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A few things to note about this story :

- It is a combined effort between myself and iluvsarasidle

- This is my first attempt at Faberry, and writing fanfiction on the whole.

- It was born through the art of Role Playing

- Reviews are welcome because I honestly have no idea what I'm doing

Summary: Quinn and Rachel cross paths years later after high school. One has a crush on the other, but certain misconceptions prevent them from fast tracking to their inevitable faberry goodness.

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee.


Chapter 1 Chance Encounter

"Oh My God, I can't believe this... after all my years of dance class, and I still manage to trip on stage, although I firmly believe that the janitor should be fired for overdoing it when he polished the floor. The first thing when I get back I will have a word with the theatre manager about the safety of his staff." says the brunette Broadway star as she grimaces in pain.

"Such a drama queen, Rachel. It could have happened to anyone." Jesse responds while flipping through the newspaper in the waiting room of the hospital.

"This is not one of those over dramatic times when I turn all diva on everyone Jesse. I'm injured!"

"OK calm down my petite diva, we are here in the hospital and the nurse said that we have a few minutes of waiting"

"It's been 15 minutes and as far as I can tell 15 is definitely more than a few minutes"

Quinn enters the waiting room with her head down fishing her stethoscope out of her long white coat.

Jesse is the first to look up. "Oh. My. God. Of all the hospitals in New York."

Quinn continues to walk towards them throwing the stethoscope over her shoulder and taking the information board from a nurse.

Rachel finally looks up from her foot. "What?"

Quinn finally reaches the pair of Broadway stars and looks up. "Sorry for the wait. I had… Oh my God…" "Wait….. Rachel. " Quinn looks up at Jesse and Rachel very confused. "… St. Idiot… I mean, St James?"

Rachel looks up from her foot and her jaw is on the floor. Jesse is the first to say something to break the intense and shocked stares being exchanged between Quinn and Rachel. "Hi Quinn, what are you doing here?"

Quinn's eyes move to Jesse. "I'm an attending here." She then looks to Rachel and then her eyes travel down to Rachel's elevated foot and lands on her ankle. "What happened?"

Rachel's brain finally begins to churn and she speaks for the first time since Quinn appeared before them. "Ummmm…. I fell. Well actually, I slipped on stage but I think it's totally broken, totally broken… I was just telling Jesse that the production should be checked on for their health and safety standards since …"

Quinn cuts Rachel off from her rambling. "Don't panic Ms. Berry, let's take a look."

Quinn prods and pokes at Rachel's ankles and then turns to address the nurse. "Andrea, do you know that Ms. Berry over here is a famous Broadway star?"

Rachel smiles when Quinn looks up and smiles at her, temporarily forgetting that she used to be her sworn enemy in high school. She's instantly attracted to the short hair Quinn now sports giving her a mature look and feels totally lost in those hazel eyes she missed staring into. Rachel forgets the pain her ankle is in being totally distracted in taking in the former HBIC's features, until Quinn presses again on the affected area.

Andrea notices the silent interaction between the two girls and finally chooses this moment to respond. "I sure do Dr. Fabray, my little sister Kimberly is a huge fan of Ms. Berry."

Quinn looks up again at Rachel as she begins to speak. "Dr. Fabray? I'm impressed Quinn. Then again, I always knew you would amount to great things."

"Well it doesn't seem to be broken, but it's definitely a sprain." Quinn continues. "This is a common musculoskeletal injury, in which the ligaments of the ankle partially or completely tear due to sudden stretching."

Rachel begins to fidget in her chair and then turns to Andrea. "Andrea, I would be most pleased to send Kimberly a signed picture but there is an ulterior motive. I just really need some pain killers now. Sprain or no sprain, I need some drugs."

"That happens when we're dancing around a big stage and not paying attention" Quinn interjects and smirks at Rachel. She continues grinning and looks down scribbling a prescription and hands it to Andrea to have it filled. "Andrea please have these filled and be brought back to Ms. Berry."

Andrea replies, "Sure thing Dr. and Ms. Berry I will be right back for that autographs thanks!"

The blonde doctor double checked the information on the clipboard before administering her shot.

"This is some penicillin I'm giving you for the pain, but don't get too accustomed, this won't heal the sprain, you're definitely going to need to stay off that foot for a while."

Quinn looks up at Rachel. Jesse interjects the stare down and equal smirks shared between the two women. "Quinn I think Rachel should have your number to contact you if her injury should persist; you, know, with any swelling or something like that." Jesse turns to Rachel and winks.

Quinn looks over to Jesse in confusion. "My number is on the prescription that Andrea is bringing back to you…" Quinn waits for a couple of seconds before she reaches down into her pocket and pulls out a card. "You can also hang on to this, my extension and my mobile is there. Feel free to contact me if the swelling persists or if the pain continues after taking the medication."

Andrea enters with the prescriptions and hands it to Jesse and hands a photo of Rachel over to the diva with a pen, smiling brightly. Thanks a lot Ms, Berry, Kimberly will be so thrilled, she idolizes you."

Rachel responds with her classic Broadway smile. "No problem, always happy to please a fan. They are the foundation to my stardom and I appreciate each and every ... ouch ... when the heck do these painkillers kick in..." She looks to Quinn with big puppy dog eyes hoping for an answer.

Quinn looks down to her clipboard at Rachel's information, shakes her head and smiles. She looks up at Rachel, into those brown orbs she hasn't seen in years and says; "Soon Ms. Berry, you need to go home and start resting this ankle."

Rachel responds while never breaking her gaze from Quinn, "Will I get to see you again?"

Jesse interjects without making things look too obvious. "What she means to ask is when she should return for her follow up consult, you know, just to make sure everything is ok..."

"Uhh, yes that's exactly what I mean, you know what they say on Broadway; the show must go on and I need to be on my feet as soon as I can." Rachel responds, grateful for the save her friend so graciously provided her with.

Quinn continues to holds Rachel's gaze. "Well, let me know how it goes in a couple of days with the medication... there is also an ointment in the box, be sure to apply it three times per day... and in a few days, I have your information here.. I will check back with you."

Jesse interjects again. "OK great, we'll see you in a few days Quinn. Rachel let's get back to the theatre. I'm sure the cast and crew is more than concerned about you and I'm pretty sure you mentioned something about lecturing the theatre manager which I'm sure you're dying to do ... and then I can get you home in one piece."

Rachel begins to wiggle in her seat. "Actually Jesse I think I want to go straight home, we can inform the cast via text... I think the painkiller shot is kicking in and I'd rather be home when it fully happens." She looks to Quinn. "Thank you for the help. I look forward to seeing you in a few days."

Quinn nods and replies. "Yes, all the best with that ankle and I hope that..."


Quinn's beeper goes off. She looks at her beeper and nods. "Rachel, it was very nice seeing you again, I wished it wasn't under these circumstances...I need to get to this. Please continue being seated, I'll send wheelchair assistance over to get you to the car. Andrea?" Quinn steps back smiling. "St. James? Nice to see you again as well…" She turns and runs off.

Jesse is the first to break the silence. "Well what are the odds huh berry?" He turns to Rachel whose eyes are still on the back of Quinn.

"This is my second chance Jesse ... Tell me you believe it as much as I do?"

"Well I have to admit the odds are pretty amazing."

"Amazing? She is here in the same locality as me… it's more than fucking amazing if you ask me. But, I can't afford to screw this up…."

"No worries, I already have a plan."

*********** Later that day ****************

Quinn catches Andrea rearranging bedpans. "Hey Andie, did Ms. Berry leave without problems?"

Andrea responds. "She did. I heard that guy with great hair called you Quinn. Did you know him?"

"Rachel and I went to high school together; he was an ex-boyfriend of hers."

"She doesn't seem to be the type to have an ex-boyfriend, the way she was looking at you…"

"Oh yeah? And how was she looking at me?"

"Like she wanted to rip your clothes off and ravish you..."

"And wouldn't you be jealous if she did?"

Andrea smirked. "Oh Please.. I'm just keeping your bed warm for your next harlot."

Quinn responds with a smirk as well on her face. "I don't have harlots.. They are all very nice respectable nurses like yourself."

"Well by all means… you wouldn't mind.. I get myself some berry juice will you?"

"Good Luck with that... she's as straight as they come."

"We'll see... but in the mean time… I think I need a doctor.. I feel a fever coming on…"

"I'm sure you can make an appointment and ask Dr. Kapoor to give you a prescription for that." Quinn responds, walking away without the smirk leaving her face.