Vampires cannot dream. We do not need sleep. Yet, the scene before me was my worst nightmare. Sadly, it wasn't a nightmare, but reality.

I was horrified. Jesse was standing above him, red blood staining his fangs. He had a smirk on his face, like he was proud of what he just did. How could he brush off his immoral actions like it was nothing? How could he hurt an innocent person without the bat of an eye? I looked into Jesses' eyes and didn't recognize the boy I once loved. The warm blue eyes that had drawn me in were now an ice cold, full of arrogance and hate. I could feel my rage build up inside of me, my contempt for my ex-boyfriend growing by the second. Before I could react, he was gone. His threat rang in my ears, his silky voice pushing me to choose.

You either become one of us. Or he does.

I quickly got down by Ethan's side. I was terrified for his life. The pain was evident on his face. He kept grunting, holding in the screams that were building up inside of him. His eyes were screwed shut as he rolled back and forth on the ground. The sight of my friend made me want to cry. I never wanted to see him hurt. I wanted him to be safe. But I had failed.

How could I save him? I did not want this life for him. I did not want him to be a vampire, to become an undead creature of the night. I wanted him to have a future. To go to college. To get married. To have a family. All that I could not have. If he transformed, all that would be gone.

There was only one thing I could think of to save Ethan. I knew what I had to do. The consequences would seal my fate, but it would save his destiny. I took his injured arm and put my lips to the bitten skin. I sucked the poisoned blood, trying to get the vampire venom out. The taste of his delicious blood was almost intoxicating. The monster side of me wanted to drink till he was sucked dry. But my will was stronger, and I pulled my mouth away when I was done. He was still in pain, but his breathing become easier as he fell into unconsciousness, the transformation fully stopped.

He was saved. I breathed in a sigh of relief, only to realize my lungs didn't need oxygen. I put a hand to my chest, where my heart was. I felt nothing. My heart no longer was beating. I had become a true vampire. I had become the very thing I tried to run away from. But I would rather be the thing I despised than let Ethan transform because of my foolishness. I would rather live in agony for a thousand years than let Ethan become a vampire. I would do anything for Ethan.