The Mandalorian Wars

One of the greatest conflicts of past decades, it wrought destruction and death on an unprecedented scale. Te Ani'la Mand'alor, better known as "Mandalore the Ultimate," was the mastermind of this massive conflict after being persuaded by the True Sith to attack the Republic.

Following 20 years of re-uniting and rebuilding the scattered Mandalorian Clans, Mandalore launched the renewed clans into the Outer Rim, in 3,976 BBY. This was a means to warm up his armies, for his forces were not strong enough – yet - to attack the Republic. As the Mandalorians carved out clan territories larger than the Hutt's, the Republic Senate, wary of conflict since the war with Exar Kun, decided not to aid the Outer Rim planets: Their only concern was the safety of the Republic itself, and the Mandalorians hadn't threatened them. The Republic stayed neutral for a whole decade as Mandalorian expansion in the Outer Rim continued, undefeated.

In 3,966, Mandalore provoked the Republic into action after converging on Taris and it's neighboring worlds of Vanquo, Tarnith, Suurja and Jebble. The Republic had a vested interest in these resource worlds, so it assembled a massive navy to protect them. The Mandalorians skirmished with the Republic forces in the sector, in a series of battles that ended in stalemate. Though Mandalore managed to take the minor planet of Flashpoint, the Mandalorians, to the Republic, seemed tired and weak after 10 years of war. Republic morale soared when it seemed their warlike foe had spent themselves. But it was a massive ruse that deceived the entire Republic command – Mandalore was merely preparing for a full-scale invasion behind the scenes, while gauging the Republic's strengths and weaknesses in proxy wars, skirmishes, and feigned retreats. The Republic had unwittingly thrown down their deck of cards and declared victory. Victory was far from over.

With his forces prepared for a massive three-pronged attack into the Republic, Mandalore invaded the Republic world of Onderon from their staging ground on Dxun. History echoed and reverberated…when once Onderon had fended off the Mandalorians leading to the death of Te Kandosii Mand'alor on Dxun, now the Mandalorians were striking back with a vengeance.

The Mandalorians quickly overran the meager Onderonian defenses in less than an hour. In the ensuing chaos as Mandalore set the stage for the three-pronged attack, a small Republic fleet blasted out of hyperspace over Dxun to counter-attack the Mandalorians. The Mandalorians, caught completely off guard by this unpredicted attack, quickly manned their battle stations.

Klaar Squad, a squad of Legionnaires, was one of the many organized units of Mandalorians on Dxun during the Republic counter-attack.

This is that story.

Dramatis Personae

Vishnal – Male Taung Mandalorian; member of Klaar Squad - Squad Leader
Douglas Fett – Male Human Mandalorian; Second in command of Klaar Squad
Darius Fett – Male Human Mandalorian; member of Klaar Squad
Henrish – Male Taung Mandalorian; member of Klaar Squad
Derryl – Male Human Mandalorian; member of Klaar Squad
Begaro – Male Togorian Mandalorian; member of Klaar Squad

Hirohito – Female Human Mandalorian; Major
Tairek MacBroek – Male Human Mandalorian; Training sergeant

Author's note: This is a rewrite/minor retcon of a RP I did years ago on Flash's Mandalorian Wars RP site when I was a n00b. It follows the same story, except for a few character changes in the cast. The dialogue has also been completely redone (hence 'rewrite') but it nevertheless follows the same spirit of the original. Some scenes have been altered and expanded. This will be the first of many rewrites of old RPs, especially of old RPs from DC.

Inner Rim - Dxun


I was young, naïve, and fanatical. I was 18, a teenager, ideological, enthusiastic, and often quite horny. A funny age to be when you're right in the middle of a war.

Bullshit aside, Onderon had just been overrun by us. It was quick and painless on our part. For the Onderonians, it must have been the exact opposite. After my squad and I took part in the Basilisk attack, we landed in Iziz and fought their remaining troops. Funny to think of how back then, there were so many of us. A couple million. Hell, probably a billion with all the levied recruits Mandalore got. I don't think we'll ever be able to achieve that number again, even thousands of years from now.

After securing Onderon and its only city of Iziz, we left a few contingents of troops behind to secure the place while the rest of us headed back to Dxun. Feeling pretty good about the battle, we were allowed a breather as Mandalore went immediately to positioning his three attack forces. My cousin Cassus, and Mandalore, were both off system immediately after the battle to plan the major invasion. That's when a small Republic fleet suddenly jumped out of hyperspace to rein hell on us.

I was sitting down on the steps to the barracks, my heavy repeater cannon in my hands, fully suited in the next-gen Mandalorian armour, sitting next to my squad, my pals, when the wall on the other side of our fortress got suddenly hit a bomb. Vishnal, the tough Taung he was, suddenly jumped up. Taung, the original Mandalorians, didn't need to be told what to do when a crisis began. They took charge and kicked ass.

"GET TO THE TURRETS NOW!" Vishnal roared. I stood up and bolted towards the turret batteries. Vishnal and the rest of Klaar squad were behind me, as I was closest to the turrets. Suddenly there was an explosion behind me, and it threw me forward, face first onto the ground. My visor met the grass, I moved my legs and realized I was still in one piece. I stood up and looked back. A massive crater lay between me and my squad. Vishnal had been thrown backwards, while Klaar picked him up and ran inside towards the barracks. Darius, my blood brother, beckoned to me.

"Just get to the turrets Doug!" Darius yelled. I nodded, and kept running. Yup, that's Darius. My real brother. Funny how now, the years I haven't had a brother have been longer than the amount of years I did have a brother. The thought never occurred to me at the time just how jealous Darius was, even though all the signs were there. I was naïve.

Other Mandalorians were rushing to the turrets as well, with batteries located all across the fortress that would eventually be known as Syracuse. I ran and lunged into the armored batteries, as a Republic fighter zoomed over the fortress, shooting the ground behind me with its blasters.

A Togorian staff officer, safe inside the battery pillbox, pulled me up by the back of my armour, and set me on my feet.*

"You alright there vod?" The Togorian asked. I picked up my repeater, after its sling fell off my shoulder.

"Yah I'll live. I need a turret."

"There are a few down that way. Get moving." He said. I nodded and ran. Fellow Mandalorians were already manning the immediate turrets, blasting away into the sky at the marauding Republic fighters. I found an open turret, jumped in, and began maneuvering its horizontal and vertical axis as I aimed and shot at the incoming attack wings.

The battle roared for a while, as turrets overheated, got blasted, as more and more attack wings came at us. In retrospect it took maybe less than an hour, the same amount of time it took us to take Onderon. But we were on the defense – battles seem to last longer when your getting shot at.

The turrets around me were getting shot, and my comrades manning them killed. After a while it was just me in that pillbox, blasting away at the remaining fighters. Now they were coming for me. I could only guess as to what sort of pilot or cocky Jedi ace would modify their fighter to not fire blasters, but slugs. The crazy sonofabitch nose dived for me, firing off thousands of slugs at me. Most of them shot into the ground near me or ricocheted off the turret barrel. But three…no, fourteen, shot into my legs. I didn't even know at the time the guy got me, so focused on the battle was I that I kept shooting till I could confirm the kill.

When I saw his nosecone smoking, along with his engine, that's when I knew he was done. To his benefit, he was suicidal and was heading straight for me with his fighter, like a fireball. My eyes widened in horror as I saw the ship coming at me. I jumped out of the turret, not realzing my legs were riddled with slugs. When I slumped on the ground, realizing my misfortune, I had no choice but to pull myself away from what was left of the pill box. An explosion blasted behind me, sending a shockwave that knocked me face down into the grass.