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Chapter 1

She was able to secure the device that she was tasked to retrieve. She had no idea what it was, but apparently it was advanced technology that was dangerous in the wrong hands. Although her original intention was to head north on the A1 to Paris to meet her contact, that plan went out the window when she was being chased and had to double back to lose her pursuers.


As she was travelling she would occasionally steal a look at her bag on the passenger seat, it contained everything she would need if she needed to make a break for it.

This assignment was going to be her last before a much needed break and she was hoping that she could enjoy it relaxing in Paris, maybe take in the sights and heaven forbid live a little. It had been so long since she was just able to be a woman; the life of a jet setting spy did not give her much opportunity to appreciate her surroundings.

The little Renault certainly did not stick out on the Autoroute, but she was not going to take any chances. The tall Blonde spy decided it was time to take the exit off the A1 and hopefully able to double back around to Paris. She exited and she found herself in some residential area nothing too flashy a standard European neighbourhood. After careful thought she decided it was prudent to swap her cars license plate with a parked car that looked like it had been sitting there for several days already. In fact by the state of the dust and cobwebs she would not have been surprised if it hadn't moved in months.

She swapped the license plate and was making her way back to the A1, when another vehicle appeared out of nowhere and slammed into the passenger side of her vehicle her world started disappearing as she felt herself slipping into blackness.


The experienced agent could feel the movement of the car as she started regaining consciousness as any good spy would do she tested out her environment before making anyone aware she had regained consciousness.

She felt something on her hands but strangely she was not bound, instead they were delicately bandaged. It also felt like she was sitting in the car seat, but with the seat reclined and something cushioned placed beneath her pounding head. Sarah was confused. She should be dead. If the enemy operatives that had crashed into her had found her unconscious, they should have simply killed her and taken the device back.

It did not make sense that she was still alive, let alone resting comfortably in a moving car. Unless it wasn't the enemy operatives that found her, she was listening intently to try and hear any noises to help her understand where and who she was with. It sounded like a man was humming away with a tune on the radio.

Sarah could no longer resist the urge to open her eyes and take a closer look at her surroundings. She opened her eyes and was able to see a man of about thirty in the driver's seat. He had dark hair and Sarah could tell that he was rather tall even from his current sitting position.

Sarah did indeed have a bandage on her hand, more accurately her wrist and one also on her forehead.

"Ahh welcome back to the land of the living," the dark haired man said.

The voice seemed to have a comforting affect on her, it certainly wasn't the kind of voice she thought she would be hearing when she woke up, at least not in a moving car. Maybe in a hospital from a doctor from that TV Show that Carina loved to watch. But it wasn't fake and it had definite warmth that she couldn't explain.

"What happened? Where am I?" asked Sarah attempting to sit up from her seat.

"It's okay, you're not in any danger. You got a good whack on the head though, so try not to move around too quickly otherwise you'll likely have some dizziness." he said.

"Are you a doctor?" asked Sarah.

"No, not today," he said.

Those three simple words seemed wrong, but she was just involved in a car accident so maybe she wasn't thinking clearly. It was then that Sarah remembered her bag.

"Shit, my bag" said Sarah.

"It's ok, I got the bag that was on your passenger seat and the bag from the boot" the man said.

"Thank you," said Sarah as she started feeling the need to sleep once again. "Hang on, what's going on? How did I get in your car and when did you get my bags?"

"Ahh, well before we start into that maybe we should introduce ourselves, my name is Chuck" he said.

That elicited a little chuckle from Sarah, "I didn't think people were still called Chuck."

"Yes, well my parents were sadists, and you haven't told me your name, so until you do, I'm not going to tell you how you got into my car," said Chuck with a smile.

The smile disarmed Sarah and she found herself wanting to volunteer all kinds of information.

"It's Sarah" she said.

"Oh quite fitting" said Chuck with a smile.

"And why is that?" said Sarah, she didn't know what he was getting at but if he was making judgements already it seemed to sadden her.

"Oh Sarah means Princess" said Chuck.

"Humph, I am not much of a princess. Anyway you said you would let me know how I got here" said Sarah.

Sarah could see that Chuck wanted to respond with some smart quip but thought better of it.

"So well here I was driving along and I noticed a vehicle going out of its ways trying to hit you and succeeding. I guess I stopped to check if you were ok and noticed the men in the other car were trapped but had a gun. I grabbed you and your bags and got outta dodge" said Chuck.

"How did you know that I wasn't some evil person and those men weren't police trying to capture me?" asked Sarah incredulously.

"You mean to tell me that every morning you wake up and look into that angelic face of yours in the mirror and you still think someone might think your evil,…please" said Chuck.

A warm feeling was coming over Sarah a feeling that was foreign and took several seconds to realise she was blushing….

'Oh my god, Agent Sarah Walker doesn't blush' thought Sarah.

"So where are you from Chuck I can tell you are not a local by your accent" said Sarah.

"And here I thought my French was pretty good," said Chuck.

Sarah chuckled again.

"In fact Chuck it is, I couldn't tell via your accent. It is the magazine published in English on the back seat that gave it away" said Sarah.

"Touché" responded Chuck.

"I am from Los Angeles, you?" asked Chuck.

"I guess I am from DC" said Sarah.

"You guess?" asked Chuck.

"Well I move around a lot "said Sarah.

"I do too, but there still is a place I call home" said Chuck.

Sarah just shook her head "Not me" said Sarah sadly.

"So Chuck, what brings you to Paris then?" asked Sarah

"Ah the romance of course, who can resist the city of love?" said Chuck.

"Oh so you are here with someone then?" said Sarah sadly. The effect that realisation had on Sarah concerned her. Why should a man that she hardly knew be affecting her so much?

"I wish Sarah; no I am alone in the City of Love. I am here for a Technology Conference" said Chuck.

"Oh" said Sarah her spirits revived amazingly quickly.

'What the hell was that? I am acting like a teenage girl with a crush' thought Sarah.

"And don't think I am going to just let you leave, you took a nasty bump to the head and a pretty deep cut on your arm." said Chuck.

"Chuck, I am sure I have had worse and have managed on my own, kind of goes with the territory" said Sarah.

"Maybe so, but I pulled you out of the car and dressed your wounds the very least you can do is allow me to make sure you are ok" said Chuck.

"Chuck I am sure you are busy with your conference, you do not need to worry about me" said Sarah.

This conversation was getting harder and harder she didn't want to say good bye to him but she also didn't want him to be burdened with looking after her.

"Sarah, I'm not taking no for an answer. I am taking you to the hotel I am staying at; I have a spare room so you will be more than comfortable. Anyone looking for you will not be able to find you while you stay with me. I am here in Paris for three days. I think that's long enough to ensure there are no complications from your head injury" said Chuck.

All kinds of things were going through Sarah's head. Three days. Was he seriously telling her she was going to stay with him for three days? This was certainly turning out to be one strange adventure.

"So Chuck where is this hotel you are taking me to?" asked Sarah.

"Le Meurice" said Chuck.

"Chuck so you are here going to a Technology Conference, what kind of work are you in?" she asked.

"Just R & D stuff mostly" said Chuck.

"Sounds Interesting" said Sarah.

"Yeah, hehe like watching grass grow" said Chuck with a chuckle.

"So what do you hope to get out of the conference, some new ways of doing something?" asked Sarah.

"No, not really, I don't expect to get much out of this, but things are certainly looking up" Chuck said winking at Sarah.

"Why do you go then?" asked Sarah trying to ignore the flirtatious comment from Chuck and failing completely as another blush spread up from her neck.

"I'm pretty much just expected to I guess," said Chuck.

"So your boss expects you to come and you do?" asked Sarah.

"Yeah, my boss is a pretty hard man and expects a lot of his employees" said Chuck.

"He can't be all that bad, if he puts you up in the Le Meurice" said Sarah.

"I guess he has his moments" said Chuck.

"So you are just going to go and listen to some boring people all day then?" asked Sarah.

"Pretty much, there is this one guy that is boring as hell and talks about some impossibility of a union of like physics and computers. Sounds more like science fiction if you ask me" said Chuck.

"Sounds Interesting" said Sarah.

Chuck's eyebrows went up simultaneously.

"Really?" asked Chuck incredulously.

"Yeah" said Sarah seriously.

Chuck was looking at Sarah differently, almost inquisitively.

"If you are serious I could get you into his presentation" said Chuck.

"Really?" asked Sarah.

'This sounds a little like what the Director was talking about and something to do with this device I have' thought Sarah.

"It is on tomorrow after lunch, but be warned it is a pretty boring subject" said Chuck.

They arrived at the Le Meurice and Chuck parked the car. As Sarah got out of the car, her head began spinning. Chuck quickly ran to her side to support her and was there supporting her before she had even known he had moved. His arm wrapped around her and gave her the strangest feeling, a feeling that she couldn't explain, one that she did not think she could ever remember feeling before.

If felt right, it felt like that was where she was supposed to be in this man's arms. The thought sent shivers down her body and Chuck could tell something was amiss.

"Sarah, are you okay?. Did I do something wrong holding you? Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable," he said as he slowly started removing his arm from around her.

"Chuck leave your arm exactly where it is, and show me the way. I think just maybe it's been awhile since someone has been concerned about me" said Sarah attempting to cover.

"I find that hard to believe" said Chuck.

"Chuck I am thinking that maybe if I hang out at this conference for the three days I can just blend into the crowd and stay unnoticed" said Sarah.

"Sarah, look at you, you will be noticed" said Chuck.

"Chuck I will have a change of clothes and will have had a shower, assuming your hospitality extends to the bathroom too," said Sarah.

"Sarah, that isn't what I meant, have you seen yourself?" asked Chuck.

"What is the scar on my head that bad?" asked Sarah

"Are you really going to make me say it Sarah?" asked Chuck.

"I have no idea what you are on about Chuck" she replied.

"Sarah, This conference is filled with academics, researchers and self professed nerds that would never have seen a woman as beautiful as you before, I find it hard to see how you will blend in when everybody else will be following you around like a puppy dog with their bottom jaws dragging along the ground," said Chuck.

Sarah was just staring at Chuck.

"Face it, you are simply too beautiful to blend in" said Chuck seriously.

"So Chuck, do you count yourself as one of those people?" asked Sarah.

"Well if you mean following you around like a puppy dog and with their jaw dragging along the ground well no, I hope to have a little more self control then that. But if you mean never having seen a woman as beautiful as you, well absolutely" said Chuck.

All Sarah could do was give him a smile, she had been told she was beautiful by many men in the past but coming from Chuck it just seemed so right and so much more.

"You really know how to make a girl feel special don't you Chuck" said Sarah with a shy smile.

"I am only speaking the facts" said Chuck smiling.

However that didn't seem to change the way Sarah was feeling if anything it was only strengthening those feelings she seemed to be developing towards the tall, lanky nerd.

"Well I need to make an appearance, why don't you get some sleep I will not be too long" said Chuck.

"Ok" Sarah said smiling.

She lay down on her bed and snuggled up to the pillow, and watched as Chuck left.

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