In the years between Mandalore the Ultimate's succession (3,996) and the Mandalorian's war with the Republic (3,963), small farming homesteads on the planet Mandalore thrived under individual Mandalorian families. On one of these farms, two children, both shy of a year old, were abandoned as orphans.

A nearby Mandalorian family, as per Mandalorian custom, adopted the children as their own.

This is that story.

Dramatis Personae

Douglas Fett - Male Human Mandalorian
Darius Fett - Male Human Mandalorian

Arminius Argyle - Male Human Mandalorian
Athena Argyle - Female Human Mandalorian
Sucellos Argyle - Male Human Mandalorian

Arvernus Sirona - Male Human Mandalorian
Tamesis Sirona - Female Human Mandalorian
Boudica Sirona - Female Human Mandalorian

Cameos by...

Mandalore the Ultimate - Male Taung Mandalorian
Canderous Ordo - Male Human Mandalorian
Titus Fett - Male Human Mandalorian

Author's Note: Any and all uses of Mando'a are taken straight from Karen Traviss' Mando'a Glossary and Guide. Exceptions to this are references to "archaic" Mando'a, which are simply phrases and words I've borrowed from Scottish Gaelic. Also, all of the planets mentioned in this fic are canon to Star Wars, save for the last planet visited. One more thing. This is a RP flashback I posted on a SW RPing site I'm at. It is set in the TOTJ/KOTOR era, roughly 4,000 years before the films. In that regard, the only canon characters are Mandalore and Canderous, all others have been created by me. And of course, Star Wars isn't mine. Not one bit of it. Kudos to George Lucas.

Outer Rim - Mandalore



- Mando'a for "sons and daughters of Mandalore"

The man known as Arminius Argyle had seen war. He had gone on the Crusade under Te Kandosii Mand'alor alongside Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma against the Republic and the Jedi. He knew how to fight. He had gained honour in combat, he had seen victory, and he had known defeat. That was many years ago though, and Arminius was much older and wiser.

After the new Mandalore founded his base of operations on Onderon's moon Dxun, Arminius had returned to his home world to finish his duties as a Mandalorian, principally that of getting married and raising a family. He had met his wife, Athena, and raised a son of their own, Sucellos. He was an adult now, 15 years old, and aside from his warriour training, worked with agriculture and brewing. For Arminius and Athena, the act of raising and educating children, ba'jurir, in the ways of their people was what they enjoyed most. While Athena worked on the farm, Arminius would hunt for wild animals

It was raining out as Arminius was tracking prey through the forest. He hid in a bush, his camouflaged armour blending in with the surroundings. Athena always told him just to use a stealth generator, but Arminius preferred the old fashioned way of remaining clandestine.

With his helmet, he used its sensor system to cancel out the sound of the rain as it fell through the forest canopy into the underbrush. It picked up a light scattering noise, up a ways, and he targeted it through his helmet's HUD. Poking his head up from behind the bush, the targeting pinpointed the animal.

Arminius could make out its head, antlers protruding and bobbing as it slowly walked about, stopping every so often as it found something to eat. Arminius raised his rifle, placed the deer's head in its scope, and pulled the trigger.

The deer fell, and Arminius walked over to retrieve its body. As he picked it up, his sensors found more sounds, but human. It sounded like babies crying. What would children be doing out here? Arminius, dead deer over his shoulder, followed the trail.

He came upon a small house, with a thatched roof and stone walls. It was the Fett's homestead, abandoned. He didn't need his sensors anymore, as he found the child. He was laying on the muddy ground, naked, rain dripping across his face as he cried, his small arms and legs flailing about in a jerky manner like most babies did.

Arminius instantly dropped the deer, and picked up the baby from the ground. There was no choice in the decision. He could hunt again later. Walking into the small hovel, he found some rags and towels, and wrapped the child up, carrying him in his arms. As he stood there trying to comfort the child, he heard more cries from outside, this time from down the hill.

Having dried off the young boy, he set him on a table in the hovel, and quickly ran down the hill. There he saw the other source of the cries, another baby boy. The Dha River flowed at the bottom of the hill, and on its pebble strewn banks lay the child. He picked him up, brought him back to the hovel as well, and dried him off.

Athena would be overjoyed to have two more sons. Orphans as they were, the Mandalorian way was such that as long as children (from originally within the culture and even war orphans brought into the culture) were taught in the ways of the Mandalore, then everything worked out alright. But a Mandalorian family abandoning their own children? It was unheard of.

Before setting out to hunt, Arminius had consulted a map of the area, and had decided the forest south of the Fett family lands would be suitable. He had never met them, but having found their sons, it was his and his wife's responsibility to take care of them.

"Honey?" Arminius asked as he walked inside his house, having returned.

"Oh Arminius, your-" Athena said, walking towards the entrance. She stopped and stared at the two children her husband had cradled in his arms, then at him.

"Who areā€¦?" She shook her head, at a loss for words. She grabbed a blanket from the closet, and set them down in it.

"I was out hunting, and I found them abandoned at the Fett's home." Arminius said.

"I don't think we've met them before." Athena said. Arminius remained silent, but agreed by nodding his head after removing his helmet.

"I don't like it. Whoever these Fetts are, they're not true Manda-" Arminius said, before being calmed down with a reassuring hug from his wife.

"Udesii, udesii. They're ours now. We should be happy, dear." Athena reminded him. Arminius nodded in agreement, but she could sense his frustration over the ethical matters of it all. It would go away for a time, but eventually, their new sons would have to learn just exactly what happened.

"Let's name them." Arminius said, pushing his frustration aside.

"Ok. Let's name him Darius." Athena said, pointing to the boy on the right. She always wanted to name a son Darius, and after Arminius named their first boy, here was her chance.

"And he'll be named Doug." Arminius declared for the other boy. Doug, in archaic Mando'a, meant 'from the dark river.' Having found him on the banks of the Dha, or 'dark,' it made sense. In another sense, in archaic Mando'a, it also meant 'dark stranger,' but the latter's foreboding sound was not meant for this boy. Perhaps many years down the road he would become a shadowy individual of sorts, but it wasn't thought upon by the two parents.

Over the next several years, the Argyles would raise their two new ade, Darius and Doug, in the ways of the Mandalorians. Darius and Doug kept their last names as per the arrangements of the gai bal manda, so as to retain their aliit. Now recognized as their adoptive parents, Arminius and Athena did as they had done with Sucellos years previous, and began raising the two boys in the ways of the Mandalorians.