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Written as a challenge by Faith-o-saurus in about ten minutes, hence the… um… less polished version. She told me to post. All bow to the Faith.

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Beast Boy whistled merrily as he hammered on Starfire's door. "Star! You in there?"

The door slid open, revealing the crimson haired beauty looking rather cross. "I asked not to be disturbed."

"Yeah, but, I'm looking for Robin," Beast Boy explained. "He needs to approve the expenditure on… woah…"

Movement inside the room beyond Starfire had caught Beast Boy's eye. Shining red hair. A set of sexy hips. Perky, absolutely kissable, pouty and red lips. She was dressed provocatively, sexy long leg, with a pair of black calf high boots and small pink hotpants, a sheer white button up shirt over barely contained breasts. She blew on her freshly painted pink nails.

"Who's yer friend?" Beast Boy asked, perking right up, then pushed into the room.

"Beast Boy!" Starfire protested.

The girl on Starfire's bed turned and raised an eyebrow as the changeling bent and kissed her hand. "Hello, m'lady," he said. "I'm Beast Man, at your service."

She didn't smile. She didn't say anything.

"You're very pretty," he continued. "You. Me. My mo-ped. A date. I'll rock your world."

The girl just raised an eyebrow.

"Movie?" Beast Boy pressed on. "Or would you prefer a dinner date?"

She still didn't say a thing.

"Beast Boy," Starfire complained.

He waved his hand at her. "Hang on, Star, I'm gettin' mah thing on."

"Yes, well, I do not know what this thing is you are getting on," Starfire blustered. "Please leave my dwelling so my… er… female companion and I can continue our… preparations."

"Female companion?" the girl said, her voice containing a sexy huskiness that made Beast Boy's heart flutter. "Surely you think we're better than simple companions." The girl stood, walking over to where Starfire stood, her hips swishing and swaying as she walked. "I thought we were good friends."

"Huh?" Beast Boy asked, suddenly drooling.

"Oh," Starfire said, going gooey eyed. "Yes… good friends."

"Very good friends," the girl purred.

The girl reached out and cupped Starfire's neck, then dragged her in for a searing kiss. Starfire latched herself to the girl, hugged her close, while the girl's hands drifted and slithered across Starfire's skin and went to cup—

Beast Boy's brain imploded with a bang of epic proportions and he was left in a pile of drool on the floor.

Starfire pulled away and giggled. "Well, Robina, I think you are ready for your mission."

Robina grinned. "Wonders of a body suit. If I can fool Beast Boy, I can certainly fool Slade."

Author's note:

Idea stemmed from Star of Airdrie's review to Ruthless, Faith-o-saurus beat me to it, but who cares.