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Flashback: My heart was racing and I was panicking obviously whereas the cat just lay there completely at ease with my apparent discomfort. Wait. I looked back to the bed and my mouth fell open. It couldn't have possibly been…

"Are you okay? You seem a bit perturbed", said THE CAT.

Chapter 2

So, oddly my new companion can speak, and of the million things racing through my mind right now, the first thing out of my mouth was a stereotypical,

"Perturbed? Isn't that a bit nerdy for a cat?"

He shot me one of those are-you-stupid-or-something looks and all the blood in my body flooded my face right then. I sighed, trying to calm myself down and fix my stupid red face, but of course me being me, I just couldn't. I averted my eyes until I felt a soft pawing at my thigh. With a dramatic sigh, I chanced a glance towards the feline, but when I did I found my eyes rooted to his sapphire orbs that sparkled with an inner light that I don't think I've ever had. The melancholy once again took control of me and with a hesitant hand, I reached down and stroked his soft fur. All at once, the world was calm again.

"So if you would prefer, seeing as you can talk, why don't you just tell me your name if you have one?" I reasoned.


"Ikuto….no last name?"

"I'm a cat, what do you expect?" he shot back at me.

"Feisty kitty," I grumbled under my breath.

"Cute girl," he returned with what I think was an itty bitty kitty wink. With that the blood shot right back to my face.

"A-a-are you some sort of a p-pervert?" I yelled.

"Aww, I was just trying to be friendly…" he whispered with his ears flattened and his eyes downcast. Just a look at those eyes and I couldn't stay mad…until I saw his tail swishing back and forth happily behind him. I picked him up again underneath his arms and held him in front of my face.

"Are you always a cat?" I asked him with my eyes boring holes into his.

"Are you always a human?" he asked with a bored look on his face, and with a huff I released him onto the carpet. Flopping sideways on my bed, I asked probably another stupid question: "Why do you talk then?"

As he strolled around my room most likely scenting it (or is that dogs?), he gave me no reply. Now that I deemed suspicious.

"Have you always been able to talk?" I asked again.

"Have you always been able to talk?" he replied.

"URGH! Stop answering my questions with questions! You're like my therapist!" I burst.

"So you're that screwed up? Do you think your therapist takes feline patients?" he asked me. This kinda made me giggle so I let the screwed up comment slide.

"Ok, so you're a cat. And you can talk. And you need a therapist. Well okay then, we can work with that," I muttered but I think I was losing my mind. AHA! THAT WAS IT!

"You're not real are you? That makes SO much sense now…"

"I'm as real as Pink Floyd," he answered sardonically as he looked at my iPod sitting in the speaker on the floor. Well, assuming he's not lying and he's not from my imagination, I had NO idea what to do. My brain went into code clueless.

"Hey, I need your help with something," he startled me by saying suddenly.


With a leap onto my bed he walked onto my legs and towards my torso where he put a fuzzy blue paw on my chest and pushed me back a bit so he could see me face to face. Searching my honey eyes with his azure ones, he said carefully and slowly, "I said: I need your help with something. Can you help me?" and with every word, the scent of…fish…swarmed over me. Admittedly not what I was expecting.

I pinched my face together and removed him from my face, trying to be nice since he obviously just asked me something he felt uncomfortable asking.

"Ok, so you need my help. With what?" I asked still breathing through my mouth to make sure that the fish smell wasn't lingering in my nostrils.

"I need to find a lock," was all he said and for the rest of the night, he refused to speak to me for some reason. As hard as I thought, I couldn't possibly narrow the choices down. Did he mean a lock like a safe? Did he want me to break in to somebody's house and steal a safe? No, he wouldn't ask me to do that. Was it a lock to a diary? Do cats keep diaries? No, that's stupid. Focus, Amu. Was it a bike lock? With a groan that did nothing to relieve my anxieties, I ruffled my pink hair and let my mind rest.

"Ne, Ikuto, since you're asking me for help shouldn't I at least know what kind of a lock I'm looking for?" I asked quietly towards his curled up figure at the foot of my bed.

His ears twitched a bit, but he still refused to answer me.

"Ikuto? Please…I wanna help you," I said, whispering the last part.

His ears twitched again and for a moment I thought he would answer me, but he stayed mute. I began to get up from my bed to do something—though I'm not sure what—when I heard his husky voice whisper into the bedcovers, "I'm sorry Amu. I wish I knew…"

My feet had paused in their path and I stayed staring at my door. I wanted to hug him, to comfort him in some way that would make that broken voice be whole again, but I didn't know how and I was afraid to even try for fear that I would only make it worse. So, instead I made my feet move again though it was obvious that they agreed with my heart that I should stay, and I closed the door silently behind me with a small 'click'.

A tiny tear slid down my cheek, and then came another and another and soon my cheeks were flooded with the little suckers. Years of holding them in, and one day a CAT comes in and they just start flowing like the dam's bust open.

I stayed like that for a little while until I heard a scratching sound at my bedroom door. I wiped the tears away and tried to wipe away the evidence of what I felt was a weakness. I opened the door and Ikuto came out silently and moved over to my legs. With a nudge of his head, he told me to come down so I knelt. He lifted his head and crawled quietly onto my knee halfway where I picked him up in my arms and held him to my shoulders. I held him for the comfort we both needed.

"Amu, we'll find it. I'm sure. Thank you," he whispered, and from then on I was finally given a purpose. I would help Ikuto find his lock, no matter the cost. No matter what.

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