Those Parts

In a flash of red, blood spritzed across the wall. Ms. Leech looked on excitedly as Blade's knive slashed across the man's throat again, sending the poor human into a fit of gurgling before finally slumping over dead. Blade moved to wipe his knife clean on the sheet next to him and stopped short when he noticed his fellow puppet staring at him.

He smeared his blood knife across the sheets a few times and decided it was good enough. Then he stood straight and looked over at Ms. Leech. She was smiling at him. What a lovely puppet.

Her handiwork was behind her, another man covered in slimy black leeches, body nearly drained of blood. The poor fool never knew what hit him; he thought he was being seduced in a dream and only woke up when felt the piercing fangs of her leeches rip into his tender flesh.

Blade gazed over at Ms. Leech, taking in her long black hair and pale skin. For a doll, she was really quite exquisite. And she seemed to be showing him favor as of late.

Ms. Leech hopped down from the bed she had been reclining on and approached her skeletal companion. She cooed at him enticingly and Blade hissed back at her in return, the sharp points in his eyes darting forward in excitement.

Ever so slowly, the woman puppet reached forward and grasped Blade's coat. She pulled him closer and planted a soft kiss on his cheek before making quite work of the buttons on his coat. Once undone, she pulled the garment open. And stared.

Blade looked down too. He sighed.

So much for that. They'd both forgotten; they don't have those parts.