiped it right across the tip of little Sasuke. He was practically choking on air now, his eyes hazy and unconcentrated.

She giggled, and settled her hot, pink tongue on his shaft, licking upwards. His strokes became erratic now, the image was just too much, his little Hinata… performing fellatio.

As soon as the Hinata of his dreams took him into her mouth, sucking hard, a loud breathless moan could be heard throughout the rather large bathroom and into Sasuke's bedroom.

"Hi-Hina… ta…" he cried. He came as her name past his lips, seeing white. Utter perfection.

As he came down from his high, he sighed, and began cleaning himself, and the shower wall, up.

When he was finished with his shower he lied down in bed, feeling pretty guilty with himself. He always felt so dirty after using Hinata as something to jack-off too. Of course he was sexually attracted to her… and who really could blame him?

She was just too much…

Regardless, it left him feeling dirty, like he had somehow betrayed her trust, not that she really had any in him, since he still hadn't managed to reach at least the friendship stage, they were only friendly.

He especially felt bad when he envisioned her doing those things to him. Mostly because he didn't know how she felt about them herself. If he could ever have Hyuuga Hinata she would call all the shots, he would never want to make her feel uncomfortable, he swore it.

Unfortunately, that vow was still utterly useless as the chances of anything ever happening between him, and the beauty that was Hyuuga Hinata were still slim to none.

He sighed again and rolled over onto his side… ah well, as long as she wasn't taken by anybody else, and he was free to dream, then that would be enough… for now.


The next day at school Naruto was actually… on time. Early even.


"Hey, Teme!" he called, making his way through the crowd to where Sasuke stood waiting for him.

Kiba strolled over to wait with him, eyeing the blonde questioningly, "What gives?" he asked. The Uchiha grunted, hell if he knew.

"Good morning, Sasuke" he said, with a stupid grin and a fox-like gleam in his eyes. Sasuke quirked an eyebrow at his friends strange mood but didn't think much of it, this was Naruto after all.

"Kiba, come on!" linking arms with the other male, "We've got things to discuss," he said as he led him away calling over his shoulders, "We'll see you later Teme!… So do you know where Shikamaru is? We've got lots to talk about!"

Sasuke could still hear the loud blond even though he was more than ten feet away now and still moving. "Moron," he huffed under his breath and turned to make it to his first period class.


It's totally cliché and not a show-stopping novel or anything like that, not that I think anything I've ever written is, but still, it was a big step for me. I've never written anything like this before and I felt extremely naughty and not a little like a perv. Tell me if it was entertaining or not.