August 15th

Dear Neville,

How are you and Hannah, Professor Longbottom? I still cannot believe you got the Herbology post – it seems like yesterday you were struggling to perform the expeliarmus spell in the Room of Requirement. Harry wishes me to congratulate you on becoming perhaps the most successful member of Dumbledore's Army.

Harry and I are well. James is, of course, excited to return to Hogwarts, but Albus – this being his first year – is extremely nervous. Harry has had some man-to-man talks with him and they seem to be helping a little, but you know how it is. I am afraid that having such a famous father weighs on the boy's mind, he feels like he is expected to live up to Harry's reputation. Ron, I remember, had similar issues when he was little, even though I'm sure he never guessed I knew about them.

And now I come to the purpose of my letter. I was wondering if, as an old friend of Harry's and mine, you could do us the favor of looking out for Al. Just to make sure that he doesn't get into too much trouble. James will no doubt try to drag him into his practical jokes but (especially him being a first year) I believe that Al should stay away from anything that would take points away from his house. Thank you so much, as I know you will oblige. Say hello to Hannah for me.


Ginny Potter

P.S. We (Ron, Hermoine, Harry and I) are planning on visiting Hogwarts sometime this winter, and look forward to some good conversations at the Leaky Cauldron.