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For those of you that haven't read Life Choices this story may get a little confusing because a lot of things from the previous story will carry on to this story. However, I will try right now to sum up Life Choices without giving away any spoilers.

Life Choices Summarization: Johnny moved away from Tulsa when he got a new family for himself. When he comes back he develops a crush on Ponyboy who is now dating Dallas Winston. Not only does Johnny have Dallas to compete with but he also has Curly Shepard who also has strong feelings for Ponyboy. Dallas does a pretty messed up thing and leaves Tulsa giving Johnny plenty of time to swoop in a take Ponyboy as his. However, a little while after they declare their love for each other Johnny has to leave Tulsa causing him and Ponyboy to break up for good ( it's not as sad as it sounds).

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(Curly's POV)

Inwardly I let out a sigh of relief.

After driving for thirty miles, we were finally reaching our first stop of this trip.

I bet some of you are asking "who is the we I'm talking about?" Well I can bet that the ones who are asking that are dumb as hell because it's pretty obvious who I'm talking about.

Me and Ponyboy (no shit).

Said green eyed beauty had his head on my shoulder as I drove the two of us to the next town over. He was smiling peacefully in his sleep.

*Bark Bark*

I growled in annoyance.

Oh yeah, and I guess you can add Tosh as part of the 'we' to.

"Are we there yet," I heard that annoying little bastard in the back seat whined loudly.

"Shut up," I hissed not trying to wake up Ponyboy.

Don't count him as a part of the 'we'. I don't even know how he got on this trip.

"But I'm hungry," Justin complained folding his arms like the brat he was.

As I tried to block out this annoying little cockroach behind me, my mind brought me back to how I got here in the first place.

(Two Years Earlier)

"Curly, Curly."

Grunting in my sleep, I buried my face deeper into my pillows. I pushed away the hand that was rubbing my shoulder irritatingly.

"Go away," I muffled.

I heard the person sigh incredulously.

Without warning, my covers were ripped off of me. I hissed as the bright sunlight shined out of my window and on onto my face.

"What the fuck is your problem," I snapped at my sister.

She was looking down at me with a glare that could almost rival my own.

"I need to ask you a question," she barked folding her arms at me.

"This better be good," I grumbled warningly.

I was having a damn good dream. Ponyboy and I had just finished round six and were about to go to round seven.

"Have you seen my light blue skirt," she asked me.

I must have stared at her for a good minute.

"What," I demanded quietly staring at her in disbelief.

"I need it for my date tonight," she told me as if that would make me care.

"You woke me up at," I looked over at my clock, "six o'clock in the morning to ask me where you put your skirt at?"

"Uh, yeah," Angela looked at me like I was stupid.

That's when I lost it. I felt fire rise within me as I snarled at my sister furiously. I sat up on the bed looking down at her.

"Are you fucking crazy," I shouted angrily, "why the fuck would I know where your skirt is. No scratch that, why would Icare where your skirt is!"

"So you haven't seen it," Angela questioned not all affected by my mood.

I had to restrain myself from jumping off of my bed and slamming her head against my door frame.

"No I haven't," I grinded out, "now get out of my god damn room."

"Thanks for all your help," Angela rolled her eyes at me.

As she started to walk out of my room, I had to smirk as I saw her trip over all the junk I had lying on the floor.

"Thanks for waking me up and disturbing my sleep," I responded smartly.

"Like I care whether you get sleep or not," Angela replied letting out a very unladylike snort.

I grunted and lay down on my bed with a loud flop.

"Stupid bitch," I mumbled, "she didn't even close my door."

Letting out a big yawn, I let myself fall back into dreamland where I know Ponyboy will be waiting for me.

"What was with all the yelling in here," I heard a familiar deep voice of my brother ask.

I sighed to myself tiredly.

I was never gonna get back to that dream was I?

"Angela was acting like a dumbass," I answered knowing that if I didn't say anything to him he would beat the hell out of me.

The only response I got was a grunt.

"We're stepping out tonight," Tim told me (not asked mind you), "some Socs are having some kind of big party."

I opened my eyes to see Tim grinning at me nastily.

"We're going to crash it," Tim smirked, "and scare the shit out of them."

Normally I would be completely up for this kind of thing, but I was tired as hell. I did not feel like doing anything tonight.

"You're gonna have the whole gang with you aren't you," I asked him, "you don't need me there."

I resisted the urge to flinch as the smirk fell from his face and he stared at me with his smoldering blue eyes.

"So what you're gonna bail on me," he chuckled with no humor in his voice, "what else do you have to do tonight? Walk that stupid ass dog around? Rob a store and get caught like you always do? Pine over that Curtis kid that you'll never get?

Every word that came out of his mouth felt like a vicious stab in the stomach. I, of course, didn't reveal any pain on my face. I couldn't afford to.

"You are coming with my tonight," Tim ordered pointing his finger at me, "I'm tired of you embarrassing me and running my name in dirt."

I guess that sort of makes sense. I don't really have name in Tulsa, I'm just know as Tim's kid brother.

"Be ready to go at six," Tim glared at me warningly, "or you'll regret it."

With that he walked away from my room. I could hear him slam the front door of the house as he left.

Sighing lowly, I sat up off of my bed and rubbed my forehead wearily.

"Harsh, unforgiving, and threatening," I smirked to myself in amusement, "yeah that's Tim for you."

*Bark Bark*

I looked over at my door to see Tosh staring at me, his tail wagging back and forth excitedly.

Tosh always sleeps outside. When we had a dog a long time ago my old man put in a doggie door for it to go through at the backdoor of the house that lead to the backyard.

"You're hungry aren't you," I stood up and looked down at him blankly.

A couple yips were my only answer.

"Yeah I know you are," I rolled my eyes at him playfully, "that's the only reason you come to me after all."

I walked to the kitchen to find the little dog something to eat. I didn't have to order him to follow me. He knows to walk when I walk.

Opening the refrigerator, I wasn't surprised to find it pretty empty. Luckily, I have Tosh's food stashed in a little drawer down at the bottom of the fridge.

For some reason nobody bothers to check there for food. I've been using that as a hiding spot for things for years.

Taking out a couple pieces of raw meat, I tossed to Tosh who easily caught every single on in his mouth.

I looked at the little puppy eat in bemusement.

I never really liked dogs before I met Tosh. I always thought they were nothing but senseless freaks that walk on four legs. Tosh proved me wrong though. He is a very obedient dog, which is a very good thing considering that he lives in this house.

He knows not to approach anyone in the house except me. He always does his business outside. Tosh even knows to run outside when there's a fight going on in the house.

I don't think my parents even know that he lives here. Tim and Angela have seen him a couple times but like always they don't care.

I don't care.

One the main phrases in this house. It's used almost as much as the word 'hate'.

Sitting up on the kitchen counter, I lost myself in my own thoughts.

I wonder what I should do today. I guess I could try something new and actually go to school. God knows I haven't been there much (or at all really).

I immediately strayed away from that idea. I was not in the mood to deal with any teachers and there annoying ass attitudes.

I watched as Tosh finished the last of his food.

"Wanna go for a ride," I asked him.

He did nothing but hold his tongue out and wag his tail at me again.

"I'll take that as a yes," I mumbled walking back to my room to find some clothes to wear.

After finding something decent to wear, I use that term loosely, I left my room and went to leave my house.

On the way out I saw Angela walk past me with some kind of chocolate bar in her hand. Before she could do anything I yanked it out of her hand.

"Hey," she protested sharply.

"Thanks for breakfast," I told her. I took off the rapper and took a bit of the chocolate bar.

"Asshole," I heard her mumbled before me and Tosh walked out of the door.

Walking a little way down the street, I started to inspect all the cars around me.

"I really don't care right now," I looked down at my little Dalmatian puppy, "which do you want Tosh the blue, the red, or the yellow car?"

Tosh ran over to the blue car and started pawing at the door.

I shrugged and approached the car. Quiet easily, I picked the lock of the car, hotwired and set Tosh next to me in the passenger's seat.

"That took me about five minutes," I thought a loud looking down at Tosh, "I really am getting sloppy."

Tosh barked in response.

"Oh shut up," I told him taking off in my new car.

I really didn't go anywhere in particular. I just drove around Tulsa deep in my own mind. Tosh had his head out of the window the entire time.

The strange thing is, I don't even know what I'm thinking about right now. It's like my brain is telling it's thinking but it won't let me see what I'm thinking about.

"We're running out of gas already," I voiced as I looked at fuel meter, "I'm a cuss out whoever car this is."

Luckily the gas station DX was nearby.

DX? Where have I heard that before?

As pulled up to the station I saw Ponyboy's brother appear at the counter. As soon as he saw my face his easy grin immediately turned into a scowl.

Oh, this was going to be fun. I grinned in anticipation.

Calmly, he walked over to my car window and leaned on it to talk to me.

"What are you doing here Shepard," he asked eyeing me suspiciously, "aren't you supposed to be in a classroom or something."

"I could say the same for you Sodabottle," I responded back at him with a smirk.

"It's Sodapop," he grinded out glaring at me somewhat.

"Whatever," I replied waving off his actual name.

I resisted the urge to chuckle at the annoyed expression on his face.

"Look why are you…"

He stopped midsentence as his gaze turned the passenger seat of the car.

"Tosh," he proclaimed loudly making my eardrums vibrate.

The Dalmatian puppy barked in response to his name. Outstretching his hand, Sodacan let Tosh lick all over his hand, all the while sporting a shit eating grin.

Having had enough of having Sodajar's hand in my face, I shove it back to him. I couldn't help but notice the slight pout on his lips and how much it reminded me of Ponyboy.

Of course his doesn't come anywhere close to my babes pout.

"Less playing with the dog more gas pumping Sodajar," I ordered pointing my thumb at the cars gas tank.

"It's Sodapop," he corrected instantly, "and where did you get this car from anyway? I know it ain't yours."

"Less talky more gas pumpy," I reiterated slowly looking at him like he was an idiot.

With a huff, walked over to the gas tank, popped it open, and finally started pouring the gas into my car.

This was taking forever. Might as well talk to good old Sodacan to pass the time.

"Is my babe in class today," I asked him.

Looking in the rearview mirror, I saw his eye twitch at the nickname.

"It's a school day isn't it? Of course Ponyboy," Sodaglass told me with emphasis on the name, "is in school today."

Hearing Ponyboy's name, Tosh started to bark excitedly. He always does this whenever I or someone else says my babe's name.

He's so loyal to the young greaser. Tosh almost loves Ponyboy as much as I love him.


"Hm," I rubbed my chin in thought, "we haven't hung out in while. I might drop by the school and pick him up."

"You leave him alone," I heard Sodacan snapped at me shocking me somewhat.

I don't know why I was so shocked. The two oldest Curtis brothers are notorious for being overprotective and overbearing whenever my babe's mentioned.

I looked over to see he had finished pumping the gas and was making his way back to my window again.

"Look Shepard just back off okay," he told me warningly, "Ponyboy's has enough to deal with now that Johnny's moved away."

"Cade moved away," I repeated not bothering to hide the grin on my face.

I saw Sodajar's eyes widen slightly and my words and back up slightly from the car.

"Thanks for the info Sodajar," I thanked him with a smirk, "now I think I'll definitely pay him a visit."

"Don't you even think about…"

"Later loser."

Without another word I put my foot on the gas and sped off.

As I left I could vaguely hear the words.

"Hey, you didn't pay me you jackass!"

I couldn't hold in my large grin as I sped down the street.

My babe is finally single again!

I hated that I missed my chance with him twice and had to stay in the friend's zone in order to stay close to him.

How could I have missed that my babe broke up with Cade? Then again I haven't really been in his life all that much. I don't even know why he and Winston broke up.

That's not important right now. What's important is that I finally have a shot to get him after all this waiting I've been doing.

Pulling up to the school, I saw that I made it just in time to see everybody getting of class for the day.

I noticed some of my boys in the crowd, but I didn't pay much attention to them right now. I was busy looking for my babe.

I was getting frustrated as I didn't see him for a little bit. And then he finally made his way through the crowd.

My babe.

It was unbelievable how stunning he was. Hell, even right now I find him attractive even though all he's doing is walking. He was walking out of school alone, as he usually does with somewhat of a sad look on his face.

I growled lowly.

That better not be because of Cade, because if it is I'll rip him a new one.

Letting out a loud series of car honks, I was able to get his attention (that and everybody else's but who gave a crap about them).

With a smile he ran over to me.

"Curly," he greeted affectionately.

Looking down at the passenger's seat he spotted someone familiar.

"Tosh," Ponyboy's eyes lit up in excitement.

I looked at the puppy in resentment.

Why does he get all my babes attention?

"Hop in," I told him opening the passenger's seat for him. Once the door was open Tosh practically jumped into Ponyboy's arms.

Ponyboy giggled as Tosh started to lick all over his face.

"Okay," Ponyboy replied through his giggling hopping into the car with Tosh on his lap and throwing his book bag in the back seat.

"Can you take me home," Ponyboy asked me sweetly.

He's the only one that talks to me like that.

"Sure I can," I reassured him slyly.

Starting up the car, I took off away from the school.

"Um, Curly," Ponyboy asked looking at the road behind.

"What," I responded amusedly.

"My house is other way," Ponyboy told me in confusion.

"I know that," I told cockily.

"But you said…"

"That I could take you home. I never said I was going to take you home," I gave my babe a triumphant smirk.

"Curly," he whined bouncing in his seat somewhat, "where are you taking me? I really have to get home?"

"Just a little drive around Tulsa," I reassured, "it's been a while since we've done anything together. We should hang out more."

Instantly he calmed down and looked at me in agreement.

I love how much he trusts me. Any normal person would be worried about where a greaser in an obvious stolen car was taking them.

Luckily, my babe isn't anything like that.

"Your right," he nodded, "we never hang out like we use to."

Tenderly, he reached over and rubbed my shoulder.

"I missed being around you," he breathed softly.

His hand sent shudder right through my body. He couldn't possibly understand what his touch does to me.

"So," I started carefully, "I heard that you and Cade broke up."

A look of sorrow washed through his eyes.

For a minute he didn't say anything. My babe just lowered his eyes sadly.

So many scenarios ran through my mind at the moment, and every single one of them of how I would kill Cade for hurting my babe.

"Babe, if he hurt you…"

"He moved to Oregon," the younger greaser told me quietly, "neither of us wanted a long distance relationship so we broke up."

Thank god, I mumbled to myself.

"Don't worry babe," I reassured him off handedly, "I'm sure you'll find somebody new."

My babe chuckled humorlessly.

"It will be a while before I get back into dating again," he told me simply.

I resisted the urge to groan in annoyance.

That's really not what I wanted you to say babe.

"And besides, there aren't that many great guys out there for me," he added sounding hopeless.

"Of course there are," I interjected a little bit angrily, "just you wait and see there's someone out there who is perfect for you."

"You think so," Babe asked me innocently.

"Sure," I nodded, "there's plenty of fish in sea. You just got to look in the right places."

My babe chuckled at my words.

"Thanks Curly," he thanked me, "but promise me one thing."

"Anything," I replied instantly.

"Promise me you'll return this car from wherever you 'borrowed it from'," he smiled at me teasingly.

I smirked back at him.

"We'll see."

Mark my words.

Ponyboy Michael Curtis will be mine.

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