AN: This is in honor of SHARK WEEK! Happy Shark Week my friends and loyal readers keep snapping.


"Jade," Beck whined obviously very unhappy. "I don't want to do this," Beck said grabbing Jade and whimpering.

"Oh stop it!" Jade snapped her eyes full of excitement. "This is going to be awesome. It's promised in the add."

"Jade I don't like this," Beck snuggled into his girlfriend closing his eyes tightly.

"Then why did you buy me such an amazing present?" Jade asked getting annoyed and somewhat hurt.

"Because I knew you would like it and I thought that I could do this. But Jade," he whined.

"Fine then stay on the ship and I'll go." Jade said pulling her wetsuit on all the way.

"But I wanna go too," Beck said.

"That's it," Jade said and kissed Beck roughly. As he was involved in the kiss she began doing the wetsuit up and attached his air tank to him as well. She pulled away and Beck was dazed enough to not realize for three seconds that she pulled his head piece up. Then she shoved the mouth piece into his sexy mouth and shoved him into the ocean. The guide frantically dove in after him and three seconds later Jade joined them.

Jade found Beck and the guide about ten feet below the ship. The guide brought the chum bucket down and rested it on a nearby ledge. The three people hovered and soon the baited water attracted several sharks towards them. Beck was spazing so Jade swam over to him and took his hand. He calmed down greatly as a shark nudged next to him. His eyes went wide below his goggles and his grip on her hand tightened.

Jade squeezed his hand then went over to the chum. She took her claw that they had both been given and held it out. Slowly a shark came up to her, almost cautiously, and took the torn up fish. The guide brought Jade close to him and lured another shark over with some food. As it began to swim away he covered her hand with his and led it across the slimy calloused skin of the shark's back.

A huge smile erupted over Jade's face and Beck fully realized why he had invested in this death mission. As a different shark circled the group the guide signaled something to Jade and she seemed to grow excited. Gently, so gently Jade took the dorsal fin of the shark and she was able to ride with it.

After several more minutes with the sharks the group headed back to the ship. They climbed onto the boat and took their wetsuits off. "Beck I love you!" Jade yelled hugging him tightly.

Beck hugged her tightly. "I'm not sure I could ever do it again but I'm so glad you had fun," he kissed her softly.

"I can't believe you were so brave for me my prince," Jade kissed him again.

AN: So ya there's like no plot to this but I hope you love it still because it's mindless BADE fluff and it's in honor of shark week. Stay sharky my friends. Please review.