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Everyone in life has something to stand for because without it… we are lost. That second part related to myself pretty darn well, I think. The rain was falling in sheets outside my bedroom window. It was one of those nights you just don't expect anything to happen; nonetheless something exciting, but I guess this wasn't what normal people thought of as "exciting".

Chapter: The first

Pink Floyd was raging on in my bedroom as I sat on the bed with a magazine flipped open to the latest gossip, though I really don't like gossip at all. The parents were finally out of the house for a weekend leaving me alone with some television, food, and wicked weather. I don't mind rain at all actually. It makes me want to curl up in a warm place with a warm chocolate donut and a cool glass of milk while watching it splatter on the window panes and listening to the rhythmic pattering on the roof panels.

My name is Amu Hinamori, and I am officially bored on a Friday because despite what my "parents" may think, I am a good girl. It has only been about two hours since my parents left, and I have already grown bored with my home-alone situation. Most teenagers would do something fun, right? I honestly don't know. I'm not necessarily the in-the-know type of person if you get what I mean. Better said—I'm pretty much a loser at school. It's not that I'm hideous or nerdy or even awkward to be around, it's just that I have a slight attitude when it comes to people. My parents think I'm "rebellious". Pssh. I get straight A's (though my teachers all think I copy or cheat or something viciously naughty like that) and I'm in honors courses.

I really can't help it that I'm sassy to people when I first meet them. It's a sort of defense mechanism that happens when I'm feeling really shy, which is basically all the time. Plus, I don't take compliments well either. Unfortunately, that means that the people usually don't get to know me well enough to find out that I'm really not stuck-up.

There's nothing on the TV, and gossip doesn't really tickle my fancy, but food was already vetoed when I saw what my step-parents had left me growing in the Tupperware. Yes, I did say step-parents. I have two. Sob story is, my mom and dad divorced when I was three months old, mom died of liver failure and dad remarried—hence the step-mom, but shortly after their cheesy little wedding that happened while I was at school, dad took ill and eventually he too died of food poisoning (yes, food poisoning. Lame, right?) so the step-thing married another guy and I wound up with a step-thing one and a step-thing two who somehow magically got custody of me because my dad had a will. How dumb. Who leaves their daughter with their second wife?

Anyways, the step-things, as I prefer to call them, are terrors. They don't like me and I sure as heck do not like them. For all I care they could bungee jump off a bridge without a bungee chord. I'm patiently waiting for my high school days to end so I can leave and book it to some prestigious college, even though I don't know what I want to be yet. I'm only a junior though, so I've got quite a while to go.

The only relief I get from them is school—which kinda sucks—and whenever I visit my relatives. My mom's side of the family lives across the country in Oregon, so I rarely see them except for holidays, but my dad's side of the family thinks my dad was a half-wit and try to spoil me as much as they can. Truthfully, I'm really only myself when I'm alone or with them. In particular, I have an aunt who's pretty up there in years, but she could beat me physically in just about anything. I call her Aunt Jemimah, like the syrup. That's her middle name, but she prefers it to her given name Wilhelmina.

Contrary to her name, she's not very sweet to anyone but me and that's just what I like about her. She completely agrees with me on my dislike of my step-things. She's tried to get custody of me before, but it didn't go over very well. Luckily, she lives about an hour away so I can always count on her to have my back in a fair amount of time if I ever desperately need her. It's nice to at least have someone on my side.

Sorry, back to right now. So, lately I've been hearing this scratching sound coming from outside whenever it's quiet enough to hear anything, like when I'm in bed and my imagination is trying to convince me that the boogeyman is trying to claw through my window and eat me. So far, I haven't worked up enough courage to peek outside and see what it is, but now with my music turned off, it's the second night in a row I've heard the little clawing at the front door. I'm gonna do it eventually, but suppose it's a trap and there's some serial killer outside lurking in the bushes scratching on the door!

While my thoughts begin to take me into other perilous events, the scratching stops and I take notice immediately. Pausing my mind, I listen carefully to the door for any other sounds besides the rain, and much to my surprise, I hear a soft "mew". With wide eyes, I rushed to the front door, halting only momentarily to consider that it might be a trap, and then I opened the door and scanned the porch in the light of the overcast day. Sitting on its haunches with a thin tail lying dejectedly on the ground curled around it's two front feet, the tiny navy blue and black spotted cat looked up at me through soaking wet fur, and I felt shame wash over me at the thought that it had had to wait out in the pouring rain for two days in a row for me to finally get over myself long enough to check it out.

Still staring at the poor creature, it let out a shiver followed swiftly by a cute sneeze. I crouched down in front of it and tentatively held out my hand, but it stayed where it was until I slowly reached over and picked it up around the belly holding it close to my chest in case it freaked out and tried to get out of my grasp. It didn't. I walked to my bathroom and took out a large fluffy towel while setting the cat on the toilet seat and began to rub it dry. As I was rubbing it dry, I noticed that it only stared at me with curious feline eyes instead of the expected purring.

Thinking to myself, I grabbed the blow-dryer from the cabinet and plugged it in. Looking back at the cat as if for permission, it blinked slowly at me and I began to blow dry the feline off. I assumed that it was a he when I blow dried the cat's underbelly and found proof of gender. That discovery kinda made my face heat up even though he was still just a cat. His fur was a silky texture, but the odd black markings on the navy colored cat had me wondering. The black spots included all of his hind area minus his back paws and his tail and stopped half way up the torso. In a disturbing way, this cat looked like it was wearing pants.

I had finally stopped blow drying the cat and he looked pleased and warmer now. I sat down on the edge of the bathtub next to the toilet and just gazed at him for a while. He was a beautiful cat. I couldn't believe a cat this magnificent and tame would just be wandering the streets. Its owners—if it has any, that is—must be worried sick. Most likely, this was some spoiled kitty that was pampered and loved on by filthy rich folks and won prizes for best in show and things related to that. The thought of this cat being happier than a human, maybe like me, almost aggravated me, but half way through that thought, I stole a glance at the cat and its eyes seemed so sadly humble, I couldn't imagine this cat with such a glamorous life anymore.

Pity flooded my heart, and in a random gesture of the kindness people think me devoid of, I picked up the questioning cat and folded him in my arms in an apologetic embrace. The cat stiffened as if it knew this was an awkward moment, but a moment later it rested its head in the crook of my neck and resigned to the hug quietly. I pulled it back and raised it in the air under the front legs and just looked at him as if seeing him really for the first time. I smiled for the first time in a while for the finally purring cat in my hands.

We made our way to my bedroom with me leading the way and the man of the house on my heels. I chuckled slightly at my perceived notion of the newest figure in the house, but I stopped when I realized that he would have to return to where he came from too soon. We reached my room towards the back of the house and I sat down on my bed, motioning for him to do the same. He obliged to my request gracefully, landing with a small "frump" near my crossed legs. He lay down with his blue-almost-violet eyes peering into mine intently as if he was assessing me. The possibility of a cat examining me made me just a bit nervous and I scratched my arm as an awkward habit.

I jumped when he meowed at me, reminding me to focus I bet. He needed a name.

"You need a name," I blurted out.

He casually responded with a blink and I took that as an okay to find him a name. They say naming animals you aren't planning on keeping creates an attachment, and the more I thought about it the more I thought it would probably turn out to be true, but I had to call it something other than "he" and "the cat".

"How do you like Donatello?" I asked tactfully. He responded with what seemed to be an eyebrow quirk, but for a cat that's impossible so I brushed it off.

"Okay, so Leonardo?" Another no I guessed, "Michelangelo?"

"Why don't you try a name that's not from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", came a voice.

I. Freaked. Out. I twisted and turned and quickly looked under my bed and sneakily shot a glance out my window only to find not a soul. My heart was racing and I was panicking obviously whereas the cat just lay there completely at ease with my apparent discomfort. Wait. I looked back to the bed and my mouth fell open. IT couldn't have possibly been…

"Are you okay? You seem a bit perturbed", said THE CAT.

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