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Warning Yaoi Boy X Boy



Warning Yaoi

Pairing Toriko/Komatsu

Warnings Yaoi Bara Oral One-Shot PWP Language Lemons HyperInflation

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Komatsu's Taste

Toriko tries Komatsu's taste…

Komatsu stripped out of his clothing and got into the shower at Toriko's house. He looked at the dial for the shower. "Hot, Cold, Syrup, Honey, Soda, and Milk"

Komatsu shivered. 'What kind of crazy shower is this?'

He turned the shower on hot and got in. "Ohh this is so nice!"

"Toriko-san is so nice to let me use his shower." Komatsu's mind went to an image of Toriko in the shower naked, drinking from the other options on the shower stall. His mind flashed Toriko covered in honey, Toriko slicked up with Syrup, Showering in Soda, and covered in milk.

Komatsu gasped as his cock twitched, and sprang up to full mast. "Oh crap I have to take care of this before Toriko sees." He grabbed his arousal and started working it. 'I hope Toriko doesn't catch me like this…' He worked harder and faster until pre-cum started to form at the tip.

Just as the first drop of pre-cum dripped from the tip, the door was thrown open. Toriko came in sniffing the air. "Oh I smell something really good." He opened his eyes and saw Komatsu working his cock.

"Toriko-san…" Komatsu said blushing. "I…I…I…"

Toriko clapped his hands together. "Thanks for the meal…"

He pounced on Komatsu and pinned the naked wet male to the ground. Toriko sniffed at Komatsu's wet bald crotch. "Oh you smell so delicious Komatsu, I want to taste you can I please taste you Komatsu…"

"H-H-H-H-Hai!" Toriko consumed Komatsu's cock down to the root and sucked on his hard length. Komatsu groaned in pleasure. Toriko's tongue ran along his length as he sucked him. His foreskin was pushed back by Toriko's tongue.

'His cock is so good so clean and pure with the fresh man taste, his pre-cum taste, so good nice and tangy. With such an amazing diet as his I'd expect nothing less…' Toriko swirled his tongue around the sensitive head. His hand came up to massage his clean shaven balls.

Komatsu closed his eyes in sheer pleasure. "Oh Toriko I'm cumming!"

Komatsu came hard sending 5 spurts of cum into Toriko's mouth. Toriko pulled off the spent cock and savored the sweet taste of cum. After savoring it he swallowed and licked his lips with a satisfactory purr. "Needs to be a little sweeter." Toriko turned off the water and changed the dial to honey, he sprayed honey all over Komatsu's belly crotch and let it run down over his crack.

The smaller male shivered as he was sprayed with the honey. Toriko started licking up the honey on his belly letting his tongue dip into the boy's navel. Komatsu writhed in pleasure. The bluenette moved lowered and used his tongue to lap at the boy's crotch. Komatsu's cock grew hard under Toriko's licks. Toriko cleaned Komatsu's cock with his tongue and then descended to his honey covered balls. "Ohh Toriko I can't stand it I'm going to cum again." Toriko held the base of Komatsu's cock. The smaller male whimpered as his release was held back. Toriko started to lick lower tasting the rest of the honey before reaching the boy's virgin pucker.

"Ahh Toriko no ahh…" Toriko plunged his tongue into the boy's tight ass and Komatsu screamed his pleasure.

Toriko pulled his tongue out. "You taste so sweet Komatsu…"

"Please Toriko need to cum…"

"Go ahead and cum…" Toriko plunged his tongue back into Komatsu's hole, and used his other hand to stroke his cock.

"TORIKO!" Komatsu came spraying his cum all over his chest and abs. Komatsu lost consciousness after that but when he awoke he was in Toriko's bed completely licked clean. There was a note beside the bed.

Komatsu thank you for the great meal

When you are ready come down stairs I have a special dessert for you, I'll be sure to give a big taste of it…

Love Toriko

Komatsu blushed and his cock got hard. Ignoring his nakedness he ran down stairs and found Toriko in the kitchen, he stared hungrily at the massive 16 inch cock of Toriko.

'Thank you for the meal!' Komatsu cried as clapped his hands together.