A little less than a month ago my best friend, kr2009, graduated from college. I had every intention of writing this little outtake in time to post it that day. As with most things I try to do on time that idea failed.

Better late than never, right? Right.

I wrote this in under an hour. It's unbeta'ed, and probably really messy, but I didn't want to make Kelley wait any longer.

Here you go, baby. ILY to the moon and back.

I'm fiddling with my bowtie in the mirror in my parent's entryway, wondering what the hell is taking so long upstairs.

"Are you sure mom's not drowning her up there?" I ask Edward.

He laughs. "Nah, man. You know girls by now. They take forever to get ready."

"Why does it even matter what she wears? No one's gonna see it under the gown anyway."

He shrugs behind me. Today is the day the three of us are finally graduating, and I'm already a nervous wreck. Mom taking MG hostage upstairs isn't helping with that at all. We've been together for years and are married now, but I still don't have all the quirks of being a girl figured out yet.

I look up when Dad comes down the stairs, smiling.

"I think they're almost down. She kicked me out and made me get dressed in the guest room." He looks miffed at being kicked out of his own bedroom, and Edward laughs loudly.

"You dudes and your women. You're so whipped."

Dad and I both roll our eyes. A year ago Edward met a girl, Bella, in one of his classes and they've been together ever since. It's not serious, but I know my brother. It will be eventually.

He fell for her almost as hard and fast as I fell for MG.


Ha. I said hard and fast.

Anyways, we all sit down on the couch and wait for Mom and MG. My leg won't stop bouncing and I keep staring at the second hand on my watch.

"Dude, relax," Edward says. "You weren't this nervous on your wedding day."

Yes I was. I thought I was gonna pass out. This had nothing on that.

Just as I'm starting to feel queasy I hear the unmistakable sound of a door upstairs, and then the blessed sound of footsteps on the stairs. I swear I can hear angels and trumpets. Finally we can get going. Esme smiles at me apologetically when she sees me. My wife knows me better than anyone, and I'm sure my panic is written all over my face. I don't want to be late for graduation.

That would be really awkward.

She takes my hand and kisses my cheek as my mother takes a picture on her phone behind us. That women can not resist. Ever since my dad taught her how to use that phone it's been constant pictures of her kids.

I blush and try to hide behind MG.

"Oh, stop it," Mom says. "I deserve pictures of all my babies all dressed up in cap and gown."

We let her take a few more pictures before we pile into my dad's SUV and then we're headed to the stadium.

The football stadium is stifling while we sit forever waiting for the ceremony to begin. Esme's fanning herself with her hand, and Edward looks like he's ready to die. I'm just ready to get my diploma, call myself an engineer and go home.

To be honest, I'm way more excited about MG getting her diploma than my own.

I've had so many awesome engineer fantasies about her and now they're gonna be real.

I digress.

After the endless speeches and other colleges go through the line, it's finally time for the college of engineering.

Esme smiles at me when it's finally our turn. I'm in line in front of her and I swear I'm gonna trip with how many times I keep turning to see her face behind Edward.

When I hear my name and I walk across the stage it's the second best feeling of my life. Second only to marrying MG. I accept my diploma and shake the university president's hand before practically running off the stage so I can properly see my wife get her diploma.

When I get to the bottom of the stairs on the platform I turn around just in time to hear the announcer call Esme Ann Cullen. I start hyperventilating and think I'm gonna pass out from how proud I am in this moment.

She smiles like the sun when she gets her diploma and I think I was wrong before. This is the best moment of my life. Everything has led me to this. That first day of school when I saw her for the first time set us on this path. This school brought us together. It's why I'm married to the love of my life.

I owe this place everything.

I feel like I'm going to cry as she runs into my arms just off the side of the platform, and I wonder if my mom is close enough to get a picture of this moment. Probably not, but if she does it's going framed in our living room.

The three of us walk back to our seats together and almost forget about all our classmates still getting their diplomas. Now that we don't need to be in order Esme sits next to me instead of on the other side of Edward. Or maybe we do still need to be in order. We really don't care.

She wraps her arm around mine and kisses my cheek again.

"We did it, baby."

Her smile is amazing, and my heart pounds like it's going to burst again.

I still cannot believe this woman is my wife. She's my life, and I'll spend every day giving her everything.

She deserves the world and more. I want to give that to her.

"I love you, MG," I tell her.

"I love you, too."

Once all the graduates have received their diplomas we all stand and throw our caps in the air. Miraculously Esme's lands on the seat in front of me. Written on it in silver glitter fabric pen are two simple words.

Nerdlisle's girl.