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Chapter 5.

"Walker secure but in public," she responded.

"Graham secure," she got in response.

"Agent Walker I have spoken to the General and your services are no longer required to watch over Dr. Bartowski," said Graham.

"But Director what if…" said Sarah before Graham came back over the top.

"Walker he is the NSA's problem now, your job is done," said Graham.

"Oh ok Director, so what are my new orders, am I to report to you back in Langley?" asked Sarah.

"Agent Walker I thought you were on leave?" asked Graham.

"Well I was, but then this happened," said Sarah.

"I expect to get a call from you after your leave has finished for new orders, but at this time my suggestion is for you to enjoy your time off, who knows when another opportunity may occur," said the Director.

"But Director, what about Charles Bartowski? What if he is in danger?" asked Sarah.

"Agent Walker, effective immediately you are no longer on duty, you can do whatever you want, if the NSA believes he is in danger I am sure they would send someone to watch over him anyway," said the Director.

"Director, is it ok if I stay here for the next few days?" asked Sarah.

"Walker you can do whatever you want to do. I have been told by the NSA to get the CIA's nose out of their business, but I can't tell you what to do with your own personal time. Now make sure you enjoy yourself," said Graham.

The call ended and Sarah had a big smile on her face.

'I will show this bitch, two can play this game,' thought Sarah as she got up from the table and headed back up to the room to put on something a little less practical.

Sarah made it back to the room in record time and then put on some makeup and a dress she decided would be just the right bait for the man she was after. She was on leave and Sarah decided she was going to have fun and see just where this thing with Chuck could go.

She had a big smile and then it disappeared when she remembered the woman down stairs that was currently with the object of her desires.

Sarah arrived downstairs to find the two of them dancing, Chuck's moves on the dance floor surprise her. She didn't really pick him to be such a good dancer.

They were currently doing the Tango and the majority of the people around the dance floor were paying attention to his moves.

Looking at the face and the body language of the woman, she could tell that she was certainly enjoying herself and was hoping the night continued on with some more dancing between the sheets. Sarah was getting angry just watching the movements of both of their hips.

She was the great Agent Walker, why was she so scared of not being able to get her man? Then it hit her, this wasn't about a mark it wasn't about getting some information for a mission. This was about her. This was something that she wanted. She wasn't the great Agent Walker she was just Sarah.

It was then that Chuck dipped her and they finished the dance and moved back to the table. Sarah made her way over to the bar and sat down on a spare stool. It wasn't long before barman came over to her.

"What can I get you? And why are you here all alone?" he asked.

"Martini thanks," was all she replied.

The The barman took that to mean "none of your business" and went off to make her drink she was attracting looks from men all around the bar but it didn't seem to have attracted the one she was after yet.

A well built man came and sat beside her and gave a smile that Sarah could best describe as creepy.

"Hello doll, what are you drinking?" he asked.

"Nothing that you could buy me," she responded.

"Oh feisty I like that, how about I get you on the dance floor and then maybe you will have changed your mind," he said.

"Interesting tactic. Even though I have refused a drink from you, you think I still might dance with you, no thank you," she responded.

"Well you don't have to be so rude," he said and walked away and the barman returned with her drink.

It was then that she felt a presence on the other side of her she turned to look in that direction and found Chuck.

"Well you certainly do like to attract attention when all you are supposed to be doing is watching," said Chuck.

She looked at him inquisitively. "What do you mean, what am I doing to attract attention," she responded.

"Ha, yeah well you sitting there looking like an angel is certainly not going to go unnoticed," said Chuck.

She gave him a big smile as a warm glow spread over her face.

'What is wrong with me? I am behaving like a school girl with a crush. Luckily the level of lighting would hide the blush,' thought Sarah.

"Oh, I decided I wanted to come down for a bit of fun anyway, and looks like my job here is done, my boss said I can return to my vacation," said Sarah.

"Oh I see, well I guess this is goodbye then, just leave the key in the room and I will find it. I do hope that you have better luck with the other men here, I am sure that someone would be up to your required standards," said Chuck.

'Oh shit, that didn't work out exactly how I was hoping. What went wrong?' thought Sarah.

Chuck was busy ordering his drinks for himself and his companion, when Sarah decided she needed to set the record straight.

"Chuck, do you want me to leave?" asked Sarah.

"Well you have no reason to stay I am sure that any real doctor could help you with your injuries if required, and it is obvious that you would rather be somewhere else on your vacation," said Chuck.

"But Chuck what if I don't want to go?" she asked.

He just looked at her perplexed.

"Chuck I didn't get dressed like this to come down here for the attention of the entire club, it was for only one," said Sarah with a smile.

"What are you saying Sarah?" asked Chuck.

"I am saying that I wish I had accepted your offer of dinner and dancing, the only thing that stopped me accepting was my job, and now that isn't in the way anymore," said Sarah hopefully.

"Well I guess I am flattered Sarah, but as you can see I am with someone tonight and I am not the kind of guy to leave her in the middle of the date," said Chuck.

The smile quickly went away from her face and she looked down at her hands that were in her lap.

"But Sarah, I am sure we can have a chance to talk tomorrow when we have breakfast, that is as long as you are not going anywhere," said Chuck.

The smile returned to her face and she looked into Chuck eyes and many things were said without either of them opening their mouths.

"Chuck, I am not going anywhere, and if I am asleep when you get back to the suite I would be happy for you to wake me," said Sarah smiling.

The barman gave Chuck his drinks and he had turned around to head back to his companion when Sarah asked him the question.

"Chuck it will be just us at breakfast right?"

He turned back and the smile he gave her almost turned her into a puddle.

"Of course Sarah, I have only ever slept with one woman the same day I met her, but she was a goddess," said Chuck.

Sarah just sat there not sure on how to take it; who was this woman and why did Chuck think she was a goddess? Then a realization hit her as well as the blush that quickly consumed all of her face.

'Oh shit that was me, he thinks I'm a goddess,' she thought.

Her face that was already sporting a smile almost cracked with an even bigger smile.

"Well it sure looks like you have cheered up," said the barman.

"What isn't there to be happy about?" she said.

"Well the guy you were just making googly eyes with is over there with another woman," he said.

"Oh I have nothing to be worried about, because he thinks I'm a goddess," she said.

"Oh stop with all the lady feelings, you just want your chocolate in his peanut butter," he said.

The barman left and walked back over to serve another patron.

'Something about that barman is not quite right,' thought Sarah.

After finishing her drink Sarah went back up to her room and got ready for an early night, a devious thought hit her after she remembered Chuck's comments about sleeping with the goddess.

'If I have another nightmare and Chuck comes to my rescue maybe I should arrange a little surprise for him,' she thought as a big smile came across her face.

'He will be like putty in my hands,' she thought.


The next morning Sarah started stirring and decided to feel and see if she had a visitor during the night, the other side of the bed was cold and she was alone.

'Maybe I didn't have any nightmares,' she thought.

She was still wearing her rather skimpy sleepwear and decided the room was warm enough to walk around without a robe.

She found Chuck sipping a coffee on the sofa; he was wearing boxers and a white sleep shirt.

"So you're awake, I hope you had a good night sleep," he said then looked up, a glazed look came over his face and his coffee started spilling as he seemed to lose control over his voluntary muscles.

"Oh gosh I am sorry I was staring Sarah, you're just so beautiful," said Chuck, now looking at his coffee mug attempting to clean up the mess he had made.

"Thanks Chuck, but you don't need to apologize, you are one guy I don't mind giving an eyeful," she said.

"Sarah, why this change in attitude, I am not complaining at all, but it was just last night you were so all Agent Walker on me," said Chuck.

"Well Chuck as I said I'm on leave and my boss doesn't care what I do, so I guess I am just being Sarah now not Agent Walker," said Sarah.

It looked like Chuck was deep in thought and Sarah was concerned what thoughts may have been going through his head.

"Um, while I…. Ok….In order for me to be able to get any breakfast in my mouth this morning, I suggest you might need to cover up," said Chuck.

While Sarah was turning around to go back to her room she gave him a big smile and a wink and made sure to give him a show while she walked back to the room, she was sure she could hear several gulps and other sounds confirming he definitely did enjoy the show.

She came back out into the main area of the suite, with a robe that didn't really seem to cover much more, and walked over and sat next to him on the sofa.

"So how was last night?" asked Sarah a little apprehensively.

"Oh well after you left I couldn't seem to get certain images out of my mind, so I think she was getting a little annoyed at my lack of attention," said Chuck shyly.

The thoughts gave Sarah a warm feeling and brought that smile back on her face.

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