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(General POV)

Ponyboy was so irritated that he felt like melting the ceiling he was staring at with his mind. What was causing this irritation? Curly of course.

"I'm going to show you how not ugly you are later," Curly promised with his signature smirk.

Those words were echoing through his mind over and over again and it was killing him not knowing what he was up to. Curly wasn't one to go back on his word so Ponyboy knew he was going to do it, but he didn't know when this thing was coming.

"Stupid Curly," Ponyboy grumbled.

The young greaser was pulled out of his thoughts by Tosh running up bedside him on his bed eagerly.

"What is it boy?" Ponyboy asked grabbing Tosh around his waist which was looking much better than it did before.

Eyeing the puppy's collar, Ponyboy immediately spotted a small note attached to it. Taking the note off the collar, opened it up, and read it to himself.

Dear Ponyboy

I request your presence at my

abode as soon as possible.

Sighed C.S

P.S You didn't think I knew fancy ass

words did you? Ha

Ponyboy chuckled shaking his head at his lover's antics. Rubbing Tosh's head affectionately he stood up and walked out of his room.

"Can I go to hang out with Curly?" Ponyboy asked as he spotted his eldest brother in the kitchen making himself a sandwich.

The young greaser smartly left out that he was going over to Curly's house because he knew Darry would have a fit. In fact, the eldest Curtis brother already looked like he wanted to say no and was giving him a wary look.

"Oh please Darry please," Ponyboy begged walking over to him, "it won't be for that long I promise."

"You know I want you to be safe Ponyboy," Darry reminded him going back to fixing up his sandwich.

"I'll be with Curly," Ponyboy replied.

"Exactly," Darry retorted shooting him a dry look.

Ponyboy pouted really not knowing how to fight that logic seeing as it wasn't necessarily wrong. A light bulb went off in his head as he heard his puppy by his feet.

"Please Darry, do it for Tosh," Ponyboy gently picked up the Dalmatian puppy and gave him the same sad look Tosh was showing him.

Darry groaned to himself internally before finally giving up.

"Fine you can go," Darry huffed, "but I don't want you getting into trouble you here? And take care of those stitches."

"Thank you," Ponyboy whopped setting Tosh down and walking out of the house, followed of course by his faithful puppy.

They both walked the streets of Tulsa in peaceful serenity. For the first time in about two months Ponyboy felt he could feel at ease.

Time truly is a wondrous thing, it's hard to think that just a couple days ago Ponyboy was scared of what Wild Dog was going to do to him and if he was going to survive. It's even harder to think that that moment has come and gone, but the damages are already being repaired as he thought about it.

Life seems so much easier once you've gone through some hardships, they make you appreciate all the good things in life. Ponyboy was overjoyed when Tosh stopped the two of them so he could chase around a squirrel or some butterflies, it just made him smile while witnessing this peaceful event.

Nothing could ruin a moment like this.


The young greaser jumped as he suddenly heard someone scream his name loudly in his ear. Looking over he saw it was Justin smiling at him brightly. He still had a cast on his arm but this was much better suit for travel that its predecessor.

"What are you doing?" Justin asked eagerly, "I was just coming over to your place to talk to you about something."

Ponyboy just shrugged looking back at Tosh who was still at play in a yard. It took Justin a couple seconds but he finally understood what was happening. He grinned as he saw Tosh jumping around for that squirrel that kept hiding from him.

"Kind of weird isn't it?" Ponyboy questioned turning to Justin, "just how fast time went I mean?"

"Yeah, seems like yesterday I just met you, Tosh, and Curly," Justin admitted softly more to himself than Ponyboy.

Justin was more than glad for the friends that he made. He was never a kid that made friends well due to his sort of annoying nature but he was still able to find a friend in Ponyboy and the gang, and he was forever grateful to them.

"And we're glad we did," Ponyboy said hugging Justin to his side.

Tosh as if just realizing Justin was there, stopped what he was doing and ran over to the two of them.

"Hey buddy," Justin chuckled hysterically holding onto the puppy as he licked all around his face.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" Ponyboy questioned remembering what Justin said earlier.

"Hm," Justin looked up, "oh, everyone at school was acting really weird."

"What did they do?" Ponyboy asked with a wince thinking that it wasn't going to be anything good.

"The guys ignored me for once," Justin said excitedly, "usually their always messing with me but they were really nice this time. The girls were nice to me to, they were all asking me how I was doing and stuff."

"Looks like you're popular with the ladies," Ponyboy teased.

Justin blushed holding his head down while Ponyboy laughed.

Ponyboy looked between both Tosh and Justin as a thought ran through his mind. Curly probably wanted him to come alone, maybe he should send these two off.

"Why don't you take Tosh and go to my house," Ponyboy offered Justin, "I still have to meet Curly for something."

"Meet him for what?" Justin asked blinking up at him curiously not having a single idea what was going on.

"Don't know," Ponyboy answered with a shrug, "but he just wants me to come alone. That okay with you?"

Dutifully, Justin nodded and gestured for Tosh to follow him down the road which the puppy did do obediently.

Sighing to himself, Ponyboy continued to trek to Curly's place, which wasn't that far of a walk from his house.

Seeing the door was already slightly open, Ponyboy carefully walked into the room his eyes searching the place.

"Hello, it anyone here?" Ponyboy shouted trying to get someone's attention.

"Hold up," You could hear Curly say from upstairs.

Ponyboy waited patiently until he heard the very loud footsteps of Curly. Without any word or explanation he grabbed Ponyboy and ran upstairs with him.

"Curly slow down," Ponyboy said with chuckle as he was pushed into his lovers room right in the middle of said room.

The young greaser expected to see a huge pigsty but was shocked to find the room to be quiet tame. All the clothes were neatly put into their respective drawers in the dresser, coats and jackets were hung up in the closet, the books were tidily stacked on the desk which was also looked spotless and washed, and the bed was newly made and clean.

"Wow Curly," Ponyboy whistled looking impressed, "you really went all out didn't you? What's the occasion?"

Ponyboy yipped as he heard the door lock. Slowly he turned as saw Curly leaning on the door with a mischievous smirk on his face.


"You knew this was coming," Curly told him shaking his head at his lover while slowly approaching him.

In response to his movements, Ponyboy started to slowly back up holding up his hands in defense (Ponyboy would have been the first to say that he might have been overreacting a bit but he didn't care).

"Curly, can't we just talk for a bit?" Ponyboy nervously asked.

"The time for talk is over," Curly denied his staring back at him heatedly, "it's time for some action."


Ponyboy was silence as he bumped into the bed causing him to lose his balance and fall right on top of it. The young greaser was even given no time to react as Curly crawled on top of him standing above.

Since when did he get so fast, Ponyboy grumbled to himself but didn't have to wonder to much as Curly ground their crotches together.

"Curly," Ponyboy groaned his hands gripping the curly haired hoods shoulders, "We can't do this."

Curly just ignored him by initiating a fierce kiss. Ponyboy's whimpered from his plump lips as he was kissed hungrily. It didn't take long for Ponyboy get into the kiss and their lips moved together in an endless battle of control.

"Let me show you how perfect you are," Curly pleaded through their kiss just before he used his tongue to bring Ponyboy to a whimpering mess.

Curly simply couldn't believe that Ponyboy was feeling insecure about his looks just because of a stupid scar. Actually, looking back, Curly could say that he believed it. Ever since they first met Ponyboy had always been insecure about something or another, Curly at first thought he was abused with how much he beat himself up but that turned out to be false.

As much as he hated Ponyboy's shyness, he loved it all the same. Ponyboy's shyness was one of the things that attracted Curly to the young greaser, he was just so different from all the other hoods and thugs he had met previously. Ponyboy was that breath of fresh air that Curly desperately needed in his life, if it wasn't for him coming into Curly's life he might have been doing some really insane and deadly things, like a majority of his friends.

Without saying a word Ponyboy slide up the bed, their lips still linked, and laid his head down on the pillows.

Curly broke the kiss to smirk down at Ponyboy, very happy about the answer he got.

"What time do you have to be home?" Curly asked not really caring but asking out of sheer curiosity. He held Ponyboy face his hand flicking his thumb over his cheek and the side of his lip, which Ponyboy was tempted to lick.

"I told Darry a couple hours," Ponyboy answered softly, his arms gripping onto Curly's biceps which he always loved to fondle just to feel the roughness of his lover's skin and trail the scars he's obtained.

Curly snorted and licked at Ponyboy's neck carefully tracing around his scar with his tongue, an act that was able to capture the young greaser breathe easily.

"Curly," Ponyboy breathed as he could feel him unzipping his jacket and moving a hand up his shirt. The act of Curly's cold hands coming into contact with his warms body made Ponyboy gasp in shock.

Curly was ecstatic to feel Ponyboy's erection grinding against his. He knew it was time to get to the serious stuff.

"Where is your family?" Ponyboy couldn't help but ask as Curly took off his shirt. He didn't want them barging in on the two of them together. That would be the most embarrassing moment of Ponyboy's life.

"I don't," Curly shrugged uncaringly slipping off his own shirt, "there not here. And even if they were it wouldn't matter."

Ponyboy gulped as he was faced with Curly chest. He shamelessly ogled every section of his lovers fit body causing him to flush.

"Don't be embarrassed babe," Curly said with a smug grin, "you can stare all you like. I'm all for you."

If possible, Ponyboy blushing got even worse. Huffing, Ponyboy took Curly head and pulled him back down on his lips.

Curly was caught by surprise as Ponyboy flipped the two of them so he was laying on top kiss him passionately. It didn't take long for the curly haired hood to respond though as he growled and gripped Ponyboy's ass, kneading it through his rough fingers.

"Oh fuck babe," Curly groaned feeling Ponyboy's ass grinding on top of his very hard erection, "you are so going to get it."

"I want it Curly," Ponyboy moaned into the kiss, "I want it so bad."

Curly hands slid from Ponyboy to his own jeans and started fumbling with them, pulling down the zipper and sliding them off with a little help from Ponyboy. As he made to get rid of his boxers he was stopped however.

"I'll do it," Ponyboy said with a smirk Curly was extremely proud of. He'd corrupt the young greaser yet.

Gently kissing Curly's abs, Ponyboy gently moved his head down to his boxers slipping them off inch by inch. As his lover's erection appeared before him, Ponyboy started to kiss and lick around it taking his sweet time.

"Damn it Ponyboy," Curly groaned his eyes sealed shut.

"We have time right?" Ponyboy said in a teasing voice licking up the head again before trailing back down.

As soon as the boxers were fully off his erection, Curly kicked them off and flipped them both over so Curly was on top yet again.

"You like playing games don't you?" Curly asked huskily continuously pecking at Ponyboy's lips.

Ponyboy just laughed into the kiss moaning slightly as Curly's hands were at his jeans slipping them off.

"You not going to be laughing in a minute," Curly swore moving down so he was eye with Ponyboy's waist.

With a moment's notice, Curly took of Ponyboy's boxers leaving them both bare for the two of them to see.

As Curly leaned downward to Ponyboy's ass, the young greaser thought he was going to finger him. His eyes widened as he felt a soft tongue licking the skin of Ponyboy's ass parting his thighs slightly.

"Curly, what?" Ponyboy blinked down at his lover as Curly stared back at him with half lidded eyes.

"Just trust me babe," Was all Curly said before he parted Ponyboy's cheeks and dived in head first into him.

Ponyboy threw his head back in ecstasy as Curly's tongue was inserted into his entrance. It felt admittedly weird but got highly enjoyable over time.

The young greaser was biting his tongue trying to hold back his moans which were sure to come out very loud.

Ponyboy yelped as he felt Curly smack his bottom.

"Don't hold back those moans from me babe," Curly ordered lapping his tongue in and out of him, "I live for them."

As Curly really started dipping his tongue deep within him, Ponyboy felt himself unable to deny Curly what he wanted. His moans were bouncing off the walls, he lifted his hips up higher just go get more of what Curly was giving him.

"You almost ready for me babe?" Curly asked him now starting to slowly stroke Ponyboy's cock.

"I want you Curly," Ponyboy moaned pushing his hips further toward his lover, "Hurry up and take me."

"Yes sir," Curly replied with a grin before getting in position. Getting above Ponyboy, he placed his erection at his entrance getting ready for the insertion.

Both boys gasped in shock Curly slowly started putting himself inside Ponyboy.

Even though it stung slightly, Ponyboy thought he could never tire of this moment. The feel of every inch of Curly's erection while it was slowly being placed inside him, the vibration of his inner walls as it moved in accordance to fit him, and the way he just felt so…complete with Curly inside him. It made him feel whole likes this.

"I love you Curly," Ponyboy breathed bringing his arms around Curly's neck.

Curly gave one of his rare genuine smiles and leaned down to give him an eager kiss that made Ponyboy's hair stand on end.

"Love you to," Curly replied quietly as they separated.

Then there was nothing but their love making. Ponyboy mewled as Curly started thrusting himself roughly into him, his balls slapping against his ass. Curly panted breathes were synchronized perfectly with the sounds Ponyboy's was making.

Ponyboy wrapped his legs around Curly's waist as their hips were continuously snapped together. Ponyboy bucked up eagerly for more as urged Curly down for a kiss.

They attacked each other's lips hungrily, crashing their tongues together. Ponyboy's moaned into the kiss as Curly's rhythm increased with every plunge within him.

"Fuck, Curly," Ponyboy gasped as he could feel his waist unconsciously moving in time with Curly's thrusts.

The bed was rocking back and forth making all types of books and items fall from the drawer beside them but neither teen cared. Ponyboy whimpered as he could feel Curly losing control of himself, and just thrusting wildly within him.

"Oh God," Ponyboy panted as complete control over his own body was taken away from him as Curly took over all parts of his body with his frantic rhythm.

Ponyboy couldn't contain his screams as he felt his orgasm come to him and he came all over his and Curly's stomachs.

As Curly felt Ponyboy tighten around him in ecstasy it made him want to come as well, and in a few more thrust he did. Curly buried himself into him as he came.

Curly's body went lax as he fell onto Ponyboy who whimpered in protest, but enjoyed his presence regardless.

"Curly, get up your heavy," Ponyboy told him lightly.

"Do you feel good about yourself now?" Curly murmured into his neck ignoring what was just requested of him.

Ponyboy smiled and kissed Curly on the cheek running a hand through his wild curly hair gently.

"I feel more than good about myself," Ponyboy reassured him.

"You better," Curly said looking up at him sternly, "or else I'd have to teach you that lesson again."

Ponyboy put on a mischievous smile and flipped the two of them over. He situated them so his bare ass was up against Curly's erection.

"Well, I may still be feeling a little insecure," Ponyboy said in a small voice.

Curly growled and gripped Ponyboy's backside with his nails.

"I'll just have to fix that then," Curly smirked and proceeded to do just that.

(Back To The Present)


"Huh, what?" Curly jumped in shock, his hands gripping the steering wheel tightly.

Ponyboy was sitting right beside him in the passenger seat eyeing him curiously.

"We're at the hotel," Ponyboy told him gesturing to the Inn that Curly had drove him to.

"Oh, I must have doze off," Curly said shaking his head to get his baring's together.

"Only someone as dumb as you could doze off while driving and still get us where we need to go," Justin rolled his eyes as he climbed out of the car with Tosh by his side.

"That's it, you're dead kid," Curly growled stepping out of the car and chasing after Justin.

Ponyboy sighed internally watching as Curly chased Justin around the parking lot of the hotel with Tosh running around with them.

This was it, this was his crazy little family, a dangerous hood, a hyperactive young teen, and a Dalmatian.

Ponyboy wouldn't trade them for the world.

Final Thoughts:


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