When the new recruits from Mandalore got to Dxun, they chose what profession to serve in the Mandalorian army. Many chose infantry, or became Basilisk pilots. Others took non-combatant roles, such as personnel aboard starships, artillery engineers, factory workers, miners, or even became farmers.

Douglas Fett and his brother Darius joined the Legionnaires, a special branch of the Mandalorian army designed for covert operations. Relations between the brothers would continue to deteriorate, eventually resulting in open bloodshed. One brother would dieā€¦the other, and his progeny, would carry the Fett name into infamy.

Titus Fett became an advanced scout. His continued interest in such work later led to him becoming a spy for Ettin's Pauldron, the Mandalorian Intelligence division established under Douglas Fett's reign (3,941-current).

Boudica Sirona, after the end of the Mandalorian Wars, returned home to Mandalore, and true to her name sake and armour, became an oracle, in association with the Mandalore Templars. She never forgot the boy, and later the man she once fought alongside of. Her parents, Arvernus and Tamesis, continued living on Mandalore, adopting more orphans into their family.

Athena Argyle died of cancer a year after the Mandalorian Wars ended. Arminius was heartbroken over her loss, and returned to his home world of Dal Raida. He lived out the rest of his years on his family lands within Caledonia, joining local freedom fighters against the Imperial Forces of the Kingdom of Anglia. He died in battle, a warriours death.

Sucellos Argyle continued working in Mandalorian breweries. He was killed in the destruction of Malachor V.

Mandalore the Ultimate's preparation for war finally got off the ground, when he launched an attack on the Republic through three invasions corridors. The first battles of the war occurred at Onderon and Dxun, 3,963 B.B.Y.